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  1. Did it with,
  2. 方向盘碳纤维换挡拨片 and 方向碳纤维盘装饰框
  3. Took out my exhaust, removed the wrap and sprayed to gloss black by YSR, much better
  4. I bought and instaled ttis, but dunno if it' hhlp, 【奔驰新E/C200L级仪表台隔音胶条GLC/GLA挡风玻璃缝降噪密封条改装】 点击链接,再选择浏览器打开;或复制这条信息¥ai1y0ndnWQJ¥后打开👉手淘👈
  5. Hi VRAtenza, can share where & how much you bought the rear flared fenders?
  6. Haha, I also noticed that, so it is normal?
  7. My wife thou I bought a diesel GLC Coupe, but C&C only bring in petrol model
  8. Hi Max, Please advice pricing, thanks
  9. GLC Coupe only have 11 speakers, unlike GLC, as GLC Coupe don't have C pillars
  10. I did my @ Elebest, close to 6k. Much different than stock but not worth the money.
  11. I am also looking for it