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  1. Definitely not normal especially since you just collected the car. Looks like the condensation is on the inside of the headlamp and there's a water leak somewhere into headlamp.
  2. Thanks much, this is certainly good to know. What about those car cams with auto shut-down if the battery voltage falls below a certain threshold. Will those affect the battery module as well?
  3. This works for Android as well.. Long press calls up Google voice. Thanks for the tip!
  4. I've not tried removing but from Internet videos on removal and it looks easy and residue free. Even if there are some residue left, it's going to be black on black it will not be noticeable. Also, the sunshades from Britz do not need the bottom pieces that stick onto the artico, only the top pieces on the non-porous inside door trim are needed. I'll take a photo tomorrow to post here to show how it looks like. I usually park in the outdoor burning sun for the entire day and it stays on great so far. Even with putting on and removal of sunshades multiple times each day by kids etc. The sugru material is great and I am thinking of using to do up a magnetic wireless dash mount for the mobile. Let's see how it goes.
  5. I got my carmat from ccms on Carousell. Quality and fit are both excellent. http://carousell.com/ccms.sg/
  6. Oh Ya, just to add.. The double sided tape for the low profile clips come off easily so I used some sugru (2 packs needed) from homefix to attach the 8 clips.
  7. I got it from Britz sunshades... https://www.facebook.com/britzaccessories/ For theirs need to install 2 low profile clips per side window. 8 low profile clips needed. There are a total of 8 sunshades (4 each side of the car including the small side windows at the car boot, but mine is glc suv). I didn't take the rear windscreen piece as I was afraid it may impede visibility especially at night. Please Facebook message them for price (less than 200 I think excluding rear window screen piece). They respond really quickly and their office is at west coast car mart. Been using it for 3 weeks and very satisfied so far!
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