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  1. Cheap sales, $300 whole set 5x112 Offset -40 245/35/19 Rims with kerb rash Note: 4 rims, but only 3 tyres, 1 tyre is very new. Do NOT need to trade in your set. Call 93677766
  2. That's what I worry. Moreover, my car had been lowered. Tks bro
  3. Hi, can anyone advise if the following wheel set n tyres can fit r171: 245/35/19 front 265/30/19 rear Staggered 8.5/9.5 offset 40
  4. Is this a local set? price pls
  5. Nice, but can't fit my car :-( Grab it fast before it is gone
  6. I think is a good idea to renew it if the condition is good. For $10k a yr, is a good deal for the current market.
  7. The workshop address Anp Auto 280 woodlands industrial park E5 #01-10 Harvest @ woodlands Singapore 757322 U can look for peter or shafi. Thanks.
  8. I've purchased n applied ows body flex gel, cost $32. Thumb up, noise reduce by 90%, the other 10%, I still can't figure out. May try to apply again to all rubber parts include the boot area. Tks all
  9. He told me, out of stock at that time
  10. I try mY best. According to him, He had repaired the kerb rash, like new. 2 of the Rubber are pilot sport 3. 245/40 & 265/35. Rubber left ard 70-80%
  11. Bros, sorry for that. I tried to download photos from my hp, but failed. So I go online to search for the photo. Here's the link I copied, hope it help: http://m.mbworld.org/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=238316&d=1340435166