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  1. Sorry guys, with the change of timing I got involved in BBQ earlier in the afternoon and couldn't leave in time. Hope you had a great time and looking forward to the next meet. BTW, anybody knows why the original event got canceled with such a short notice?
  2. I was looking for one for quite a few years. They are extremely rare to come by. I could not resist. The price was nice, the condition looked good, the mileage was low, only 2 owners. To make it even better, the color combination is unusual and classy. I had my regular mechanic to check ang he gave me the green light. I will renew the COE in 3 years and enjoy the car forever. If all goes well this is my final car in Singapore. I know of only 3 other W208 all convertibles as they were advertised in SGCarmart over the past year when I bought mine: - a white 200, the add disapeared suddenly - a blue 230, single owner, sold recently - a heavily modify black 230 I have not seen any on the road for over a year.
  3. A picture of my CLK
  4. hello everybody, I own a 2001 CLK 200 Kompressor cabriolet, purchased almost a year ago with slightly over a 100.000km on the odometer and only 2 owners. The car had a few things that neded to be sorted out, especially the handling that was kind of vague. A full set of shock absorbers and a steering damper cleared most of it. Other than that there were slight cosmetic issues inside that got easily fixed. I had to change the water pump and a couple of hoses that were leaky. Most annoying was a problem with the gearbox that needed a rather costly visit to a specialist. And the last thing to give me trouble was the rear window regulator that had to be replaced. Otherwise it is a really nice car that I enjoy driving every day. I own another CLK in my home country, France, a 1999 320, also a convertable. Perfect for holiday rides in the countryside. In 5 years I only had to change the baterry and a sensor for the aircon. Other than that, I have been living in Singapore for the past 20 years, maried and a 15 year old son.