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  1. Doing what we are best at for past 14 years.
  2. Thank you for the kind support. Please call 6684-5330 or WhatsApp ( Sherman for an appointment so we can prepare for you and your car. We focus on providing the best service and attention for each and every single one of our customers, and will not compromise or rush the install time. We require and want all jobs, processes, and details to be completed properly so you are 110% satisfied.💯— feeling energized at Infratint Automotive Film Pte Ltd.
  3. Because we love cars like u do.
  4. A very challenging car to do, but thanks to our team . All smooth.
  5. After Christmas, getting ready for new year.
  6. Festive season around the corner . Many came to refresh or upgrade their window films . Call 94560888 if you need our service.
  7. We love what we do everyday is a new challenge.
  8. Lta comply ceramic film with 99% UV and IRR protection. Call 94560888.
  9. Nothing too easy or diffcult for us.
  10. If you need LTA comply window film. We got a range to suit everyone needs. Call Sherman Chan @ 94560888 for more info and price.
  11. Mclaren..............Lighter, Stronger and Faster.So honour to be able to work on such cars.
  12. A very tastefully done up E300 coupe at Infratint.
  13. Just got your new car? Feeling your window film not performing so effective by what’s given by your car distributor. Or just renewed your car COE for the next 5-10 years and wanted to change your worn out existing film? Call us at 94560888 , we got what you might need.
  14. Doing what we are best at for past 14 years.