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  1. nice.
  2. I seemed to have found the problem. Monitoring for a few weeks before I post again.
  3. Sorry to hear about your problems. I came back last Saturday. My fourth visit. I did encounter issues w his less qualified staff but he is okay and generally most of the diagnostics is accurate. My car was wrongly diagnosed in Singapore and it lead to battery problems. Last Saturday at his workshop, at one look at my engine, they saw that the battery that the Singapore workshop had given me was wrong! So bad advice can come from anywhere! I had changed my battery since and will be monitoring it the next few weeks. I would say (1) Parts are expensive in JB, labour costs not so different w SG nowadays. The advantage is lost (2) Parts are cheap in SG but Labour costs is expensive (I was charged S$300 in SG once a senior mechnic touched the car!).
  4. welcome. Hope you like your new ride.
  5. I am having similar problems now (W204). But I dont have a car cam leh...
  6. (Mine is W204, not A180). I saw some offers on Carousel. Asked my mechanic. Basically he says that the LED are not 'replacement' for your 'Halogen' lamp and won't be LTA approved. This is confirmed by the seller for the LED light. This means if you have to go for check up w LTA, you need to get it replaced to the original lamp. Each time, the labour costs is between $200- $400 depending on car model. Seniors, pls correct me if wrong. Thanks.
  7. This is the scenario: 1) Car gets harder to start over time. 2) Battery flat eventually. (No indication of Alternator problem). 3) Jumpstart car. Battery recharged. No problem starting the car for the next 1 month until battery goes flat again. Cycle repeats itself. Mechanic cannot find any fault. No indication of Alternator problem. Batteries have been replaced 3 times with new ones. Any idea fellow bro and sisters? haha
  8. Thanks Ody_2004, this is the advice I am looking for.
  9. Hi everyone, My C180 is due to renew its COE in 1.5 years time. I intend to keep the car. Is it better to renew 5 years or 10 years? I understand that I will lose the PARF value totally.
  10. I think depends on Engine Capacity? C180 has a few version?
  11. 29) ReleaseYourHandbrake W204
  12. Just saw this post. I am not an expert but had saw a B200 owner w this issue. The workshop told him it's a circuit board located in the Manifold. Around SGD 800 - 1000 for the B Class. Hope this helps.
  13. Thanks
  14. I go to Chip Soon at Tampines. Jason is nice and friendly. I tried a few times to JB for repair but not for servicing. Also need advice in this area. haha
  15. welcome!