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  1. Hi does anyone knows where can i find these? thanks
  2. found this pic online. from my understanding this lip only fits amg line bumper, anyone knows if there's one for avantgarde?
  3. hi do you know where to get this? thanks
  4. thanks darksaint. currently only know of brabus front lip for stock bumper, any bros know of other options to compare the looks?
  5. hi any bros here know where to find front lips for w205 avantgarde bumper? and also recommended workshop for fitting of parts. thanks guys
  6. just changing the bottom and not the whole bumper.
  7. hi bros, today my sm just told me even if i change to original 18" rims from merc, it might affect the cvs of the vehicle during 3rd year inspection? how true is this
  8. Thanks guys
  9. Hi guys, any idea where to find this set of rims for w205?
  10. hi bro care to share via pm. thanks