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  1. Hi Darksaint, Thanks for replying. Actually, it the Service Advisor who rejected me outright about the brake noise when I describe to me as given the reason which I have stated. It is a very loud braking noise and I just raised up to the Service Advisor and ask him whether it is caused by new brakes pads, but he said it is permanent as it is a smaller 'floating type' of brake calipers used in C180. That why I wanted to ask if any brudders here driving C180 have the same brake sound. If so, it very very unclass of a merc as the sound is quite loud when you are just braking under slow speed. The blurred windscreen is not caused by condensation as what I meant is that even with the wipers activated at full speed under heavy rain, the water smears right away on the windscreen without even a second of clear vision. Again Service Advisor said doing a ceramic coating would help the repellency of the water and thus assist the wipers. I was like, a brand new merc still need assistance from some aftermarket chemical to resolve this issue. Hmmm........
  2. Dear All, Just gotten my W205 C180 for two weeks but have a couple of uneasiness already. Would like any brudders who have similar cars to share if what the service advisor said is true 1) Brake Noise - Especially when reversing the car and braking and released along the way. Service Advisor said, it is common for C180, as its brakes are free floating and smaller when compared to AMG Lines and C200 onwards 2) Blurred Windscreen When it is raining heavly - Service Advisor said, it is common for untreated windscreen. He mentioned that to drive slowy when there heavy rainfalls. I was dumbfound. Any brudders have similar issues and ways to overcome it? It is a merc quality issue or it is common? Appreciate feedbacks and advices. Thank you in advance!
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