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  1. As I know only the Brabus can fit And its around SGD $1,400.
  2. I don think anywhere sells that
  3. Everything still so far so good now. Anyone thinks cabin is noisy ? but it's probably due to my 19 inch Low profile tyres...
  4. Does changing brake pads really solve the noise problems?
  5. If its original then it should come from the original country of original... be it Germany or South Africa.
  6. Very high FC when using sports mode... i can realise the petrol goes down a lot faster
  7. The tweeters really does makes a big difference to the sound
  8. Thanks Bro... checked,., Sonic don have and Benzline's costs $1500 for a front lip
  9. Pricing wise could be due to the quality and fitment of the body kit , these are after all OEM (copied)_... if original ones may cost a lot.. at least 3 times more. i also realized OEM kits tend to look really bad or easily cracked after a few years, but don take my words for it... some are good too, costing a bit more.
  10. Anyone knows where to get a front lip for avant-garde w205?
  11. I do find the avantgarde chrome lip which stretches from the front, to side skirts and rear bumper very classy and nice, executive look. AMG and C63 more sporty, as its bigger and makes your ride looks lower. But agree, not much diff btw avantgarde and AMG front bumper.
  12. Thanks bro! Not so nice IMO... hahha
  13. Which key chain did they give you guys?
  14. Hahah yeah... just bring it back to CNC ?