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  1. Still looking.. swop with my original stock bumper with topup from me. preferably in obsidian black.
  2. Hi DL268, So far, pretty happy with purchase. Pick up and acceleration improved quite abit. Gear change v smooth and linear. Im on setting"6". So far no check light or any issues. I posted my detailed review on the dealer's FB page. If u keen, let me know, i can direct u to the dealer's FB page privately. Not too sure if it ok to post here. Disclaimer: i hv no affliation with the brand or its dealer. Just sharing my experience as a user. cheers
  3. Hi archtomato, Are you on brabus tune? Not too sure if it is applicable to my humble ride. My impression was brabus were mainly for merc higher end sports range.. Anwyay, i just installed the rc gts piggyback this afternoon. With setting set at "5" (min is "0" while max is "7"), pickup and acceleration feels much more alive than before. Pretty satisfied with the results so far. Will continue to monitor and try out different settings.
  4. Thx giggss.. Going to install tmr.. Hopefully it live up to my expectations..
  5. Hi guys, Wonder if anyone here tried the latest racechip gts piggyback on their FL W204? Care to share your feedback on the power gain and reliability? I see that there are alot of older units on sale and some barely used for months. So just wondering if its a worthwhile investment. I have decided against custom tune as it usually entail upgrading other components to squeeze out more ponies from the system. So far, i have changed my air filter to bmc drop in and also included dte pedal box to improve the throttle response. Im happy with the setup but hope to get a piggyback that can bring abit more punch to my c200. Appreciate your advice/ sharing. Thank you.
  6. Still searching..
  7. Bro, pm-ed u..
  8. Hi guys, Looking for this grille. Either direct purchase or swop with my c63 2 piece grille which i just bought recently. Please drop me a note if u have 1 for sale or interested to swop with mine. Thanks.
  9. Hi guys, Looking for original FL w204 rear bumper per attached pix, preferably in black. Those dekitting or have spares can drop me a note. Thx.
  10. Hi guys, Just got a used c200 (FL). Looking to give my ride a more sporty look by changing the grille. Have shortlisted the below piece but not too sure where can i find it locally apart from Sonic? Called sonic but no more stocks. Appreciate your inputs. Thank you.