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  1. Alexandra....anyone to recommend from Pandan? The service advisor (from Pandan) whom look after my previous merc for close to 10 years left and so, I asked my sales person to recommend (and he recommended someone from Alexandra).
  2. Have a 4 month old W213. About 2 months after I got the car, I felt a soft knocking sound whenever I turned the steering wheel. It is more obvious when the brake is applied slightly before the turn. I sent to C&C and they took the whole day, came back and told me it's normal. Come on, how can you say it's normal when you have such a noise coming out from the steering wheel. I wanted them to prove it to me!!! In the meantime, anyone has the same experience (or feel)?
  3. Collected my car today and c&c said it's the shock absorber mounting and replaced them....Will monitor and see if the noise comes back.
  4. My one month old w213 (e250) has a knocking noise when going over humps. The noise seems similar to a bad absorber but considering it's new, I brushed it aside until I sent to c&c two weeks ago and the preliminary assessment confirmed my suspicion. I managed to get a replacement car (same model) while the car is in workshop and to my surprise, the same noise could be heard too, so wondering if it's some manufacturing defects or what. Does anyone has the same experience?
  5. I am lazy and know if i choose beige, it will become brown in no time. I was deciding between maroon and black, in the end, chose black. So, kind of similar to the one in the showroom.
  6. Grey with black seats. You would think it's a common combination....but the earliest batch is shown as March/April.
  7. Cos the color combination I wanted only has mar/apr delivery....they have jan/feb shipment but if i remember, only black and blue.
  8. SE said probably (haven't confirmed) but will be absorbed by C&C if any. Written clearly in the sales agreement. So, I am good.
  9. Yeah. Test drove and seems acceptable for me and my family. A bit jerky at the back but guess that's the fun of a new 9G and probably need time to get used. Mar/Apr shipment though and will have to wait a few more months...😁
  10. My SE just text me and said price for E class going to remain till after Sunday....and will increase on Monday due to the recent increase in COE. Well, guess another sales technique from C&C.
  11. Am considering for a W213 E250 and wonder if any existing users care to share their experience. I read somewhere that the engine is loud when idle, pick up not smooth, etc. Test driven the E200 last weekend but didn't have time for E250. E200 sounds acceptable for me. Have arranged for test drive but happy to hear anything I should look out for or ask the SE.
  12. I don't think so or maybe I should say I am not sure. Both workshops said the socket (or maybe connector) is burned and they can't do the repair. The only thing they can do is to replace the whole assembly. Mine is the front parking lamp, one of the two 'eyelid' bulbs.
  13. Does anyone has a faulty headlamp assembly (due to burnt wires) that cause the fuse box to malfunction? I am driving a W204 (2009). Mine is not working (just the side marker lamp) and the workshops (C&C inclusive) that I consulted said that I need to change the whole assembly (that costs several hundred dollars). Its just the side marker (not the main light) and hence I struggle a bit to change but on the other hand, I am worried this might lead to bigger problems. Any advice anyone?
  14. Sent in to C&C for a thorough check and came back with nothing wrong with the SRS. The burning smell was due to the fuse blown (ok, I didn't even know there's a fuse in a car seat/headrest!) and they replaced it, reset the headrest, and asked me to monitor. So far so good and hope this will be it. They also told me that the wire of the front headlamp (side marker) has brunt and needs to be replaced. I knew about this during the last servicing as there's a message on the dashboard. When they said replaced, it's replacing the whole lamp (not wire or bulb). The SA quoted around 800+; so logically, I asked him to hold on to it. I am just worried that this might lead to bigger issue so will change it somehow. Am currently seraching around and if anyone has a better deal elsewhere, don't mind let me know.