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    EleBest Pte Ltd #04-19, WCEGA Plaza 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064 Please Whatsapp/call Max Yao +65 9733 5000 Email: [email protected]
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    Free BUMP for you! I actually downgraded from stock 18" staggered to 17" for a softer ride and cheaper tires. Last week, I came across a bargain that I can't resist. Brand new AMG rims with tires taken off a E200 AMG Line. Car looks much better than 17" softer ride
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    Hi guys, So happy to own my 1st MB. Still new to this brand and hope to learn more from you guys. Cheers....
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    Very much depend on your mileage! I sold my PFL Nov 2011 due to the high mileage hitting >190k km in 7.5 years 1. Every 60k km expect to change engine & gear box mountings 2. Timing crank gear happened to me my ride at around 70k km, after changing did not had the problem again. (common issue) 3. Turbo leaking is quite a common issue 4. Gearbox pcba is not a common problem 5. Other wear & tear will be your brake pads/rotors 6. Alternator kaput is also a problem if you've not change yours 7. Ball joints, steering linkages - depending on mileage 8. Wheel bearings depends on mileage As a car gets older with mileage, expect other wear and tear to comes in. eg. engine carbon built up, cooling system - radiator, water pump, fuel pump, starter motor, piston rings, top gasket FC will also likely to increase as compare to a new car. A newer car will definitely has lesser maintenance costs. Old school - Most wear & tear comes around 100k km or 60k miles
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    Dear fellow W205 owners, Just to keep you guys noted about my recent experience, with a terrible fuel leak. It started about 2 weeks back, that i notice the presence of fuel (by smell) almost each morning. As i had to rush daily to send the family to school and work.. i only could check after the end of the first commute. Opening up the hood, there is no more fuel smell, used torch to shine onto the undertray and its dry... so i left as it is. just over the weekend, since i had more time in the morning, i started the car, popped the hood and decided to check.... i started to smell the same fuel smell again... so started to shine my torch at the undertray.... i could see a puddle (which i initially tot it was water residue).... Just a min into the engine warming up, i start to see dripping! i immediately headed down to the workshop and have them check the car. Again, because the car has fully warmed up, there was no more leak! trays were just slightly wet and nearly dried up. Workshop then noticed the fuel stains around the high pressure fuel pump, and told me to leave the car overnight so they can check the next morning when the engine is cold again. True enough, they found the source of the leak. the factory clamp on the fuel return hose was not tight enough. After inspecting the hose, they said the hose was good, just the factory clamp wasnt tight enough. So they added another clamp and this fixed the fuel leak. I will monitor for the next few days to see if its really resolved. If you encounter the same issue where you cold start your car, and you smell presence of fuel, please do check for leaks, it can be as simple as checking if your undertray is wet or damp. I have checked that the a/c water drain will not drip at that same spot where the fuel leak is. I attached some pics to show you the leak, and the source of the fuel leak. As there is no modifications made to the fuel delivery of the car, i consider this a production defect from the factory. My car is purchased from PI, and even the PI told me this is not considered as wear and tear, and they will warrant the change of parts if needed. Hope this helps any bros, as fuel leak is a very highly dangerous situation we will want to avoid! IMG_3590.MOV
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    Welcome to the forum Patrick / Phioux! Hope you enjoy your stay here. CnC should have the original boot mat for sales. They will exactly fix your boot space like all MBs The price should be around $170. Go over to the Alexandra MB accessories service counter to inquire. If they do not have stock there, they will check with the other branches especially Pandan Loop. If MB Sg has no stock, they will order for you!
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    Hahaha! Bosses wanted GLC cos she has driven Prado, Q5 & ML and feel good sitting atas and son wants easy loading for his bowling balls. How she wishes I've the budget for the new GLE....guess I've to work much harder It's Bosses ride as I get to drive only when I return home from Jakarta. Bosses eventually decided on an used 1 yr 8 mths old W213 (Thanks to 1st owner to absorb the very high depreciation costs) When I wanted to buy my car in Jakarta, Lady Boss contemplate between Mitsubishi Pajero Sport or Toyota Fortuner - each cost less than $10k more than our current COE. Boss decided for me to buy Fortuner so bosses get to sit whenever they come to Jakarta
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    Was looking at W213 also.. But getting in and out of a saloon is becoming a chore... And also both bosses liked the GLC.. Its a no brainer cos its their daily ride.. Not mine.. Another issue is W213 lousy overtrade.. 5k.. I got 17k for GLC.. Boss wants... Boss gets.. Coolie have to obey
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    Waa Ah Bui you still lurking in this forum around like me You lucky! CnC gave you high overtrade for your GLC. When I went back to my old SE for GLC250 quoted me $218K I said I don't want to take loans. Nabeh quoted me very poor overtrade ($2k on top of body value - OMV $59k -high spec with COMAND & Pano Roof & COE$65K ) Timing crank gear, turbo failure (mine leaked oil on to the alternator so alternator up lorry also), 60km engine and gearbox mountings are usual wear & tear for the W212. I did not spent $8k on Turbo but the bill was for $3k+ Mine had gearbox PCB failure & rear shock absorbers changed Wise men think alike We (my Wife & Son) wanted the GLC250 but when they saw & went inside an 1yr 8 mth old CnC W213 E250....chiatlak...but no regrets ....still cheaper than a new CnC GLC250 by nearly $30k if I traded in the W212. I was swept over by the W213 main features over the W212 - a. 1 long digital dashboard (2x 12.3" HD Display) with COMAND NTG5.5 (gotten free 2019 Maps update from CnC) b. Apple Carplay & Android Auto (Finally got Waze, Google Maps, Sportify, etc on the Infotainment Display) Goodbye to phone holder. c. 64 Colors Ambient Lighting (had been yearning to change the PFL W212 single color to FL 3 color ambient lighting) d. 360 deg camera (Helpful but warning tone can be annoying) e. Adaptive Braking Assist System (Some assurance not to rear ending or X Traffic bang people rides or pedestrians) f. Auto Parking Pilot (Much improvement) g. Fold down rear seats (CnC all along did not gave this option for C & E Class - finally they did)
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    I don't suggest you do the FL upgrade... I just traded in my 2012 W212 for GLC200... Reason being the Turbo is leaking and my guy told me it will be a min 8K (Just hoist up view) to easily 12K... not fixing it will have me filling 4 ltrs of engine oil every 3 weeks...BTW, my mileage is also very low..7ys only 100K km...Like @Kepiting1sg, I had plans to renew COE once it reaches 10 yrs. But the potential damage could easily reach 20-25K for future issues... Thus I decided to change ride, all thanks to CNC giving me a high overtrade for it. I think you can save up the moolah for future incidents like mine. Spending 8-13K for a already phased out look is not my choice. Just my 2Β’ worth. In the end.. Your car.. Your money... Your choice... CHEERS
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    Is your battery & brake pads/rotors warranted by CnC? All these are wear & tear items and are not warranted by CnC unless your battery kaput in less than a year maybe. The recent servicing about, my car went in with ambient light revolving tweeters & air con "turbo grills" They didn't say they will revoke my warranty. If you go remap your car and engine or gear train go up lorry (not likely though) and CnC knows, then what do you think about your car warranty for your engine & gear box. Old saying "Mod Don't Scare! Scare Don't Mode" I've purchased quite a few rides from CnC and never before they wanted to revoke my warranties. I started with a new W203 C180 in 2003 from CnC I put on a full Lorinser Body Kit with Brabus Rims Changed the horrible looking Halogen lamps with Original Hella Xenon from Benzline Put on C230 Supercharger, All Kleemann Piggy Back, Air filter , bigger Fuel Pump, Extractor/Downpipe & Catalytic Converter with LTA approved Lorinser Exhaust (I got the TUV Certifications from Lorinser for LTA) - Work were done by MBM Sent the car in during the warranty period, no one in CnC ever say they will void my car warranty. A few times CEL (aka Check Engine Light) lan lan go back to MBM and definitely not CnC I guess I was young then doing what the folks here like to do i.e to squeeze more HP, Zhng their ride, etc
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    For sale c180 Amg line brakes. 4 piston. Used for 10k and 6 months original Mercedes rotors and pads. Asking $1000 Contact 9090 3808.
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    Original body kit or non original? Original probably Benzline can help you. AMG BBK 6 pots or 4 pots go check out Carousell Sg- lots
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    USED ARMA 6 pot Big Brake Kit @ $1300 Letting go β€œARMA: *R-Series* 6Pot 355mm 1pcs. Brake kit is on Facelift E200 W212. Will need your stock brakes as well. Will hand over receipt of purchase. Bought in early Jan 2017. Wapp me @ 97924430.
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    Hi all, I bought a W204 C200 CGI and renewed the COE for another 10 yrs as more drivers were added to the family! Anybody dekitting a W204, look for me! πŸ˜‚
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    Dear all, 19" //AMG Genuine Original Used Rims with Continental Tyres #W176 #W156 #W246 #W212 #W204 Brand New Condition of rims & tires for #Mercedes #GLA No Kerb Rashes 99% Tyre thread left 8J X 19H2 - ET43.5 - 235/45ZR19 - A1564010700Tyre Made in Germany Ping us for more details & other W156 GLA45 AMG spare parts Whatsapp us +65 85198833 DID: +65 6269 0215 Contact Persons: Chris / Karthick
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    Hi all. Went back to a Mercs after awhile so decided to join this forum. Can anyone join the telegram chat or it's sort of by invite only? Afraid to click to link πŸ˜…
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    In case some of you looking to get the amourall tyre gel, the famous japan accessories store is now selling it at 50% discount. Only $10 for one now. Not sure when the discount is valid till, I just bought one last evening (30 Jan). Cheers.
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    BC HT53 2 piece 20” Fully refurbished. Fits Mercedes C class (W202,W203)S Class n E Class(W210,W211), SLK, SL n CLS Class. Jus spend 1.5k to refurbish the whole set. Wheels is in 100% tip top condition. No warped, repaired all curb rashes, new 2K coat of paint (outer in dark gunmetal n spokes gloss black) PCD112 fits Mercedes. 9 front offset+34 n 10.5 back offset+34. Comes with X2 245/30/20 Falken 90% tread left n X2 295/25/20 Michelin PS4 80% tread left. K meetup at my regular tyre shop in ubi to fit. Lelong price!!! Full set $2800 negotiable. My lost is ur gain.
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    Should be AAS or Automobile Association of Singapore Do not know if green key issue happens in FL W204 PFL pretty common
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    Price lah, bro. Only the rich buy things without having to know the price. Anyway, Do try to verify that the mileage is genuine and not tweeted (10 Years car with 120,000km is pretty decent) For a 2019 renewed COE, I would say the price should range about $58 to $63k range, depreciating at about $6K/year. Other than all these, it's condition of the car and if all parts are still in good working condition. And google on the car dealer and check if they are on case trusted and not blacklisted. Ask for test drive and check for warranty coverage period etc; because any repair or replacement later is just equivalent to purchasing the the car at a cost higher. Just standby a few Ks to have some parts replacements. That's the pros and cons of getting a 10 yr old car; you are subjected to much lower depreciation but you are subjected to all the unknown wear and tear of the car. Hope more gurus here can advise you further. Good Luck, Zappee....
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    Saw that a lot of you guys are interested in swapping out your grille for a diamond one, so made a video tutorial so that you guys can see in detail how its done! Hope you guys find it useful, and let me know if you have any qns! Much thanks to VRAtenza for his useful tips!
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    Some dashcam are equipped with ADAS (Advance Driver Assistance System) eg. collision warning You can go to the setting to turn it ON or OFF For iRoad
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    d. Hang an ipad like what someone did in mbworld.org e. Pay premium to Dr Max
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    There's a SGMERC Telegram chat group Here's the link or you might want to contact Forum Moderator rickosw
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    Sweeet... camping here for more variety of rims to come.
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    Can try our site sponsor Sonic http://www.sgmerc.com/forum/43-sonic-racing/ My W213 turbine air vent with ambient lighting
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    Dear owner of SFD 11 B... please don't be a CB driver... and do not go around looking for trouble... Cos a lot of times... You really don't know how to handle it when you found it...
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    After watching Mr JWW, i found out more hidden voice commands that you can use inside your W205FL below are two clips - do share if your found out any new ones
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    one of my all time fav Youtube Reviewers
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    I wanted to share this with fellow owners. I just did the major service, service B, on my W212 E200 at Kee Yong Automotives. I must say they are reasonable and does a good job. My compliments to Dave who communicated with me, I would recommend this workshop for your precious MB car servicing. I changed all my brakes and it definitely cost very much less than C&C. I had compared with other workshops mentioned here including MB Auto Garage in JB. I must say that Kee Yong is reasonable. MB Auto Garage is not cheap and they cost about same as the sg workshops so no reason to go all the way there. In any case Kee Yong gives 6 months warranty for their work. Hope this helps.
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    I did my Express Service B for my W213 at about 27k km (30k km servicing) and next servicing will be Service A at around 42k km (45k km) Do the Express Service B for 1 day as it's supposed to be 30k km servicing. Tell the SA to advise you and do not change if a. Need to change battery (do it outside) b. Need to change brake pads and or rotors (do it outside) This's the scope of work they do for Express Service B Prices could defer depending on model
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    SC is not transferable. It’s tagged to the original owner of the vehicle.
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    hi Guys, Ive just got myself a 2010 ..E250 coupe....let me know if you guys wana meet up....
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    so here's the quick update after collecting my car. First attached pic with the fuel leak circled in red, is on the stock clamp. Unfortunately the vid file is too large to upload, but basically on startup, the hose immediately got wet and covered with leaking fuel. The issue is not from the hose but from the clamp which is not tight enough. So the workshop replaced this with the screw type clamp. fired up the car and no more leaks. simple fix and lucky to avoid any further issues like accidental fires... will continue to monitor for the coming days.... hopefully this is the end of this particular issue. *fingers crossed*
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    Just took delivery of a FL W205. Loving every minute of it but this drinks heavily. Lol..
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    Thank you Bro DarkSaint, this is definitely one of the better Youtube reviewers, worth watching he did ask the most important question which nobody bother to ask - KNN even Daimler dun know the answer do switch on the English Translation :-P
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    Here is the Garmin SE Asia cards https://www.satnavishop.co.uk/2019-mercedes-benz-garmin-map-pilot-sat-nav-sd-card-southeast-asia-a2189063803-871-p.asp
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    This is how mine looks with staggered 20" and rear H&R spacers.
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    Dear members, having had serveral issues with the old server and software, we've decided to make the move up to a bigger and better server as well as a brand new forum software to cope with SGMerc's needs. Despite trying to migrate and save 100% of our data, we were unable to move the user accounts over. Looking on the bright side however, we were at least able to save the 100+k posts that we had on the old forums. Please register for a NEW account on this forum as we will not be trying to move the old accounts over anymore. You can register for a new account by clicking on the "Create Account" box on the top right hand corner of your screen. If you have any feedback and suggestions, please do let us know over at our feedback forum located here. Thank you for your understanding. Hope you like the new forums! SGMerc Admin Team
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    Price reduced to $300. Item already removed from car.
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    Hi Black Label, also new here and just got delivery of my CLA200 SB. Definitely seen more SBs now compared to few months back!
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    Hi Bro Black Label Welcome! I'm driving a CLA SB too..
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    Oops! Reduce turbo lag 😁😁😁
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    My Service A for my W205 c class at cnc was $505 after gst...was charged $30 more for request to use mobil 1 oil instead of shell helix..used 7 litres...forgot to ask them to not add the windshield solvent..could have saved $9. However lucky i check my repair sheet n bill..found 2 items supposedly under warranty but charged $29 which was to oil and adjust my bonnet coil spring due to alignment issue and got them to waive it..

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