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  1. Can PM me for X253 ? Mfg 2017, two USB Port. Thanks
  2. Got a bottle yesterday and applied it right away. This afternoon heavy rain was the moment of truth...before the application, under 5 wipes the judders will take place, and I will use the washer detergent fluid to quiet it down. After this gel application, with this afternoon heavy down pour, not a single juddering was heard ! Am glad this is can drive with peace when comes to rain. Amazing solution ! thanks bro
  3. Gonna get a bottle tomorrow, the juddering is driving me crazy.... Thank you for this wonderful simple solution jtang
  4. Let's see if the rest can contribute to this thread. Have a great week man
  5. You may want to try this link ? Not sure if they have for the coupe version?
  6. Added the original tweeters @ $430 Noticed the immediate improvement better sound stage and more detail in the separation of mid range and tweeter
  7. Just added tweeters on the A Pillars worth the add on as the stock no tweeters on them.
  8. No Offers, thread closed. Thank you for viewing.
  9. Looks for a detailer to see if they can salvage the scratches. (Cheaper option)
  10. Any news on this subject ? seem just a plug and play gadget
  11. Been asking around with local installer, they are asking for $1750 just for the tweeters....