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  1. Latest addition, ambience turbine airvent, 发光涡轮出风口, thank you PimpMyRideSG Ivan for the installation
  2. 迎宾灯C or 车门投影镭射灯, front & back. The front is better quality, hence clearer & brighter than the rear. The rear can adjust angle so look slightly better than others
  3. I am also waiting for A35
  4. Nice, did you change the rims?
  5. I see it from C&C emblem & car plate holder
  6. You can go for wrap or plasticdip
  7. Cover only? I thou sell by the whole headlight? Need headlight coming soon, so lots of people changing soon
  8. My new toy, double signal when open door & wind up windows when locked 20180815_140939.mp4 20180815_092942.mp4
  9. It have been awhile, added illuminated star and plasticdip my black ass
  10. 碳纤维点火装饰圈 & 碳纤维大灯开关饰贴
  11. Managed to wrap both 4xfront & 3xback 'squares' to gloss black below the bumpers
  12. Then Leather Singapore,