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  1. hi Just wanna check if any bros manage to connect to the mercs apps under the connect page?
  2. Yup.. my friend brought the E43.. haha .. Maybe i can exchange for few hours to satisfy my urge..
  3. Thanks Bro.. Yes enjoying the music as I drive ... Some other mods done up last night
  4. Hi Just got mine W213 two weeks ago. Did some minor mods..looking to do more Mods Done Change Front Grills to Diamond Grills Spray original rims to glossy black Change side skirts to AMG side skirts Upgrade original sound systems Things to do Change door lock pins to silver Change Speakers grills to burmester grills
  5. Hi Guys I am getting around 11L/100km. I am on the original 18" rims Do any of you find the engine noise loud. Mine sounds like a Diesel Engine..