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  1. Hello Friends of SGMERC! Please support support ok! haha Cheers! Whitemerc
  2. machi: ya lo... no money so need to work hard....
  3. no money to change land la.... and even if change... my brother will kill me....
  4. Hello people!! haha.. what are all of you doing now? Sorry.. too boliao...
  5. First get him to sign a statement to say that he is at fault. Second to ask for any fair compensation immediately. Do not claim your own insurance. If not, prepare to pay more for your insurance upon renewal.
  6. the blinking light is not mine.. you should as the sweeper and leader.... haha
  7. ok! can.. so you hire her? haha
  8. If want model, who is going to hire?? i dont mind be the video grapher... but no model leh..... haha
  9. muahahaha.. lets go for another one next time.. i will need to take more video to make it look even better!! Thanks for all the compliment anyway...
  10. i aim to get fat... people.. join me.. haha
  11. haha.. sure... thats the problem i got.. eat and eat.. but people still say i get thinner... i cant believe what they say either.. haha
  12. haha.. come eat and eat la.. whoever comes, i will teach you all the art of eating and eating but dont get fat.. come to learn!! haha.. marketing strategy... especially good for girls.. haha
  13. wah kao.. nv die before... auto delete mark's name!!!
  14. Sorry... but can i know where we having supper? hahahahaha.. i just need to know where we will turn back...
  15. i thought i saw mark auto inserted? haha