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  1. Hi Bluetop. Ive a 300SL R129 too and i use Ah Tat at TLS AUTO. Remember to only look for ah tat. He's a direct and gets the work done. He will only fix what u need to be fixed.
  2. Can PM me the price for 2011 SLK200? Thank you. Also want to know what you can do with the AMG M157 engine.
  3. Haha yea, even though I only had the chance to join a few GTGs. It was chill and easy-going. Here people a little bitter. See 'young' asian driving merc. (They think we all very young, its just that we don't wrinkle as much as them).
  4. Hi guys, Have not been a active in SGMERC for quite a while... Well because I'm not in SG. Been having fun with 'reduced' mercs in UK.
  5. stjmd

    C63 AMG

  6. Unfortunately most photos are in my Sg computer. Forthis last picture, its the car on the right.
  7. stjmd

    R129 300sl

  8. Personal Review When the r129 was launched its iconic sleek shape was truly outstanding when other cars in the era were big and bulky. There is really no other car like an SL on the road. A big smooth cruiser plus being a roadster, the SL comes with a detachable hardtop for rainy days, detaching it is fully electronic and so is the soft roof operation. It has a big boot, nice wide interior and 2 emergency rear seats for smaller sized folk or extra luggage. The suspension soaked up the bumps nicely but also has good body control if you dare push this big cruiser hard round corners. With newer cars having everything electronic to control its steering, throttle, gear-change, suspension etc. it is a nice change to drive something so analog and connected. When I first drove this car back in the early 2000, it felt numb and heavy compared to other cars I drove, however coming back to it now with everything now digital, it feels very refreshing to drive. New cars use electronic tuning to get "comfort" mode or "sports" mode, this car uses a nice revving Inline-6 and a long gearing to produce that effortless pull up the speedo. I loved driving this car on weekend mornings with the roof down with a love one, going to find breakfast and empty roads. And during week, I would put the hardtop on and cruise in total quietness, especially serene after a long days work. Unfortunately I am no longer in Singapore and would love to keep the car as long as i can, but with no one around to love it, it seems like the best thing is to let it go. Vehicle Info. 1990 300sl r129, Silver with black roof and grey leather interior. Has been in the family since new. Asking price 55000 SGD, COE til Oct 2019. Engine has been top overhauled and roof hydraulic system has been overhauled. Gearbox went through a major service. Various other components changed to make it running smoothly. Please PM if interested. Other Info. The car is equipped with a M103 engine which is typically also found on a 300SEL, 300SE, 300CE, 300E models. It is a SOHC inline 6 which pulls really smoothly. Its only issue i have read is to require a top overhaul over 10 years or so, which mine has been done recently. This engine was superseded by the M104 which has DOHC and 24 valves but heard those engines had bigger reliability issues. Overall maintenance and servicing is as per normal vehicle and not expensive at all with most workshops able to do it. The roof was another issue for some owners, yes the oil seals will leak if the roof is not used for a very long time, probably due to the oil being stagnant in the actuators and Singapore' heat not helping. Fix is not too expensive and there are plenty of Mercedes parts specialist that still bring in the parts.
  9. Hey guys, thanks for the warm welcome. I will def try and make it for the 30th. Maybe even drop by on the 20th for the photoshoot lesson. Anyways hope to seeing all of you soon.
  10. Hi everybody, My name is Sean. Been a member for a while now but shamefully have not been active due to work. Anyways, its been wonderful visiting the forum and hopefully I can contribute too. I have had my R129 300SL for like forever! So any questions about this generation of Mercedes please feel free to ask as I have had a loong relationship with this car. Also in the family we've got a W216 CL500 and R172 SLK200 which was upgraded last year from the R171. Owning a Mercedes is a great joy, but there are some little problems that we can help each other out in this forum. Looking for to joining you guys in one of your meetings soon.
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