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  1. I think the reason why people PM instead of share workshop information openly is because they don't want to seem like they are advertising for the workshop or be accused of self-promoting. Luckily self promotion isn't a huge issue in this forum. Also, the good thing about Merc is that they are relatively simple to service and there is a huge Merc population in Singapore. Most competent workshops will be able to service Mercs. There is no need to go to a specific workshop and I wouldn't say that there is a best workshop to service a Merc, except maybe, C&C.
  2. How old is your camera? Seems like it's time to get a new one. You can check out iRoad TX-9 which I'm using or Blackvue DR900s.
  3. I can only advise on the bonnet issue. Open your bonnet about 40% and bang it shut really hard. The FL 212 bonnet doesn't close properly sometimes when you push it to a close.
  4. These can be changed aftermarket though.
  5. Please update on whether this is true. Very interesting news!
  6. We shouldn't let them get away with such replies. I'm quite frustrated by the service team myself. We purchased a brand new Mercedes from Agent instead of PI/ used car from used car dealers. They shouldn't tell us "is like that one" for everything.
  7. It doesn't sound normal to me. I'm also driving a pre FL W205 and my air con rocker is very sensitive. Pushing it up once immediately increases the fan speed by 1 and I can turn off my air con at fan speed 1 by pushing the fan switch down once. You might want to get the switch checked out by a service advisor.
  8. I'm using iRoad TX9. Delighted with the front camera performance as it records in 3K quality. Very clear and contrast is good even at night. The rear camera however, is terrible. The contrast is terrible and it's hard to make out car plates at night due to the lower resolution and very grainy picture. Tempted to try out the Blackvue DR900s.
  9. You can try to change the transmission fluid. Might help if the problem is not too severe.
  10. Turn the volume up or down when the GPS is talking.
  11. Those interested in purchasing an SD card for Navigation can use this website ensure that your car has been pre-configured for Garmin Map Pilot. http://carinfo.kiev.ua/cars/vin/mercedes/vin_check Input your Chassis Number into the search field and ensure that the following has been optioned before purchasing the SD card. 270 GPS Antenna 355 Preinstallation for Navigation Retrofitting 522 Audio 20 Radio Navigation Capable NTG5 Also ensure that your centre storage compartment has an SD card slot (on the left of the USB slot).
  12. You're most welcome. To set the mirror dipping: 1. Put your car in reverse. 2. Select the left mirror function. 3. Set the mirror to your desired angle. When you drive off, the mirror should go back to your driving position and when you put your car into reverse next time, it should resume your set dipped position.
  13. I checked with my SA and he did a test drive of the car. His diagnosis is the vibration comes from the air con compressor kicking in as the vibration goes away with the air con off.