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  1. Hi Please pm me. Thanks!
  2. AC Underground Mega Car Meet Up 2018 1) Roxxi - 2) Dark Saint - C Cklass 3) President Jimmy - E69 AMG 4) Datok Alvin - E Klass 5) Director TJ - C Klass 6) EOS - Flagship 7) Shawn - SURPRISE - Dun tell you 8) MarkCWQ - ??? 9) Knight_Rider 10) Jasson
  3. MIne showed 90C to 95C on dash but ultragauge shows 80C to 102C...
  4. Mine is PI car. But still did not receive any notice yet.
  5. Anybody interested? Please pm to discuss.
  6. Its a brembo... just repaint to black and AMG decal
  7. Definitely more power for custom tuning but engine damage wise, i feel it's subjective depending on tuner. 😂 Anyway items had been used for around 6 months... no issue for me.
  8. Hi, Direct plug and play for CLA180. Letting go at $450. Reason: Backside itchy... going for custom tuning 😁
  9. Hi, I have no idea if it is suitable for C180. Maybe you have to check with your workshop.
  10. Upgraded to Brembo 4 pot. Stock brakes still available.
  11. Sorry for the late reply.. i upgraded to brembo
  12. have a set of CLA front brakes to let go. PM if interested.