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  1. I am also waiting for A35
  2. Nice, did you change the rims?
  3. I see it from C&C emblem & car plate holder
  4. You can go for wrap or plasticdip
  5. Cover only? I thou sell by the whole headlight? Need headlight coming soon, so lots of people changing soon
  6. My new toy, double signal when open door & wind up windows when locked 20180815_140939.mp4 20180815_092942.mp4
  7. It have been awhile, added illuminated star and plasticdip my black ass
  8. 碳纤维点火装饰圈 & 碳纤维大灯开关饰贴
  9. Managed to wrap both 4xfront & 3xback 'squares' to gloss black below the bumpers
  10. Then Leather Singapore,
  11. Is your Navdy still working?
  12. Actually, quite alots now, you can source from Taobao. Good to buy now, as it takes time to delivery from PRC, while waiting for your car delivery