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  1. Im running the Pioneer AVH-5650BT for a few years already. main gain is the bluetooth audio to play spotify and clearer reverse cam. don't really use the other functions really
  2. Sorry, I made a typo. It was my PETROL tank leaking. They replaced some rubber seal then ok already. Before that, I always get a funny burn smell, the mechanic told me its the petrol overflow out and contact with the hot car parts. If my engine is cold and I pump a full tank of petrol, i can see the petrol drip onto the floor. If anyone need the detector I can pass to you, or can come my place and test it out
  3. I passed my inspection too! I bought a combustible gas detector to check my vehicle. End up it was my gas tank leaking if I pump full tank. Changed the seal. Checked with my detector ok. When for inspection also passed. My device looks more professional than their detector lor.
  4. Has anyone completed what LTA wanted? Because I haven't done anything yet LOL. It will be great to remove the tanks if LTA wants us to disable the NGT system. No point carrying useless things around
  5. My friend told me disable the system is $800. And need to put car there for afew days. For it my case I thinking of going vicom ask them find out or lend me the device, I check where is the leak and then I try order the part myself. Because cycle just say don't know where the leak. So change all the pipe and seals and valve. 10k
  6. yea, it will be good to get one and find the leak myself. see can order the part myself or not. Cycle say SG dont have parts... need to order from Germany. estimate 10k to fix everything. mad?!
  7. i went to cycle to check, my system is actually working, just that they detected leaks somewhere and they dont have parts in SG. but i filled the CNG to full tank and after 3 weeks, its still full tank. i dont know what leak they talking about
  8. Will LTA accept even after purging the tanks? Getting LTA off our backs is the most important issue
  9. I have an issue with the 2 aircon vents in the center. No air is coming out, only the 2 sides and rear has aircon. Anyone faced similar issues before?
  10. Just failed the inspection as they detected some leak around the engine bay area. And like others mention, C&C quoted a ridiculous amount to repair the system which I highly doubt they have experience to find and fix the leak
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