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  1. Item Sold. Moderator pls help to close thread. Thank you!
  2. Item gone. Moderator pls help to close thread. Thk u!
  3. W205 rear spoiler for sale (brabus style) carbon fibre print. Brand new. Selling for $180. First come first serve. Cheers!
  4. Hi all, Set of 4 x17 inch 5x112 rims with PS4 tyres about 50% for quick deal at $300. Already dekit. Offset 47. Condition is very good. Good for owners who is looking to dekit their expensive rims and tyres. Contact me at 90282927 for quick response.
  5. Head unit found. Moderator kindly remove or close this thread. Thk u!!!
  6. Hi, Anyone scrapping their car? Looking to buy good condition W204 original head unit as mine up the lorry..... Pls contact me at 90282927 for quick response. Thk u!!!
  7. Actually went to scrap yard, they couldn't match the product code so they worried might not be compatible. I have checked with workshop, they said is the mid section which always give way but the manufacturer only sells the whole set which is so idiotic and yet so ex... Now Have to save for it..
  8. Looking for front AP 4 pot BBK for W204 prefl. Anyone letting go do let me know. Cheers!
  9. Apparently is my upper steering column failed. Asked many stockists all dun carry stocks.. and new set is expensive.
  10. I went to the garage yesterday and they said a mid section (a small rectangle metal box) of the exhaust, the stuff inside has gave way. I repaired it so now I need a rain to test it out.. Unfortunately today very hot... Hopefully it's really the problem. Damage is $250.
  11. Hi guys, Any good workshop to recommend for repair of steering rack? The "tok" "tok" sound is getting on my nerves. At first tried to bear with it with louder radio but,... Really cannot tahan already.
  12. I hope is exhaust problem which might have caused the water to seep in during rain. I will plan a visit to the workshop and ask them to check if there's any dent or holes to seal. Hopefully this is the problem.... Finger crossed...😅😅 will update the findings but have to be next week as this week I'm totally packed
  13. Hi guys, A newbie here. Have a question on my C200 pre FL here. I experienced loud groaning sound and vibration from the centre console or engine area when driving at low speed and I think it on the 4th gear during raining weather (roughly around 40-50km/h due to slow traffic on expressway) However, it's perfectly fine during sunny day and at the speed. Engine oil and ATF plus filter changed recently. Anyone experienced this before? Can share?