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  1. Must get hook for the car. Looks good and feels really sturdy!
  2. Thanks for the info man! Never knew there were such issues... I'll see if C&C sells the metal ones with the chrome plated and ABS interior. Those are supposed to work fine.
  3. My SE says no one else has raised this before.. I'll monitor for a while to see if it persists. Will bring it down if it stays the same.
  4. Got some nice metal air valve covers with the emblem. Wanna replace the centre caps soon!
  5. Really? Hmm... Mine was similar +/- a couple of km... Let me monitor to see if it stays accurate..
  6. Yups. I do feel that its a little warmer than usual when i get back into the car after parking for a bit even under the shade. Will raise it up to my SE as well.
  7. Actually i get similar figures from my trip screen and the range sceeen as well... Its pretty accurate!
  8. Ordered it from TMall ( Total cost including shipping is abt SGD 300+.
  9. Getting really good mileage with it! 646km on 1 tank! And thought it was pretty cool with the eyelash effect...
  10. Seat belt cushions for the kids so that it doesn't hurt their necks...
  11. i tried leh, but it seemed a little tight, so didn't wanna crack it... Anyone else interested in DIY can test it out?