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  1. Thank u bro for the reply. I actually had this set up close to a month already. And i think i would love to renew the COE if all goes well till next year... Hmm.. getting a coilover... will it compromise anything? Im actually looking at changing the springs (stock length or slightly shorter?) and retaining the B6. Would also love to hear if anyone had this kind of set up b4. Thank u 🙏
  2. Hi All... Hope some Gurus able to shed some light. My ride is C180 W204 Pre-FL 2008 My suspension set up currently is B6 with stock springs. Bought the B6 used actually. The issues i'm facing is that my front tyre gap is about 2 fingers for left n right and its cool. But my rear right tyre is 4 fingers whereas rear left is 3 fingers. Definitely something not quite right. It looks quite awkward actually. Anyone can recommend to me what options do i have if i choose to keep the B6? Change to Eibach springs? I would want a slightly lowered looks. About 2 fingers would be great for all 4 tyres. And im on a staggered set-up 19" rims. Hope to get some advise from u guys. Thank u in advance.