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  1. CLA also have the same issues. This is noticeable especially when you return to the car after a short while you off the engine. i believe is the heat from the engine compartment manage to infiltrate into the car cabin.
  2. i have requested few weeks ago.. but have not been added in i guess bro rickosw is busy.. any one else can add me into the group ? i have so many ???? haha
  3. thank you guys for the reply. i will monitor and see how it goes. pmet, i will pm you.
  4. i just got my CLA yesterday... today raining and the juddering is terrible... Hi Jtang thanks for sharing this. so just apply the cream on the rubber linings of the wiper ?
  5. Just collected my car yesterday. Today raining and noticed the headlamps are foggy.. Is it normal ?
  6. just got my CLA yesterday.. today raining.. first time using the wiper.. already got the terrible juddering noise !!
  7. Hi bros, I have been trying to set the side mirror to tilt (to see the rear views) when in "R" gear. Been trying to follow the instructions in the user manual. However, could not make it right. Any kind soul here can provide me a clearer instruction ? Thanks in advance.
  8. can i check what is the factory fitted battery ? is it Varta as well?
  9. Hi Guys, It is great to be here. Will be getting my CLA180 in weeks time. Can any kind soul add me to the CLA's watsapp group ? please let me know if you are able to do so. I will PM you my mobile. Thanks !
  10. anyone here have any good recommendation for seat cushions ? unfortunately AMG seats the middle part is cushion/fabric... thinking of getting a seat cushions for the front seats
  11. haha thanks ! that's the first thing i asked the dealer.. why no struts one...
  12. Thanks. uhm yah, from Vincar :> any suggestion for car mat and boot mat ? btw can anyone add me to the watsapp group ?
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