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  1. Have a dekitted AP Radi-Cal pro 5000R 4 pot caliper for sale. Used less than a year. Sold my car and kit is out now. Not using this anymore so no point keeping it. Set includes : 2 calipers A set of 330mm rotors A setof spacer A sets of brake hose A set of bracket Authenticity proof for AP calipers Bought everything for $3500. I'm only letting go now at $2000. Self pick up in the east. WhatsApp preferred - 97502703 Pictures sent over WhatsApp. Calipers are painted in blue https://www.apracing.com/products/race_car/brake_calipers/pro_5000_r_range.aspx
  2. Rims are sold. AP brakes still up for grabs.
  3. Up for grabs 4 pieces of gunmetal 18" AMG rims with continental 225/40 2 brand new front tyres just went on last week!!! I need to swap for a 17" original so please pm me your rims. No scratches or kerb rash. Almost Perfect condition. Ownself pay labour and top up for my AMG rims. Asking only $1000 (new tyres already cost $360 so please tolong don't low-ball) AP brakes front 4pot with AP serial number verifications and photos. These brakes are superb! Go Google and do some homework on it. Brand New bought $3.5k. used less than a year. Pads still good! Asking $2500 only. Selling these as I'm letting go my ride so slightly negotiable for those seriously looking to buy. WhatsApp 97502703
  4. Authentic AP pro5000r brakes in limited edition silver Color. AP Authentication provided. Used only for 6months. Excellent braking power. Changing rides and not gonna use it anymore. Rotors 330, Pads, all 80% left Bought whole set $3500. Just let me know your offer. Nothing ridiculous please. Let’s not waste time - these r not cheap Taiwan brakes whatsapp preferred 97502703
  5. Hi guys, I'm selling my ride so letting go of my stuff 18" AMG 5spoke rims (need to exchange with your rims with TOP up and labour on your side) AP racing pro 5000R BBK ( This is a supberb brake. No regrets installing it. Comes with full system. rotors pads hose. Only used for 6months.) full receipt and authentication AP! Limited edition silver! Labour on you. Pls WhatsApp me if you're interested. 97502703
  6. Hey can I check this is for which year's w246? Also, do you mind sharing the details such as workshop/cost/downtime/warranty etc? Thank you!
  7. Just caught on this thread. Looks like a lot of fellow B class owners are experiencing this? Guys can I ask which year's b class specifically and also does this happen after a certain year? Justintown - a little surprised the issue came so early for your 2014 w246. I realised I do some problems with my transmission too but didn't think it was too big an issue. Now that you guys mentioned all these, I'm starting to suspect if what I'm experiencing are early signs.
  8. Sorry for the lack of update. Item sold
  9. Hi guys. Have the following for sale 1) w246 Mercedes front logo with LED. *fits only if you don't have collision assist in front Bought to install but was told my car has collision assist module behind my original logo, and removing it may affect my system hence decided to sell this. Not sure if this will fit other cars, will measure the diameter and update 2) AMG wheel caps This should fit all our rims. I have a couple of Colours. Deal in east. Self pick up whatsapp 97502703
  10. Selling my used caliper. Direct bolt on for w246, w176, w117, x156. Asking $1.8k. First come first serve. PM only.
  11. Pictures. Rims are coated.
  12. Selling stock 16"rims. On PS3. Good for a couple more months. Looking to change rims contact 97502703.
  13. Hi guys, any recommended workshop out there for the full maintenance of w246?