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  1. Guys, anybody know who could supply and fit something like this here; https://carbonwurks.com/shop/mercedes-benz/mercedes-clagla-carbon-fibre-dashboard-trim/
  2. quote is 1.4 hour labour =$189, oil 6l = $220, filter $65 1.4 hours to change oil ? seriously ?
  3. who bothered to change oil and filter after 1500 km ? C&C want me to pay nearly $500 to change oil and filter... holy sh*t...
  4. Odd, it should by rights be there. http://www.aclassclub.co.uk/forum/android-auto_topic11613.html have you gone to the top level of the menu (using the star button) and checked phone functions ?
  5. I have read about Merc dealers doing this on some models overseas, but here, I doubt unless someone aftermarket offers it...
  6. indeed. if no AA on the car, you wont be able to properly integrate the visual with the display. You might however get audio functionality but that's next to useless, at least for me.
  7. Guys, Sorry was travelling. Essentially this is an app that integrates your smartphone to the car's infotainment system. But, before you bother to get the instructions you must make sure that in your vehicles phone settings that you have Android Auto (usually will have Apple Carplay there too) before you try. I understand that these apps have been installed only on specific models and only 2017 or later. https://www.digitaltrends.com/cars/cars-with-android-auto/. Even if you do have Android Auto installed in your car, be aware that the Android Auto app is still not approved for our region (for some reason I do not know) so you wont find it in Google Play Store but you can download it and install it from a mirror site. The trick is to know what version to install. If anybody still wants to try, pm me with your h/p number and i will apps it to you when I can.
  8. Did anybody get this installed ? On mine no choice, since chose one on water orready. But I do find visibility limited in this car and have to take extra care when changing lanes. Just wondering how useful you find it ?
  9. hey Lonestar, I pm u...
  10. Yes indeed, after finding a GLA manual online you are correct (sorry, not opened mine yet, too new and too slack lol) https://carmanuals2.com/get/mercedes-benz-gla-2017-owner-s-manual-97267 Additional breaking-in notes for Mercedes- AMG vehicles: Do not drive faster than 85 mph (140 km/h) for the first 1,000 miles (1,500 km). Only allow the engine to reach a maximum engine speed of 4,500 rpm briefly. Change gear in good time. You should also observe these notes on breaking-in if the engine or parts of the drive train on your vehicle have been replaced.
  11. yes thanks. I am aware of the user manual recommendations. the point being, why would the sales and technical staff insist that is not necessary if the manual says that it is. I also believe that the manual is not sub model specific. In this case, we are talking AMG engine.
  12. Anybody got this successfully to work on their vehicles ? Figured it out ...works great. If anybody interested in procedure, will post it.
  13. A topic often debated but keen to know your views: I was assured fully by my sales agent categorically and unequivocally that the AMG A45 did not require a run in process nor the conventional oil change after 1000 km and that this need had long been superseded by technology in both the engine manufacture and advances in lubricant technology. But, soon as I sat in the seat i saw a sticker on the windscreen detailing a run in procedure. Doubt creeps in. Anyway, I've only had it a day and trying my best but mollycoddling this car is like taking a greyhound for a walk with leash and having it spot a cat..... Anybody have views or experience ?
  14. in my case I'd already owned an Audi... time for a change...
  15. Curious why you went A45 AMG and not RS3 then?