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  1. Saw that a lot of you guys are interested in swapping out your grille for a diamond one, so made a video tutorial so that you guys can see in detail how its done! Hope you guys find it useful, and let me know if you have any qns! Much thanks to VRAtenza for his useful tips!
  2. Looks great! Did you buy the grille locally or via Taobao/TMall?
  3. I've been driving for the past few months, and don't have the same issue. I've had takeaways in the car before, so i'm sure that's not the reason for the smell in yours.
  4. You can google Britz Shades then give them a call to check for stock before you go down.
  5. For sunshade, i got them from Britz Shades for my GLC SUV. You can check with them if they have the Coupe version.
  6. This is for you guys who're thinking about getting the GLC200 SUV and would like a better idea of what it looks like and what it comes with. PS: Mine's from C&C.
  7. Added a silver trim to the steering wheel as well to give it more contrast...
  8. Seems more efficient now after running in the engine for the past 3000km. Getting 614km with 2 bars left on the petrol gauge. Fuel consumption @ 9.4l/100km. Not bad in my opinion!
  9. Was considering also the black and red/black, but these suit black rims better in my opinion...
  10. Replaced the centre black merc caps with AMG silver ones... nicer i think!
  11. Neodymium magnetic sunshades for all the windows. They have the 9 pc (including rear windscreen) or 8 pc (just the side windows) set. But for the 4 windows, you need to stick 2 metal pieces at the top of each window. Pretty useful so far!
  12. Must get hook for the car. Looks good and feels really sturdy!
  13. Thanks for the info man! Never knew there were such issues... I'll see if C&C sells the metal ones with the chrome plated and ABS interior. Those are supposed to work fine.
  14. My SE says no one else has raised this before.. I'll monitor for a while to see if it persists. Will bring it down if it stays the same.
  15. Got some nice metal air valve covers with the emblem. Wanna replace the centre caps soon!
  16. Really? Hmm... Mine was similar +/- a couple of km... Let me monitor to see if it stays accurate..
  17. Yups. I do feel that its a little warmer than usual when i get back into the car after parking for a bit even under the shade. Will raise it up to my SE as well.
  18. Actually i get similar figures from my trip screen and the range sceeen as well... Its pretty accurate!
  19. Ordered it from TMall ( Total cost including shipping is abt SGD 300+.
  20. Getting really good mileage with it! 646km on 1 tank! And thought it was pretty cool with the eyelash effect...
  21. Seat belt cushions for the kids so that it doesn't hurt their necks...