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  1. Hi there Any bodykit for C253 ?
  2. Dear all, What is the cost like for this 1st service B package ? Does transmission oil need changing too ? Thanks
  3. I got it for $580 I think, due to the bigger magnet it was one inch smaller than the stock in order to have a better fitment. But the result was good.
  4. Thank you so much Bro, This information is good to keep and understand. Appreciate your help much
  5. Found the stock Mid range sounded flat and mild..... Replaced a pair of Mid from Focal....sound clarify much much improved. Due to magnet size too big from Focal 4 inch, installed 3 inch instead for better fitment...still better than stock...
  6. Thank you Sir for sharing this. My next Service B is indicating 40K service interval, Just did the 30K days ago. tech informed me the following need replacing during 40K : 1) Spark Plugs, 2) Coolant flush 3) Transmission oil Quoted me above $1k plus, which I think is too early for them to be replace....
  7. Dear all, Which shop does the retrofit for Turbine air vent for C253 ? Appreciate sharing Thank you
  8. Can PM me their contact, looks so much better on the light vents. Thank you.
  9. My previous ride from Audi and Beemer behave this way too. If goes on first, I find it too harsh where comfort is concern.
  10. That's normal, most auto's start with gear 2. If you kick down, 1st gear cut in.
  11. Congrats bro....enjoy the ride...
  12. They need to secure the Vital Approval Code (VAC) before the car can be registered. I waited mine for close to 1 month...same reason they gave long queue depending from LTA side.
  13. Which dealer you got your ride from ? Similar experience I have too.
  14. i did ordered earlier some stuff, AMG gas and brake pedals and the rear quad chrome covers. Didn't know my AMG package came with the chrome stub pedals. Not sure you keen to take it over as well as the chrome exhaust quad covers...just asking..haha
  15. Hi there, welcome to owning a GLC. Me too a new is my understanding on your questions raised. Enjoy your ride....
  16. Can PM me for X253 ? Mfg 2017, two USB Port. Thanks
  17. Got a bottle yesterday and applied it right away. This afternoon heavy rain was the moment of truth...before the application, under 5 wipes the judders will take place, and I will use the washer detergent fluid to quiet it down. After this gel application, with this afternoon heavy down pour, not a single juddering was heard ! Am glad this is can drive with peace when comes to rain. Amazing solution ! thanks bro
  18. Gonna get a bottle tomorrow, the juddering is driving me crazy.... Thank you for this wonderful simple solution jtang
  19. Let's see if the rest can contribute to this thread. Have a great week man