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  1. the active park assist feature parks rather slow, so if there are many cars waitng behind, parking on ur own skills seems better choice
  2. my personal take for merc is it's a reliable car, hardly give fault so rather save the money and buy from PI, next am thinking of self importing to even save more $$$
  3. seems like i also do the same like u, wash once a week myself, once a month wax with either spray wax or liquid wax
  4. was told by the seller that can just plug n play...wonder if anyone wanna share the risk with me to try?
  5. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222626361983 managed to find this on ebay, not sure if u want to try it out? suspect it's just a swap of SD card will do the trick or i'll be heading to JB C&C to ask if they sell the map and how much
  6. was thinking for SEA maps could we approach JB CnC to see how much they charge for map update if they have? might be cheaper than Elbest, they seem to not like to reply via pm the pricing of map change
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