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  1. Hi. Sorry me ain't active on the forum. Did you manage to resolve it?
  2. Hi. Mine is the GLA180
  3. Hi. Why not hook up your HP to the ICE using either Android Auto or Apple Carplay? Then you can either use Google Map or Apple Map respectively.
  4. Got my ride today, and am pleased that the ICE came installed with AA. So i just need to install the AA app on my mobile and it works like a charm.
  5. Hi. Can pm me the price to install this? Thanks.
  6. Welcome! Seeing a lot more GLAs on the road nowadays. Waiting patiently to collect mine in mid-Dec.
  7. Any idea if it would just require a firmware upgrade to the ICE by C&C to have the AA?
  8. hmm.. so the pre-req is that the car must come installed with the AA, I doubt mine has. My bought my GLA in Sep and the SE said there is no AA. However, playing with the Configurator on MB website, it seems to suggest that new models would have the AA.
  9. can pm me as well? Thanks in advance!
  10. Finally got my COE today. Ride expected next month.
  11. Hi Kranedevil. U are bidding your own COE?
  12. Hi. May i know when you purchased the car and secured your COE?
  13. This tread is very quiet. Anyone who bought in Sep secured their COEs already?
  14. Hey me too... booked last weekend... no firm date yet on collection though.