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  1. Ya... this looks bad. Condensation inside still quite normal. But your case, water dripping inside Liao... confirm something not right
  2. Congrats on your upcoming acquisition. It's a good car. I dont own an E43 personally but have drove it for about 2 weeks. Powerful car. Driver shiok, but your passenger may hate you for it as the ride can be quite rough and stiff depending on your ride settings. This car is mainly on the performance side (eg Honda Civic vs Honda Civic Type R). And being larger in body size than say, a C63 coupe or sedan, it may not be as nimble and have to take more care due to its longer body - my perspectives.
  3. Happens to most of my previous merc rides too. But it seems after break-in period, the brake sound is gone or reduced. For windscreen, yes, it happens. Take a clay bar and clean up your windscreen. You should see some improvements. Or let your groomer do it. When you bought your merc (if from Cnc), your car should come with two times free windscreen polish sessions. You can use that.
  4. item sold to a nice gentleman driving a black c-class.
  5. It's normal. All my Mercedes have this issue. The condensation goes away after a while.
  6. It happens to my merc rides too. Quite common issue. For me now, every 2yrs, change car battery to be on the safe side. Do you have any car camera installed?
  7. More important is to buy a car that is within our means. The E200 is a nice car. Drive it in good health. Cheers!
  8. This looks quite bad from your pic. However, if they tear and redo the rear windscreen, there might be a chance that the heating strips might be damaged during the process too. Have to be Super careful and skillful.
  9. I purchased my leather cleaner from our Mercedes service centre at Pandan loop. So far so good. Matt look and smells ok.
  10. If you go for the Mercedes Amg experience drive, you'll learn how to appreciate a stagged rim setup and wider rear wheels; especially so on wet, sandy or oily surfaces. The staggered setup maybe a life saver for rear wheel drive cars. "Power is of no use if there is no control" just my 2 cents...
  11. Most sports car like my previous Toyota mrs and lotus Elise are armed with stagged rims as default. these cars are mid-engine and rear wheel drive. The stagged setup helps to mitigate the tail (aka rear) of the car to swing out too much or rather, makes it easier to control the car in certain situations. Not sure why a sedan car like the e class needs it. Only thing that I can think of now is because the e class is also a rear wheel drive car and thus, makes it easier to control the car with a stagged setup.
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