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  1. Hi blue211 and choong Good summary by blue211. Whatever it is DO NOT remove the tanks. We are destined to lug around with 4 white elephants in our boot.
  2. Good day to you prodrivegsr. Thank you for the offer. My car dealer had managed to secure a set for me 2 months ago. My ordeal was finally over. 😊
  3. Thank you tanwill. I will consider your suggestion. 😊 Thanks for the lead, guys!
  4. Oh shoots. I just read tanwill's post. Righto. Will get on the phone and prompt high speed motor dealer to act pronto! Thank you guys....
  5. Hey Blue! This is great news. And how do i get in touch with tanwill? Sorry...and who is this service advisor, please? Thus far there has not been any calls or updates from c&c or lta pertaining to my case.
  6. Hey Blue Am so happy for you. Your ordeal will finally be over. Mine is still unresolved. Since our last communication i had approached my MP on 2 separate occassions. On both instances LTA said they could not do much but to get High Speed motor dealer to commit to a certain timeline to procure the tanks. And that deadline is fast approaching! May i know, Blue, how much does it cost you to disable the tanks at c&c please?
  7. Hi Blue On wed 25 aug i was at LTA to try to appeal to them to relax a bit on their stringent ruling. Instead the officer gave me a lead that there is an ngt merc coming in to Hup Lee Leong Hardware that afternoon to scrap. Make me go a wild goose chase! Hup Lee said they have no information at all about this matter. No merc came in at all the whole day. So...i am still left with no tanks.
  8. I agree Blue. I feel like meeting up with my constituency MP. Haha. It clearly does not make any sense to spend an exorbitant amount of monies for something that you are going to disable and prefer to have it removed otherwise.
  9. Hi Will. If i do, it would have been my third visit. But then again there is no harm in making it a fourth!
  10. Whatever you do iMac... do not remove your tanks. LTA will insist that our car remain as in their ORIGINAL MANUFACTURED condition. We cannot do ANY retrofitting works... even changing our rim size is a BIG NO NO!
  11. Hey iMac I spoke to mr brown of c&c. Very receptive guy. Genuinely wants to help. So he spoke to LTA today and was told that my merc must be certified safe as per MANUFACTURING standards. What the fish! If only LTA can accept that my merc is safe as is.. then all is jolly. In other words c&c's hands are tied. I need to fix all the tanks, all the pipings and whatever valves - fill up the ngt tanks with gas, make sure there are no leaks and everything is running as per MANUFACTURING specs, then pay additional $1000+ for some fancy cable tie to disable the ngt system, lug around with 4 non functional tanks for the rest of 4 years -- then only LTA will allow me to renew my roadtax. Fish! Fish! Fish!
  12. Yes tanWill. They probably have pocketed the monies made from the sale to desperate drivers like myself. Haha.
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