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  1. Any Bro have good recommendation of tyres for our GLC Coupé or tyres shop? Please also advice pricing, thanks
  2. Any Bro changing their tyres? I need to change my 2 front tyres, 235/55/R19
  3. What is your tyre mileage on your GLC or GLC Coupe before you change your tyres? Did my 1st 15k km, C&C "recommended" to change my front tyres 😫 Since our tyres are staggered, any Bro are changing their tyres, so we can get a set of 4, and each take 2. 235/55/R19
  4. I believed Elebest should have, but will cost a bomb
  5. Yup, itchy backside, retrofit blind spot assist, need to install sensors inside rear bumper
  6. If you want 360 camera, get it with the car, much cheaper
  7. Did it with,
  8. 方向盘碳纤维换挡拨片 and 方向碳纤维盘装饰框