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  1. welcome!
  2. Welcome. I bought an 8 year old ride also (W204). Every feature depends on the car - whether the first buyer purchased it? I think we tend to assume some of the basic benefits should automatically come with it. For me - I discovered that my car does not have a car alarm! I thought this was a standard feature in every car! haha.
  3. welcome!
  4. welcome!
  5. welcome!
  6. welcome!
  7. welcome!
  8. wow! nice! Always wanted a coupe but not single anymore. Haha.
  9. Thanks bossthk!
  10. Thanks. Just came back from JB - MB Auto Grarage. Yes, the left and right control arm and the bush is worn out. Can only tell with the car raised on the ramp. The financial damage was SGD 516 (converted from Ringgit). Managed to negotiate to down to SGD 465. Not sure if it is worthwhile to drive all the way to fix it? But I hear that weekends is packed with SG car?
  11. Thanks for the tip. I am driving to JB to fix it. Hopefully it's in ringgit and I can get a nice Bak Ku Teh meal. haha
  12. Thanks. I will google for x9!
  13. I am driving an 8 year old C180 (W204). Recently there is a knocking sound when I am stationery and turning to park. Yesterday the sound got worse. Any idea what it is and the potential financial damage? Am thinking of driving to MB Auto Garage in JB. Does anyone recommend them? Thanks.
  14. Wow! You drove to Toh Guan to get it installed? I tried to google IROAD x90 but couldnt find the model. haha
  15. Hi SQ88, thanks for sharing!