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  1. DO NOT apply this tire gel on your wiper. Tried that and it left oily streak marks on my windscreen. After it wears off, the wiper blade will judder harder than ever. Best to be left for tires only, you have been warned!
  2. Currently driving a CLA180 SB. Does anyone else hear knocking noises and splashing sound from the fuel tank? Location is near the rear hump/footwell. This happens especially when the tank is full and when braking and moving in a certain manner. Sound is quite loud. Pretty appalled by the sound proofing of this car...
  3. I'm driving a CLA SB and have too thought of switching out the stock Goodyear Eagle F1 RFT tyres with PS4. However, my car is very new and I've yet driven 15k on it so I'll wait a while more. The noise level is quite low on good tarmac road but on some road especially along PIE before/after Toh Guan exit, the noise is deafening! Also, the bumpiness over speed regulating strip is quite jarring I would say and I tend to go very slow < 30km/hr which will literally push your whole body up and down the seat. Still, the car is more comfortable compared to my previous A4.
  4. When you said creep do you mean there is a slight vibration? Similar to driving a manual car where you're SLOW in disengaging the clutch (fully depressing the clutch pedal) at a stop, and the engine rattles and threatens to shut off. Do anyone of you feel it? One thing you can try and I can always reproduce the issue by slowing down before a hump (those bigger ones and not those small killer ones) to almost a stop and making sure the transmission is still in D2, then allow it to creep up the hump. While climbing, you should hear the engine or transmission rattle. Is this normal?
  5. Yup, I have the Auto-Start/Stop turned off. Same in sports mode, as long as the car is stationary and the brake isn't depressed all the way the vibration would start.
  6. Only 7000KM and less than 6 months! I too thought it was a GB/Engine mounting problem but the age of the car just doesn't add up.
  7. Thanks unkle for confirming that I'm not alone facing this issue. I guess it could be left alone unless the vibration gets worse, or if it gets louder. Currently, it just vibrates and makes a very low but soft rumbling noise. I get the "Depress brake" message on reverse pretty often too. I read somewhere that creeping is bad for DCT. I happened to be stuck in a 2hr jam at the causeway and the vibration was worse. It went back to normal as soon as the car cooled down. So now I just train my foot to be heavier which is also good for acceleration.. haha
  8. My CLA is having a weird behavior and I'm not sure if it's attributed to the DCT. At the traffic lights where the car is stationary, and when D is still engaged, there will be a prominent vibration coming from the engine bay. At times, the vibration will be strong enough to cause a mini earthquake on the bonnet cover. I'm usually very gentle on the brakes and use just enough pressure on the brakes to stop the car and to keep the car stationary. I notice if I press harder on the brakes, the vibration will be greatly reduced. My usual braking pattern is as such that if I lift the brake just slightly the car will inch forward. Is this normal or a sign of engine mounting or DCT failing?
  9. Same issue, I thought it's just me until I read your post. Turned off air circulation (so that it takes in outside air) and that mitigates the problem.
  10. Second this, all Mercedes at some point in time have this issue. Leave it baking under the hot sun for 7-14 days and it will self-resolve. Anyway, what's the net price (minus over-trade and any discount) you paid for yours?
  11. Have you tested this or is this just a theory? To me, with or without the red icon, braking feels the same.
  12. LOL that kinda driving/driver should better enable CPA+ permanently for their safety. Jokes aside, having CPA+ as an option as compared to only CPA seems more like an advantage to me :\
  13. Food for thoughts: custom tuning gives more power but also increases damage on the engine Back to topic, how long as this been used? Any problem so far?
  14. Can I verify if this is correct with CLA180 owners? I only see the "Collision Prevention Assist" option on my dashboard which is enabled by default, not the plus version. I read some where that auto braking is only enabled on the plus version and the standard requires the driver to initiate braking?
  15. Yeah! No issues with my SB so far.
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