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  1. Mohd Ameer Hussain - w221 s300l - black, kl (Mybenz member -mdameer)
  2. Hi all.. im from malaysia, often drive down to singapore, im having the same aux issue. Managed to get my aux enabled and am playing audio with rca connector with 3.5mm jack. There is no usb slot and imi.. Was wondering if anybody has a solution that can enable me to control audio from the steering and is it possible to install a usb interface.
  3. Hi.. how much did that cost you? my stock w221 has the same problem.. its Japan spec, so no asia map. phone setup is still from the Nokia set. thanks
  4. Hi, Yeah am a mybenz member as well by the nick of mdameer, any of u guys in kl this friday, we'll be having a the tarik session at 9pm. MMZ shah alam. Barney, do call when ure in town, we can meet up. Cheers. Ameer
  5. Hi Guys, Used to have a different nick, mdameer, but i kind of lost the password. Anyway, pleased to meet all of you. Regards Ameer
  6. Bro, check out www.autolaminate.com, Based in kl in case u need to find alternative. But then too troublesome as its based in kl. Anyway just a suggestion.
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