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  1. I did my new camera and troubleshoot with the shop. Previously they connected it to the IU power supply and it only recorded for about 2 hours. They rewired it to fuse box after and it could last till the next morning. Been trying for a few days only so far, have set the cut off at a particular voltage so should be safe. Am considering battery pack in worse case scenario to protect battery life. Or else I'll just stick to 2 yearly battery change which I prefer.
  2. Currently on iDrive i9 I believe, did it at Turf City Lot c23 and changed out my Cycle camera as this has Parking mode 24h.
  3. Not necessary to use a German made battery. I'm using Fiamm now after I changed out my 5 year old C&C battery. So far so good. Did it at Star 9 for a reasonable price.
  4. If its a battery from 2012, go ahead and change. Normally, batteries are good to be replaced every 2-3 years
  5. Oh Damn, that is a hefty price. Which shop is this??
  6. You want to go by your preferred merc workshop specialist whereby they can plug in to fix this?
  7. Not bad, how much you paid for it then? Mine from cycle in 2013, I changed it out last year. 5 years and it was actually still strong but I thought I could use something fresh.
  8. I changed to new set of Bosch wipers and the problem is solved. The application and cleaning of the armourall is a real pain.
  9. Try this web https://www.datamb.com/
  10. Used to go to Dennis when they were at Eunos for my VAG ride, now I use Star 9 in Toh Guan as head mechanic and boss was from MBM and Optima. Very reasonable price and convenient for me.
  11. I've tried armourall from autobacs because it was on promo but it last probably a week or two only, considering silicone wipers or the fix that kingfisher shared http://www.soft99.co.jp/english/sp/products/carcare/glass_coating/glaco_compound_roll_on.html?pid=04101
  12. Care to share where you got this part and part number?
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