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    Been obsessed in finding a solution to this common Mercedes bugbear since 2010 when I first had a C250. Some old timers would have read my thread that I wrote on juddering wipers. Even after changing to a CLA45....the problem still persisted. Went thru many threads on this topic in other Mercedes forums & have done many 'been there tried that' suggestions that were thrown up. I was in the AMG Private Lounge recently & saw some old threads on this topic (2014) when I read an inconspicuous 1 line post by a member. Apparently no one paid any attention to him as there was no follow up on his suggestion. He said that he applied 1 coat of Amour All Tyre Gel on his wipers and that solved his problem for good. I was skeptical, but WTH...I have a Amour All Gel sitting in my garage, why not give it a shot? Instead of 1 coat....I gave it 2 coats (typical kiasu S'porean) It really works! Immediately, the wipers were super smooth. After 3 downpours....it still sweeps smoothly. I have 2 other used sets of aftermarket wipers in my garage which were casted aside as they were juddering just as bad. Applied the gel on them also....voila! It works on them! Amazing solution....go try it! Pls don't ask whether other tyre gel works....you try it & update here. Sharing is caring.
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    Hi @vincentwee, I'm sorry that you saw my post as a long advertisement. In fact I have to say I'm a little bemused by your response. My objective of the post was to share with fellow members on the pros, cons and challenges between using piggybacks, loading and custom tuning ECU maps. (And any other hardware mods that could affect the ECU) Partly motivated as well cos I have heard many bros (and maybe sis) complaining about the issues they have faced with piggybacks and simply loading ECU maps from other workshops. Hence I thought it will be good to share my positive experience with Dynotechnica rather than having more peers to go through more painful experiences. I am not trying to convince but merely informing my peers here about tuning workshops. End of the day the decision lies with the car owner. As for your difficulties in understanding of my post, if it is too complicated, I can suggest you to ignore it or try to contact Benny @Dynotechnica to find out more about tuning. He has tuned more luxurious cars like Bentley and beast-mode cars like GTR before so I think a S300 should not be too big of an issue for him. (Best to check with him though.) And I'm pretty sure he will be able to explain much better than me since that's really more of his job than mine. Maybe it's not a question of how it will help a S300 but rather a question of how you want your S300's driving experience to be. I'm sorry again if this reply is too long for you. Perhaps it is in my nature to be longwinded.
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    Have scrap my Lexus GS300. Just took over a 2012 W212 E200CGI. As the previous guy didn't went back to C&C servicing. So i did my major servicing to play safe. I did the following replacement parts after taking over. All parts taken from stocklist. Original Merc Gear Oil X 10. $160 Original NGK Plugs X 4. $60 Original Engine Mounting X 2 $224 Original Gear Box Mounting X 1 $45 Original Gear Box Filter X 1 $35 Original Gear Box Gasket X 1 $13 Original Wipe Blade X 1 $65 Original Oil Filter X 1 $15 Original Cooler Piping X 1 $11 Coolant X 2 $19 OEM Air Filter X 1 $13 OEM Air Con Filter X 1 $21 OriginalFuel Filter With Float X 1 $380 OriginalFuel Filter Seal Ring X 1 $18 Mobil 1 0W40 Gold X 6 $108 Total part inclusive of GST: $1270 Share with you guys. Pls bear with the many photos. Parts bought from stocklist My mechanic starting to dismantle... New plugs Vs Old plugs Replacing with new plugs Air Box Old Air Filter New Air Filter See how dirty the air box is? Need to remove one of the cat to access to the engine mounting... Mounting at the right... Engine needs fresh oil. I used 1 new 4 litre turtle oil to flush my engine & away the old oil before i put the new mobil oil in. Drain away the old gear oil. Gear Box with old gear filter Gear box without filter New Gear Filter Car hoist up New Gear oil Gear oil must put into their pump to pump back into the gear box Changing the Wiper Taking out the Fuel pump & fuel filter. Then can replace with new fuel filter. Old Fuel filter I ask my mechanic to saw off the fuel filter to see how does it look inside. Now this is how it looks like after traveling 100k! See how dirty it gets? After replacing every parts, Did load test, plug in diagnosis testing to make sure everything is working fine. Total labor i was charge for doing all the above $340. (No GST) Total damage $1610.
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    Changed my grille and loves the new look!😘😈
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    For those interested to have instructions on how to remove the door panel, please refer to the other thread on that. http://www.sgmerc.com/topic/25356-glc-remove-front-internal-door-panel/ After the interior door panel is removed, this is what you have. Notice the empty triangular speaker grille? Look at the following picture for reference on where are the clips and connection points. This will let you know where to push/pull to release the stock grille as well as where the new rotary tweeters should be installed. The highlights are colour coded to show where the surfaces are mated. Blue to blue, green to green and red to red. The 3D Rotary Tweeter main housing installed in the position of the former orginial empty speaker grille. This is the 3D tweeter held up and labeled to show the important connection points. Essentially split into 2 sets: S= Speaker L=Led. The various connection points before attachments After connecting to some of the stock door connectors Now hold up the interior door panel, connect S1 connector to the door panel speaker, plug one of the blue connectors to "5" slot of the DCM. Plug the other blue connector to L2 connector. Next, you are ready to reinstall the door panel: - reattach the door latch wire - thread the door lock knob through the hole in the door panel - line up all the panel holder 8+1 bits, make sure the top horizontal window edge is "hooked" along the attachment ledge. Start to give firm hard thud using heel of your palms to secure down the door panel to the metal frame. - screw in the 2 T30 torx screw into the original holes. - switch on your engine and enjoy the fruits of your labour!
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    There are request for DIY walkthrough for installation of the 3D Rotary tweeters. I shall split the instructions into 2 parts for categorization and ease of search. The tool you absolutely need is simply just a Torx driver with T30 Torx bit. The rest are really good to have: trim removal pry, grip work gloves, addition narrow tip flat heas screw driver to depress the connector's release tabs. And before starting, lower both the front windows until fully retracted, reduce the chance of brealing the glass panels. Next swtich off the engine and power to the car. 1. Using the T30 torx bit driver, unscrew the torx headed screws from the 2 locations circled in red. A magnetized torx bit will be better to make sure your unscrewed screws don't drop into some of the narrow gaps in the door frame. 2. Next, use the interior trim pry to pull the interior door panel from the metal door frame. The locations of the various panel studs are shown in the picture as illustrated. So pry at the right location. Be careful of the door lock stub once the panel is pulled free from the frame. Make sure you don't lose any of the panel studs. 3. Once the inteior door panel is free from the door frame, remember you still have a few connections to release before the whole panel can be moved aside. - Unhook the door latch cable and unplug the connector as shown. - unolug the original speaker cable and connector from the door panel speaker. - unplug the wires and blue connectors that are plugged into "5" and "6" slots on the Door Control Module (DCM) After all the above is done, you can remove the interior door panel and move it aside to a safe location so as not to scratch or damage the surfaces. Now you are ready to install the 3D Rotary tweeters.
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    Hi, Just a short review, feedback and reasons why I went with GLA in the end. I purchased this last nov '15 (vivo roadshow), where C&C was having a special promo, at that time, there was a 12K over-trade for selected cars & GLA was one of them. I was quite lucky as the car was already on the ship due for SG and it arrived in dec, but I specifically waited till first week of Jan for collection. How does it drive? GLA180 is not going to win any 0-100 race at the traffic lights against your ROC / WRX and 320. But to overtake other commercial vehicles and smaller passenger cars is not too big of an issue, u just need to "floor" it a bit more. Prior i was on stock rims & stock run flat, on good street, GLA is really very quiet and refine, very quiet .... very comfortable ... the gear box change is very smooth ... when accelerating ... but when slowing down, sometimes they do struggle to find the correct gear (this has been reported by other youtube reviews) one drawback, is that sometimes i feel the car swings side to side and a bit bouncy, - my guess is the run flat tyre - which i have replaced ... FC - I am not the best sample as my traveling patterns as 90% heavy city 10% highway, about 11L to 100KM so should you buy GLA? well I can give u a few Pros & Cons against its brothers within the MB family A Klass - Hot Hatch - Racer Boy Image , Better handling, But limited Rear Head Space and Boot Space cum if Stock Style A180 really very bare bones ... will recommend you getting URBAN - but you will get stiffer suspension B Klass - Family Car - not as "firece" but hey, if you not into looks and like a small car with MB badge, this is the car for you, Good headspace ! CLA - some will say most BENG or Firece Looking, personally I simply loved the looks but why i didnt buy it in the end? two main reasons: Rear headspace cum the small boot opening (esp hard to load big baby wheelers) but if you are singles, 20s, does not need to ferry parents or friends ALL THE TIME, - i think this is really the perfect entry MB car for you so why GLA - it is a give and take - what are the points that matter to you vs what doesnt , also I never own a SUV before so why not? give it a go Looks - I love the front grille - very commanding, BIG FAT MB LOGO, body shape is wide and sleek, just the rear - EYES OF A BUG" - which some say, only a mother will love - but who cares - GLA does come in DUAL EXHAUST! Rear headspace is OK, for normal adults - least my parents can get in without much trouble , it can ferry TWO FULL Adults comfortably, but three will be a struggle. Boot Space is OK, much better than A Klass cum it has big opening - esp useful if you need to load big items or Baby Wheeler - compare to CLA Lastly, PONDING situations - thought GLA is labelled as a SUV, i think it is more of a cross-over instead, but least when i see "SMALL PONDING" - I will be confident enough to cross it ... :-) my 2 cents worth of recommendation, if price / money is not an issue, go for the GLA200, the extra horses will come in handy, but if you think GLA180 is more economical , why not? i am sure you will love it as well cheers! Edit: another reason which I forgot to add earlier, was due to the low number of GLA, it is more unique". Can see people looking at it, with "curious look", cos back then it was still more "niche" ... When I was first driving in Jan, I barely can find another GLA on the roads, roughly 1-2 per week, but recently, I can see 1-2 on a daily basis. You maybe asking, will a "low number" car affect my resale or spare parts going forward when I want to sell in the future? My guess is not really, my very rough estimate, there is roughly 100 (if not more) GLA on SG roads now ... this number will only grow as we will be getting new facelifts soon (in Europe before end of this yr)
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    Customised leather stitched knee cushion pad very comfy for me to rest my left knee against centre console. Done at classic auto leather for $70 inclusive of dakota leather and white contrast stitching.
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    Hey jtang thank you so much and I even wanna kiss you! I had to register and say something. I live in LA and had exactly the most annoying wiper blades in my car! It was so embarrassed when my friends sitting in my car. How could a premium brand car's wiper blades made such noise! Of course I have seen every post relates to wiper blades on mbworld.org, and also few of the Chinese websites/forums to try to find a solution. As always, nothing really worked, until now! I am so glad I didn't give up searching and I've got lucky enough to see this post! Thank you so so much again jtang, this gel is like a magic. It just made the wiper blades smooth as hell! Jesus this is amazing, it is magic! My 4matic SUV is no more a vehicle that being afraid of the rain and snow! I love you, thank you haha! This solution should be told to all the MB owners all over the world! The wiper blades problem is pretty common in MB cars for sure.
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    Selling away my Original AMG RIM. 18 inch staggered set up for the fierce and beautiful look. PCD is 5x 112. From C 200 Amgline Selling away PS4 tyres too. Bought recently from Leong Seng. my Tyre set up is Front 225 /45/18 and rear 245/40/18. (Can verify from Leong Seng) In excellent condition. Just Respray one week ago to matt black. No accident, never kanaa pot hole. No kerb rash. Recently done sticker job to look nicer. Authentic Original Amg Rims with very new PS4 tyres and beautiful black merc Rim cap to go along with the Car. Text me at 81111002 to deal. Rim and tyres will be available a month later. Interested buyer can pay for balancing to test. Thanks! Selling away rims without Tyre at $1500. Negotiable for sincere buyer. Thanks Original selling at $4k plus Used selling at 3k plus. Looking at $2000. For rims and tyres together with sticker recently done. Low baller will be ignored! Thanks interested buyer can be arrange to view at my place. Car seldom drive. Only use to commute from house to shop of 650m daily. staggered set up look nice on Car and handle Car better too. With rear Tyre profile at 245 and front 225. It looks like Car been lowered and it really flush with the car. Excellent and beautiful rims with new tyres.
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    Hi bertzz, I've installed Racechip Ultimate on my ride for about 3 weeks now. Initial response can feel car is livelier and more responsive. Car feels livelier to drive now. I'm still monitoring fuel consumption (FC). First 2 tank after installation of Racechip ultimate showed slight improvement in FC. Currently I'm getting about 12.0-13.4km/L compared to the original 11.5km/L. Besides the FC, I liked the addition of Racechip on my CLA as the car is definitely less draggy than stock now. You can pm me for more queries. Cheers, and enjoy your new ride soon!
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    It's sad that the day have come that I need to offload my car for a MPV. Hoping the car can go as a whole to the next buyer but worst case I have to dekit and scrap the car Looking for EOI/For sale/swap - AMG 8 pot front n 4 pot rear BBK ( Original 8 pot made for AMG ) - AMG original E63 complete body kit with CF front lip - AMG quad exhaust - AMG CLK DTM flat bottom steering wheel - AMG E63 instrument cluster - AMG E63 original 18 inch wheels with new P zero - kleeman headers - kleeman pulley - sprint booster - brand new bi xenon headlights Interested please contact 97458477
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    The truth behind '3-legged star' is - start work at 8, lunch at 12 and offwork at 5.
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    Key positions: Position 0: when the key is just inserted into the slot without any turning. Position 1: turn the key one click to the right (clockwise). Position 2: turn the key another click to the right (clockwise). This should be the last position before you crank the engine. To confirm that u are in this position, all your dash board warning signs will be displayed like a christmas tree decoration:becky: Position 3: Crank position if u turn the key one more click to the right (clockwise) but note that this position will automatically return to Position 2 once you release the pressure on the key. Reset ECU/TCU steps: 1) Make sure your car is stationary with the engine switched off and key out of the ignition and in your hand 2) sit in the driver seat 3) insert the key into position 0 4) turn the key 2 clicks clockwise to position 2 5) step on the accelerator pedal fully to the floor (until you activate the kickdown button at the end of the pedal travel) and hold for > 5 seconds. Don't need to be exact but I usually wait for about 10 seconds just to be safe.. 6) now with your right foot still fully depressing the accelerator pedal, turn your key counter-clockwise to position 0 and hold for >1 second. I usually hold for 3-5 seconds without any detriment to the effort. 7) now release your right foot from the accelerator. Your key should still be in the ignition hole at position 0. 8) Wait for about 4-6 minutes (the timing have been reported to varies across different models) 9) in the mean time do not touch anything electrical/buttons in the car as the ECU/TCU sort of "reboot". 10) when time is nearly up, listen for a single "tack"-sound coming somewhere from the steering column. That is indication that your reset is successful 11) now take out your key from the ignition hole and you are done. 12) if you want to drive off immediately, still must complete step (11) before re-inserting the key to start your car as usual.After reset, you will notice that your car holds the gear longer as you drive around. Some say drive around your usual style so that it will learn it and adjust to your style optimally. Some say drive it aggressively for 10Km so that it will learn the more aggressive driving shifting and your car will be more responsive. What ever it is....you can try both ways...it's free anyway:bounce:
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    This is how it looks like now. Gave it a fresh coat of paint by Miracleworkz!
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    Greeting across the border from JB. upgraded to 19 and i am loving it =)
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    Took the plunge and installed GLC63 body kit on my ride😁
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    No problems, every members enjoyed SGmercs outing. Friendly bunch of people and not to mention nice rides
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    Hi Bro Kin Thank you for bring down the SLK/SLC group down to join us at the MU on Friday! For new / current owners of SLK / SLC / SL , if you like to have dinner / meals / coffee / random tcss with the SLK/SLC/SL team, do reach out to me or Boss Kin (Impasto) with your details. cheers!
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    This thread is just for sharing items from Taobao that GLC owners have bought and proven will fit well for our local GLCs. China GLCs are LHD and ours are RHD. Of course comments on quality and fitment will be appeciated for benefit of owners keen to purchase and install.
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    After installing the GLC63 grille with the 2D star with black ring, decided that the 2D star with chrome ring still looks more merc. So did a quick 2 minute swap.
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    I had similar issue with my W205. Just like you I tried changed all the battery but in vain. I struggled for 3 days. Here is the trick.( saw how it was done ) Stand beside the driver's side door with your key. Press the door handle than open the door. For some unknown reason everything will be back to normal.
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    My new toy, double signal when open door & wind up windows when locked 20180815_140939.mp4 20180815_092942.mp4
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    Mercedes GLC250 Engine tune + Transmission tune (for up to 50% quicker shifts).
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    The pics of my AMG body-kitted car is here:
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    Thanks darksaint. Contacted goldenlink. Was quoted $105.
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    Hi CLA owners Since I started this thread in 2013, I have gone on to a C180 and recently the E200 - all in five years! I hope at you CLA fans are enjoying your cars. I had to give up my CLA after two years because the rear was getting too small!
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    Managed to find the part number for the updated B pillar trim that comes with the lip that prevents the seat belt from rubbing the trim. Bought at Goldenlink & got them installed in a car audio shop.
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    Thank you all for coming over to the MU. and the member who took this drone shot and quick tips on drone flying.
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    I just replaced my intake manifold with an oem unit. I will have the say the car is noticeably more powerful from standstill and at lower rpm (which is most of the time the rpm which I drive at) Because of the higher power I feel that i give less throttle input when requiring to accelerate or climb uphill. I'm looking at about 10L/100km consumption now. Down from 11.5-12L/100km I think it's worth it. Almost like a power upgrade.
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    Hi guys, the new shippment of SGMERC decals have arrived, i have the ready stock, please collect from me FREE_OF_CHARGE
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    PVC Screen sheet. Make the display look bigger, totally flat now. Fit nicely. From TB
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    Is yours w205? I thought 80ah Varta AGM battery size can't fit into the battery holder area. That's why I used back the exact spec as the original battery that came with the car. 70AH
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    So long ur new battery dun cause any other issue w the car. Cnc not so strict on that wear and tear item.
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    Merc using OEM varta AGM battery for start stop cars
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    Just replaced mine Varta 80A , $394. Can order directly with Varta SG
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    er guys, this is ang mob car and not jippon car. is like that one. (=
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    Harman Kardon Surround system successfully retrofitted in our workshop together with Comand Online NTG4.5:
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    It's likely only a sensor that's gone kaput. Cheap cheap. If you restart car and it's still not moving or jerky then you know you're in trouble. Happened to me on my previous jag and all it took was a $80 sensor to get it up again. Happy to recommend my mechanic if you haven't got a regular yet.
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    Hi! Heres my humble little W204 C180 Kompressor with 18" MB rims