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  1. Just saw this post. I am not an expert but had saw a B200 owner w this issue. The workshop told him it's a circuit board located in the Manifold. Around SGD 800 - 1000 for the B Class. Hope this helps.
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  3. I go to Chip Soon at Tampines. Jason is nice and friendly. I tried a few times to JB for repair but not for servicing. Also need advice in this area. haha
  4. welcome!
  5. I drive a W204 C180 Year 2010 model. It is around 8 years old. I am not the first owner. Cannot attest to what happened to the car before that. My mileage is only 96,000. Car is good but numerous breakdown experience at 8 year old: - Replaced Control Arm (SGD 480) - Replaced ESP Unit (SGD 3,000) - Replaced battery (cant remember how much) Other issues: - Peeling pain on knobs
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  7. Welcome. I bought an 8 year old ride also (W204). Every feature depends on the car - whether the first buyer purchased it? I think we tend to assume some of the basic benefits should automatically come with it. For me - I discovered that my car does not have a car alarm! I thought this was a standard feature in every car! haha.
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  13. wow! nice! Always wanted a coupe but not single anymore. Haha.
  14. Thanks bossthk!