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  1. Servicing complete, got the boss to check the ball joints but he said everything was fine. All he did next was tighten the suspension components and applied lubricant (I know this is not the proper fix). The sound was gone for a short while, but due to the heavy downpour on the very same day, the squeaks could still be heard at some point, though less obvious.
  2. The car is due for service this weekend, and i thought of getting the workshop to check it out at the same time. Strange enough, after days of commute without passengers in the rear, the squeaking stopped..
  3. Solid point. I used to think that worn ball joints emit clunking noises rather than squeeking noises. But I did a search on YouTube and indeed it’s right. I may need to seek second opinion.
  4. Hi peeps. 6 months into my ownership of the E200, and the rear suspension has developed a squeak which can be heard from the cabin and out of the car. A few observations: 1) Squeak comes only after the rear passenger seats were sat on. It goes away after a few days without passengers at the back. 2) Can be heard while driving or pushing on the rear while stationery. 3) Did a bounce test, seems fine. Although my wife and I felt the rear was a little stiff at times. Though that can be subjective. I brought the car to a few workshops and have conflicting outcomes. One said it was shock absorbers (running on bilstein), and the other said it was bushings. I uploaded a video, hopefully it can viewed. Hoping to get alternative opinions before I commit on the repairs. Thanks! 02DD9906-8DD7-4FF1-8B70-FFC76D98D819.mp4
  5. Hi fellow members, I am unsure if anyone faced this problem, but my ESP has been acting weirdly recently. Whenever I am negotiating a 90 degrees right bend and at speeds of 40KM/H, my ESP kicks in and I can feel the brakes engaging as well. This occurs only during a right bend, and not the left. Road conditions are dry as well, and my tires are at 80% tread life. My steering column was replaced by the previous owner, though I do not know when. Did some search online, and steering angle sensor, speed sensors came up pretty often. Any ideas? Thanks.
  6. Recording cameras with 24/7 surveillance mode tends to tap on the vehicle's battery. If your vehicle is parked with heavy human traffic, it tends to suck up more juice than usual. But of course, the camera should be equipped with a voltage sensor which will shut itself off the moment it detects low voltage in the battery. If your camera runs on the 12v socket, you need not worry about this.
  7. Unfortunately not. The texture of the upholstery remained perfect, no signs of dryness or cracks, but the air inside was not spared. I believe that no matter how good a solar film is, cabin heat is inevitable. Car covers isn't in my list of options yet, ultimately because I am lazy haha,
  8. Can't comment on C&C's product as my car wasn't bought from them. As for interior damage, it caused the air bubble within my center armrest to expand. This is probably caused by hot air expansion. My dashboard however, is perfectly fine. I make it a point to clean it turtlewax's interior protectant every week. A decent solar film would help protect your interior from harmful UV rays as well.
  9. Mine is parked under the sun on a daily basis (not for long-term storage), and even though it breaks my heart for it to be under the baking sun, I can never find the motivation to use a car cover mainly due to hassle of putting it on and taking it off. Most car covers aren't exactly scratch-proof, and even if it is, you'll have to ensure your ride's surface is free of minor debris such as road grim especially near the wheel arch, as those itself can also cause scratches. I would just look for lots with the least amount of sun coverage. I have used car covers myself, and though its possible doing it alone, its best to have a mate to help you to prevent the cover from moving excessively. If money is not an option for you, you may consider PPF or ceramic paint coatings.
  10. Hi guys, My radio started acting up this morning. Immediately after turning the radio on, the sound will go off, and back on again in less 5 seconds, like a restart. It happens in intervals, though not consistent. This is the first time this has happened. When the sound does go off, I am able to hear a faint static noise in the cabin. I did some research online, and some internet users pointed out to a leaking trunk which may affect electrical components in the trunk itself. My weatherproofing strip in the truck is indeed shot, and does need replacement. I will look into this. Are there any other culprits for it? Thanks.
  11. Thanks. I tend to think that the vehicle's components are at fault whenever problems like these occur. I'll probably bring it down to an air-con specialist to get it checked as well. Might as well, really. If a simple top up can rectify my issue, I'll be over the moon.
  12. Want to buy a full set of custom sun shades for the pre FL E200ML W211. Magnetic clips preferred.
  13. I brought the vehicle down to my independent workshop and the findings were leakages to the engine breather hose and valve. Damage is $300 including labour. Fuel smell and poor consumption is apparently caused by a choked charcoal canister. My fuel tank is fine. Damage at $260 including labour. Had them all repaired and there is significant improvement to my consumption! I have seen improvements of up to 13.7L/100KM. I now have to monitor the engine light to ensure that that the MAF or Oxygen sensors aren't faulty.
  14. That is very bold haha! I do check for leaks whenever I leave the parking lot every now and then. No signs of leakage at the moment. I have also read online that owners have tried pumping the fuel to 3/4 full and the smell isn't eminent anymore. I shall try that on my next pump. Even though I secretly do love the smell of petrol (who doesn't?!) That "kaboom" moment does scare me once in awhile.
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