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  1. wild guessing here... the bulb is about to blow, the change in the resistance triggered the warning message. I will change it to a new buld even the old one is not blown and see if that clear the message or not.
  2. my car is the 4 doors version of yours, below is my observation for your comparison. during morning cold start, it will hold the gear and shifts exactly at 15km/h since day one.
  3. my 2012 FL W204 stock battery last more than 48 months. I changed it early at the 48th month because I kia si
  4. Can share the lubang? I'll pm you for details
  5. I also buy from Sin Ming but all your prices are significantly cheaper. I think I went to the wrong shop.
  6. do you meant kompressor/supercharger oil? intercooler is just a aluminium heat exchanger, it is dry inside.
  7. I carry spare bulbs in the glove box. When the bulb blown I just change it in the car park, less than 5 minutes job. Here's a tip, if you have a blown dip light and you need to continue your journey but don't have a spare bulb. Pull the high beam bulb and swap it over, provided there are the same type (i.e. both H7)
  8. This is not uncommon for M271 engine since W203 including E Class models that uses the same engine too Google "M271 camshaft adjuster sprocket" you will see many such failures All I can say is you are lucky to pick it up early before it causes more damage to the engine.
  9. I pump the tires every 3 ~4 weeks as long as all four tire pressures reduce more or less to the same pressure, i.e. all four dropped from 230 to 209 I don't really bother how much pressure they dropped. if there is one tire dropped significantly more than the other three, then there is a leak at that particular tire.
  10. Yes, mine is the sedan version of your car. A C180 registered in May 2012, 1.8L turbo CGI engine with 7G Tronic gearbox. It's more like a de-tuned version of C200. At the time I bought the car, the 1.6L C180 has non-CGI supercharged engine and 5 speed gearbox. The 1.6L turbo charged CGI with 7G Tronic gearbox came a year after that if I remember correctly.
  11. I bought from Goldenlink and install it at home
  12. If you see an amber light flickering on the instrument cluster the next time you experience the same "loud vibration" That's your car ESP (Electronic Stability Program) in action, saving your car from skidding due to lost of traction.
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