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  1. SGMerc Public Statement Regarding Member "hpy090909" SGMerc reserves all rights and this statement is issued without prejudice. Full statement below after the Update(s). Update 1: 18/07, 240pm - We have communicated this matter with MyCarForum's (one of the forums that he went on a spamming spree) admins & mods and with supporting evidence, they have kindly understood our position and deleted his thread on MCF and will be watching "hpy090909" closely. We thank them for their kind understanding. Update 2: 18/07 316pm - "hpy090909" was banned previously in HardwareZone forums for spamming, insulting, and being a nuisance in the forums. He registered a new nickname "Ultrafire" which he is using to post on HWZ currently about this matter. This 2nd username - "Ultrafire" has also received infractions/warnings from the moderators for being a nuisance, hijacking forum threads, duplicate post, clone accounts, and more. You can see more via the link to HWZ located here. As HWZ moderator lyfeforce commented to "hpy090909": (can be seen here) Start: Background/Summary hpy090909 joined SGMerc in April 2016, having purchased a used 2007 Mercedes-Benz W204 C-Class. For the first couple of months, all was well and he participated frequently in the forums. The issue started on the 9th of July, when he faced an issue with "Workshop X", and came to the forums to share his experience with the members. The workshop in mention, happens to be an SGMerc sponsor. As per our practice of being open, transparent, and not taking sides, we allowed his posting as per normal. These postings that he made are still "live", publicly visible, and have not been deleted, hidden, or removed in any way, shape or form. We never delete bad reviews, comments, or posts about our site sponsors, never have, and never will. SGMerc is ultimately about an open sharing platform that benefits the members and encourages open discussions. If a site sponsor has done wrong, it will be out in the open for all to see. You can see hpy090909 posts against Workshop X here (in 2 different threads might i add) that are still "live": Link 1 Link 2 Things of course transpired from there and hpy090909 being disgruntle, decided to post on various local forums regarding another issue entirely. We ask that you look at this objectively and make your own findings and decisions from here. Thank you. Accusation #1: SGMerc is bias and takes side with the site sponsors and the site sponsors can do no wrong. All negative reviews will be deleted immediately!!! :angry face!!!: Answer #1: If that was the case, we would have deleted all negative reviews about our site sponsors the minute it is posted up. The fact that we have not deleted them, nor made any amendments to the posts, obviously shows otherwise. THE POSTS ARE STILL LIVE AND VALID. This issue aside, there have been other negative reviews against our site sponsors that are still around. hpy090909 was banned because of 1) starting flame wars with other members despite repeated warnings from the admins and mods 2) spamming the forums with MULTIPLE posts across DIFFERENT threads and forums, driving his personal agenda against Workshop X, 3) being a nuisance in general 4) he requested to be banned/deleted himself, not the decision of the admins or moderators It has NOTHING to do with his initial bad reviews about Workshop X. The negative reviews are STILL UP. Accusation #2: SGMerc can and will purposely read all your private messages. :spy mode 007: Answer #2: Yes, we *CAN* read your private messages. This is no secret. The admins of ALL forums can read your private messages. Whether it is MCF, HWZ, etc. However, we DO not do it, simply because what you discuss with other members have nothing to do with us. And on a board with close to 8,000 members, 220,000+ forum posts, why would we want to read YOUR messages? The admins and moderators all have full time jobs. In certain scenarios, such as this, "hpy090909" posted in a thread to the tune of "other members have PMed me stating they support me and that SGMerc admins/mods are bias!!! :angry exploding face:". Well, fortunately for us, as mentioned above, all forums come with the function to allow the administrators to view the inbox of members in case of lawsuits or in this case particularly, validate his claim. Guess what we found when we looked in "hpy090909's" inbox - NOTHING. Except him spamming other members further with his personal agenda against Workshop X. Evidence Fortunately for us, we did not delete the flaming/spam posts that "hpy090909" made over the last couple of weeks (including the PMs he sent to the admins/mods). They are merely hidden to the public/members but the mods/admins can still see them. If any SGMerc members, SGMerc site sponsors, or approved parties would like to see these postings for evidence, please use the contact form listed in our menu bar and we will provide them in due time. This has gone far enough and we will not be posting those publicly here to save "hpy090909" from further embarrassment. It has been proven that he is a liar, trouble-maker, and nuisance in general. That might probably be what got him banned from HardwareZone (HWZ) in the first place. HPY090909 Banned in HWZ His new thread in HWZ was made under a new account after his old account was banned, not sure if that is allowed? Maybe the HWZ mods can look into it. Conclusion We have on multiple occasions invited "hpy090909" to contact us directly to sort things out, both in the forum and through private message, which he declined. Workshop X, contacted us within 24 hours of his posting to try and rectify the issue, but "hpy090909" would have none of it. I believe we have done all we can. Thank you for reading. We will not be commenting any further on this matter. Best regards, SGMerc Admin & Moderating Team
  2. SICK! i like the red accent!
  3. Dear members, having had serveral issues with the old server and software, we've decided to make the move up to a bigger and better server as well as a brand new forum software to cope with SGMerc's needs. Despite trying to migrate and save 100% of our data, we were unable to move the user accounts over. Looking on the bright side however, we were at least able to save the 100+k posts that we had on the old forums. Please register for a NEW account on this forum as we will not be trying to move the old accounts over anymore. You can register for a new account by clicking on the "Create Account" box on the top right hand corner of your screen. If you have any feedback and suggestions, please do let us know over at our feedback forum located here. Thank you for your understanding. Hope you like the new forums! SGMerc Admin Team
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  7. Welcome to your new Invision Power Board! Congratulations on your purchase of our software and setting up your community. Please take some time and read through the Getting Started Guide and Administrator Documentation. The Getting Started Guide will walk you through some of the necessary steps to setting up an IP.Board and starting your community. The Administrator Documentation takes you through the details of the capabilities of IP.Board. You can remove this message, topic, forum or even category at any time. Go to the documentation now...