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  1. Hi Boss, I think W212 E250 and up comes with ILS since the first batch in 2009. The FL W212 comes with ILS with 29 LEDs on the Advantgarde models, even for E200. W213 doesn't have an ILS option. It's either high performance LED or straight to Multibeam with 84 LEDs.
  2. I'm glad that you managed to solve the issue. Really much better than replacing the whole headlight.
  3. Price lowered! Bump.
  4. It sounds like your gearbox is breaking or broken. Has it only happened once or does it always happen? If it always happens and your workshop can’t diagnose the issue, you should change workshop. If it only happened once, you can try changing transmission fluid and hope that it doesn’t happen again.
  5. It looks terrible from your picture but the picture isn’t terribly clear either so it’s hard to tell the extent of the issue. However, my car is turning 1 and the Huper Optik solar film is still 100% clear all around. Patches shouldn’t start to appear so quickly. C&C is right in saying that removing the solar film might damage the demister. However, I feel that if the solar film is still under some sort of warranty (I’m not sure if the film is covered under any sort of warranty because I never thought to ask), the company providing the warranty should be held responsible for the damage because your demister would not have been if not for the faulty solar film.
  6. This is a common issue among older cars as the rubber seals in the headlights are no longer tight. There are workshops that can help to open up the headlight and change the seal inside. I personally go to Tong Lee Wee at Lengkok Bahru but I believe that there are other workshops providing a similar service. The cost should be in the low hundreds.
  7. I think on paper, the facelifted version can do 15-16km/l. In real life, it’ll do 11-12. The one you bought is the pre-facelift version that does about 10km/l in real life. Complain to your salesman and ask him to take back the car. Failing which, take them to small claims using the lemon law.
  8. The answer can easily be found on YouTube with step by step instructions. A bit hard to instruct you here. Basically, take out the metal key and push it into the side of the key hole and the back should pop out.
  9. I think the reason why people PM instead of share workshop information openly is because they don't want to seem like they are advertising for the workshop or be accused of self-promoting. Luckily self promotion isn't a huge issue in this forum. Also, the good thing about Merc is that they are relatively simple to service and there is a huge Merc population in Singapore. Most competent workshops will be able to service Mercs. There is no need to go to a specific workshop and I wouldn't say that there is a best workshop to service a Merc, except maybe, C&C.
  10. How old is your camera? Seems like it's time to get a new one. You can check out iRoad TX-9 which I'm using or Blackvue DR900s.
  11. I can only advise on the bonnet issue. Open your bonnet about 40% and bang it shut really hard. The FL 212 bonnet doesn't close properly sometimes when you push it to a close.
  12. These can be changed aftermarket though.