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    Been obsessed in finding a solution to this common Mercedes bugbear since 2010 when I first had a C250. Some old timers would have read my thread that I wrote on juddering wipers. Even after changing to a CLA45....the problem still persisted. Went thru many threads on this topic in other Mercedes forums & have done many 'been there tried that' suggestions that were thrown up. I was in the AMG Private Lounge recently & saw some old threads on this topic (2014) when I read an inconspicuous 1 line post by a member. Apparently no one paid any attention to him as there was no follow up on his suggestion. He said that he applied 1 coat of Amour All Tyre Gel on his wipers and that solved his problem for good. I was skeptical, but WTH...I have a Amour All Gel sitting in my garage, why not give it a shot? Instead of 1 coat....I gave it 2 coats (typical kiasu S'porean) It really works! Immediately, the wipers were super smooth. After 3 downpours....it still sweeps smoothly. I have 2 other used sets of aftermarket wipers in my garage which were casted aside as they were juddering just as bad. Applied the gel on them also....voila! It works on them! Amazing solution....go try it! Pls don't ask whether other tyre gel works....you try it & update here. Sharing is caring.
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    Hi @vincentwee, I'm sorry that you saw my post as a long advertisement. In fact I have to say I'm a little bemused by your response. My objective of the post was to share with fellow members on the pros, cons and challenges between using piggybacks, loading and custom tuning ECU maps. (And any other hardware mods that could affect the ECU) Partly motivated as well cos I have heard many bros (and maybe sis) complaining about the issues they have faced with piggybacks and simply loading ECU maps from other workshops. Hence I thought it will be good to share my positive experience with Dynotechnica rather than having more peers to go through more painful experiences. I am not trying to convince but merely informing my peers here about tuning workshops. End of the day the decision lies with the car owner. As for your difficulties in understanding of my post, if it is too complicated, I can suggest you to ignore it or try to contact Benny @Dynotechnica to find out more about tuning. He has tuned more luxurious cars like Bentley and beast-mode cars like GTR before so I think a S300 should not be too big of an issue for him. (Best to check with him though.) And I'm pretty sure he will be able to explain much better than me since that's really more of his job than mine. Maybe it's not a question of how it will help a S300 but rather a question of how you want your S300's driving experience to be. I'm sorry again if this reply is too long for you. Perhaps it is in my nature to be longwinded.
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    Have scrap my Lexus GS300. Just took over a 2012 W212 E200CGI. As the previous guy didn't went back to C&C servicing. So i did my major servicing to play safe. I did the following replacement parts after taking over. All parts taken from stocklist. Original Merc Gear Oil X 10. $160 Original NGK Plugs X 4. $60 Original Engine Mounting X 2 $224 Original Gear Box Mounting X 1 $45 Original Gear Box Filter X 1 $35 Original Gear Box Gasket X 1 $13 Original Wipe Blade X 1 $65 Original Oil Filter X 1 $15 Original Cooler Piping X 1 $11 Coolant X 2 $19 OEM Air Filter X 1 $13 OEM Air Con Filter X 1 $21 OriginalFuel Filter With Float X 1 $380 OriginalFuel Filter Seal Ring X 1 $18 Mobil 1 0W40 Gold X 6 $108 Total part inclusive of GST: $1270 Share with you guys. Pls bear with the many photos. Parts bought from stocklist My mechanic starting to dismantle... New plugs Vs Old plugs Replacing with new plugs Air Box Old Air Filter New Air Filter See how dirty the air box is? Need to remove one of the cat to access to the engine mounting... Mounting at the right... Engine needs fresh oil. I used 1 new 4 litre turtle oil to flush my engine & away the old oil before i put the new mobil oil in. Drain away the old gear oil. Gear Box with old gear filter Gear box without filter New Gear Filter Car hoist up New Gear oil Gear oil must put into their pump to pump back into the gear box Changing the Wiper Taking out the Fuel pump & fuel filter. Then can replace with new fuel filter. Old Fuel filter I ask my mechanic to saw off the fuel filter to see how does it look inside. Now this is how it looks like after traveling 100k! See how dirty it gets? After replacing every parts, Did load test, plug in diagnosis testing to make sure everything is working fine. Total labor i was charge for doing all the above $340. (No GST) Total damage $1610.
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    Just got my new set of shoes
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    No point worrying about the fuel consumption. How much can it vary? Just drive and enjoy, no point feathering the pedal. Your biggest expense is the annual depreciation (plus insurance, road tax, parking, maintenance, etc) of about, say, $18'000 onwards, depending on which model you buy! That is about $1'500 per month. At $2/litre, that is 750 litres of petrol! Driving too slowly is detrimental to the engine too!
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    Dear fellow W205 owners, Just to keep you guys noted about my recent experience, with a terrible fuel leak. It started about 2 weeks back, that i notice the presence of fuel (by smell) almost each morning. As i had to rush daily to send the family to school and work.. i only could check after the end of the first commute. Opening up the hood, there is no more fuel smell, used torch to shine onto the undertray and its dry... so i left as it is. just over the weekend, since i had more time in the morning, i started the car, popped the hood and decided to check.... i started to smell the same fuel smell again... so started to shine my torch at the undertray.... i could see a puddle (which i initially tot it was water residue).... Just a min into the engine warming up, i start to see dripping! i immediately headed down to the workshop and have them check the car. Again, because the car has fully warmed up, there was no more leak! trays were just slightly wet and nearly dried up. Workshop then noticed the fuel stains around the high pressure fuel pump, and told me to leave the car overnight so they can check the next morning when the engine is cold again. True enough, they found the source of the leak. the factory clamp on the fuel return hose was not tight enough. After inspecting the hose, they said the hose was good, just the factory clamp wasnt tight enough. So they added another clamp and this fixed the fuel leak. I will monitor for the next few days to see if its really resolved. If you encounter the same issue where you cold start your car, and you smell presence of fuel, please do check for leaks, it can be as simple as checking if your undertray is wet or damp. I have checked that the a/c water drain will not drip at that same spot where the fuel leak is. I attached some pics to show you the leak, and the source of the fuel leak. As there is no modifications made to the fuel delivery of the car, i consider this a production defect from the factory. My car is purchased from PI, and even the PI told me this is not considered as wear and tear, and they will warrant the change of parts if needed. Hope this helps any bros, as fuel leak is a very highly dangerous situation we will want to avoid! IMG_3590.MOV
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    Hello Everyone, Well it's time to post again, as I just fixed another issue with the W245 2006/07 model. SRS failure warning message, Wipers (front & rear) not working & sunvisor vanity mirror light Failure Symptom: No power supply to the Wiper system circuit (fuse OK), SRS Failure Message on instrument panel, No light on Vanity mirror. SAM module not supplying power to the specific circuit on the fuse box. Fix: Replace faulty relay on the SAM unit. The relays for the fuse box and the wiper relays are on the SAM unit that link to Fuse box. The SAM unit (with relays) are located behind the glove compartment Locating the SAM Module: The SAM unit is in the footwell on the passenger side where your soles of your shoes are if you stretch your legs straight out. Remove the plastic grill at the top of the footwell, just under the glove box door. Secured by 2 torx screws towards the front and 2 clips at the back. Remove the wire to the light in the plastic grill. Remove the kick panel plastic left side just in front of the door. Pull back the carpet carefully as there is a lot of compressed foam glued to the carpet. Remove the relay plastic cover by gently pulling from the left side, and the cover will pop off Second from the left side relay (grey color) 4 pole is the faulty relay (A002 542 26 19) Tyco I bought a 70A replacement from an uncle shop at Alexandra Village (only shop open on a Sunday) near the food court as you drive out to Bukit Merah. $28 dollar - Cheaper than hundreds of $$$ Relay labeled "B" is the faulty relay (See Pics) Pole 87 goes to the right when you insert it, it only goes in one way so you cant get it wrong. Good Luck Desmo
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    After researching and reading forums, I've decided to give back to the community after finalling installing ceramic brake pads (ATE on W205) after the warning light/message came on. - they are not expensive - there is no squealing or screeching - lower brake dust have yet to observe as today is day 2 - it does not have the stress sound when half breaking - the braking power is similar to the stock brakes I read that ceramic pads are supposed to be quiter, produce less dust, last longer but wears your rotors faster. Also after the warning light comes on, the old pads still have about 7% left so don't listen to your mechanic to change pads until after the warning lights come on. I did servicing in Oct and they say must change must change and they lasted me four months without issues.
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    We know for sure that all mercedes benz vehicles undergo stringent quality checks in Germany manufacturing workshop. Next someone would need to drive the vehicles up to the Vehicle Trailers to transport to shipment. Another person would also need to drive it to the Vessel before sailing across from Germany to Singapore. Again there will be another person driving the new car from the Vessel to the Holding Bay at Singapore Port & so on and so forth till it reach Singapore C&C Collection Centers. I believe all types of car would go through this same mode. At C&C Collection Center, the C&C Technical Specialists would do another stringent checks within the center but what I understand nobody would test drive each of the new car to ensure it is in tip top condition before delivery to the client. One of the main reasons is that they do not want their staff to test drive the new car to prevent unpleasant incident. So, as clients collect their new cars, they will feedback to C&C any unacceptable quality challenge when one experience it during the course of driving and the reason for giving warranty coverage to iron out any issues. However, through our experience, we have wasted precious ample time & efforts sending our new cars in & out of C&C. As this is the premium car, we would expect nothing less but the best quality in handling over to clients. Wondering if anyone has any better suggestions to C&C to improve on its overall quality standard? My suggestion to the Sales Person is as follows:- 1) I would make myself available once the new car is at the C&C Collection Center & test drive it together with their technical specialist for probably some appropriate distance (5 to 10 km) so that any unwanted noise, unacceptable vibration, none working gadget etc that is physically detected would be rectify by C&C before delivery. 2) Spend sometime with the technical specialist to learn all the necessary controls, tips of maximizing the vehicle. 3) Spend time with the technical specialist to show what are the quality check items. Above suggestions is my own as I have engineering background & proficient in auditing protocols. Any other suggestions &/or thoughts please?
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    Hey jtang thank you so much and I even wanna kiss you! I had to register and say something. I live in LA and had exactly the most annoying wiper blades in my car! It was so embarrassed when my friends sitting in my car. How could a premium brand car's wiper blades made such noise! Of course I have seen every post relates to wiper blades on mbworld.org, and also few of the Chinese websites/forums to try to find a solution. As always, nothing really worked, until now! I am so glad I didn't give up searching and I've got lucky enough to see this post! Thank you so so much again jtang, this gel is like a magic. It just made the wiper blades smooth as hell! Jesus this is amazing, it is magic! My 4matic SUV is no more a vehicle that being afraid of the rain and snow! I love you, thank you haha! This solution should be told to all the MB owners all over the world! The wiper blades problem is pretty common in MB cars for sure.
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    Selling away my Original AMG RIM. 18 inch staggered set up for the fierce and beautiful look. PCD is 5x 112. From C 200 Amgline Selling away PS4 tyres too. Bought recently from Leong Seng. my Tyre set up is Front 225 /45/18 and rear 245/40/18. (Can verify from Leong Seng) In excellent condition. Just Respray one week ago to matt black. No accident, never kanaa pot hole. No kerb rash. Recently done sticker job to look nicer. Authentic Original Amg Rims with very new PS4 tyres and beautiful black merc Rim cap to go along with the Car. Text me at 81111002 to deal. Rim and tyres will be available a month later. Interested buyer can pay for balancing to test. Thanks! Selling away rims without Tyre at $1500. Negotiable for sincere buyer. Thanks Original selling at $4k plus Used selling at 3k plus. Looking at $2000. For rims and tyres together with sticker recently done. Low baller will be ignored! Thanks interested buyer can be arrange to view at my place. Car seldom drive. Only use to commute from house to shop of 650m daily. staggered set up look nice on Car and handle Car better too. With rear Tyre profile at 245 and front 225. It looks like Car been lowered and it really flush with the car. Excellent and beautiful rims with new tyres.
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    Hey Guys, Just finished "converting" to Nightish Edition 1. Black Gloss Diamond Grille 2. Side Mirror Cap Black 3. AMG Front Splitter Spoiler 4. AMG Side Skirts 5. AMG Rear Diffuser 6. AMG Side Flics 7. C43 Black Quad Tips 8. Matt Black Mercedes Wheel Cap (Non AMG) 9. Front Mercedes Black Badge (Non AMG) 10. Door Panels Gloss Black 11. Multispoke Rims Matt Black Greatly reduces the chrome factor and complements my Pano Roof, Wanted to share with you guys ...
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    Hi all W211 bros/Sis, Manage to kapok a rather complete set of technical literature on our W211 E class from MBWorld.org and would like to share with all here (for those who like DIY) hehe: I think it's quite comprehensive and some may not be relevant/applicable to our ride locally. Anyway, enjoy reading & DIY! W211 Engine wiring diagram.pdf W211 Brake system Bleeding Notes.pdf W202022 Ignition Staret Switch wiring diagram.pdf W211 Auxiliary Battery Relay Location.pdf W211 Remove Speaker cover up to 31.05.2004.pdf W211 Door Molding Front Removal.pdf W211 COMAND Wirig Diagram.pdf W211 Rear Seat cushion removal.pdf W211 SBC Brakes Bleeding.pdf W211 Air Mass sensor & hoses.pdf W211 Expansion Tank & Hoses.pdf W211 Compressor cooler & hoses.pdf W211 Trans. cooling lines.pdf W211 Engine Cable Harness.pdf W211 Engine Picture.pdf W211 Front Part.pdf W211 Compressor.pdf W211 Headlamp Unit Removal Installation 2.pdf W211 Front Bumper Removal Installation.pdf W211 Front Reinforcement Removal Installation.pdf W211 Headlamp Cleaning Unit Removal Installation.pdf W211 Radiator Parts.pdf W211 Gearbox Shift Rod Remove Install.pdf W211 Compressor (Turbo) Removal Install.pdf W211 Engine Wiring Harness Disconnect.pdf W211 Engine wiring diagram legend.pdf W211 Power Steering Removal Install.pdf W211 Remove Speakers on Dash.pdf W211 Condenser Removal Installation.pdf W211 Disconect Battery Negative Cable.pdf W211 Radiator removing Installing.pdf w211 Remove Dash Trim.pdf W211 Fenders Remove Install.pdf W211 Hood Catch Removal.pdf W211 COMAND Wirig Diagram Legend.pdf W211 Headlamp Unit Removal_Second.pdf W211 Fan Shroud Removal.pdf w211 FLUSH OUT OIL COOLER LINES AND OIL COOLER.AR 27.55-P-0001A.pdf W211 Comand Retrofitting NAVI from m.y 2003 with Audio 20 CC.pdf W211 Hood Adjustment.pdf W211 Retrofit COMAND with NAVI Harness.pdf W211 TV Tuner Digital Function Testpdf.pdf W211 General information on Chassis Aligment.pdf W211 Molding Long Side Removal Istallation.pdf W211 Retrofit Rear Video System_Wiring Harness.pdf W211 TV Tuner Digital Retrofiting 2.pdf W211 Retrofit Rear Video System.pdf W211 TV Tuner Digital Retrofiting.pdf W211 Sliding popup roof info.pdf W211 APS50 Retrofit Wiring harness.pdf W211 TV Tuner Analog Function.pdf W211 TV Tuner analog Location.pdf W211 TV Tuner Digital Retrofiting Harness 2.pdf W211 Cable Connections Engine Comp. Right.pdf W211 Door Molding Rear Removal.pdf W211 Under Glove Comp. Cover Removal.pdf W211 Ground Points Front Right.pdf W211 O2 Sensor Front Left.pdf W211 O2 Sensor Front Right.pdf W211 Tie Rod Check.pdf W211 Retrofit Trailer Coupling Notes.pdf W211 Power Steerin Radiator Removal Installation.pdf w211 Signaling & Vacuum Diagrams.pdf W211 GPS antenna Retofitting.pdf W211 Wiring Block Diagram Starter Alternator Battery.pdf W211 Headlamp Unit Removal Installation.pdf W211 Charcoal Filter Replacement.pdf W211 Propeller Shaft Check (Flexdisc).pdf W211 Conversion for AMG Bumper Rear.pdf W211 Rear Bumper Strip Removal.pdf W211 SBC Brakes Bleeding Main.pdf W211 Trunk Side Paneling Removal.pdf w211 SAM Drivers Side Wiring Diagram 2002 Legend.pdf W211 Wiring Diagram engine CAN BUS.pdf W211 APS50 Retrofit 1.pdf W211 APS50 Retrofit 2.pdf W211 Fiber Optical Cable Expanding.pdf W211 Ashtray remove.pdf W211 Trunk Center Cover Removal.pdf w211 Engine does not start.pdf W211 Taillamp Removal.pdf w211 Starter Removal.pdf W211 Retrofit Trailer Coupling Control Unit.pdf W211 Instrument Cluster Operation Information.pdf W211 Remove Speaker cover from 01.06.2004.pdf W211 Purge Control.pdf W211 SBC Brake Disable_Enable Without STARDiagnosis.pdf W211Front Brake Pads Removal installation.pdf W211 Comand Retrofitting NAVI with Audio 50 APS.pdf w211 bi-Xenon Lamp removal.pdf W211 Rear Brake Pads Remove install Check.pdf W211 Brake Warnings.pdf W211 Audio_Difference_Audio20_vs_BD0880.doc W211 E 500 Oil change.pdf MERCEDES_COMAND_UNLOCK_CODES_k_.pdf W211 Fuel filter replacement & Pump Removing.pdf
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    Like the tactile feel of the metallic finished steering buttons like those on the S class...swapped out the black plastic stock ones and replaced with these..$400 fr a pair.
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    Took the plunge and installed GLC63 body kit on my ride😁
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    Hahaha! Bosses wanted GLC cos she has driven Prado, Q5 & ML and feel good sitting atas and son wants easy loading for his bowling balls. How she wishes I've the budget for the new GLE....guess I've to work much harder It's Bosses ride as I get to drive only when I return home from Jakarta. Bosses eventually decided on an used 1 yr 8 mths old W213 (Thanks to 1st owner to absorb the very high depreciation costs) When I wanted to buy my car in Jakarta, Lady Boss contemplate between Mitsubishi Pajero Sport or Toyota Fortuner - each cost less than $10k more than our current COE. Boss decided for me to buy Fortuner so bosses get to sit whenever they come to Jakarta
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    Was looking at W213 also.. But getting in and out of a saloon is becoming a chore... And also both bosses liked the GLC.. Its a no brainer cos its their daily ride.. Not mine.. Another issue is W213 lousy overtrade.. 5k.. I got 17k for GLC.. Boss wants... Boss gets.. Coolie have to obey
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    Waa Ah Bui you still lurking in this forum around like me You lucky! CnC gave you high overtrade for your GLC. When I went back to my old SE for GLC250 quoted me $218K I said I don't want to take loans. Nabeh quoted me very poor overtrade ($2k on top of body value - OMV $59k -high spec with COMAND & Pano Roof & COE$65K ) Timing crank gear, turbo failure (mine leaked oil on to the alternator so alternator up lorry also), 60km engine and gearbox mountings are usual wear & tear for the W212. I did not spent $8k on Turbo but the bill was for $3k+ Mine had gearbox PCB failure & rear shock absorbers changed Wise men think alike We (my Wife & Son) wanted the GLC250 but when they saw & went inside an 1yr 8 mth old CnC W213 E250....chiatlak...but no regrets ....still cheaper than a new CnC GLC250 by nearly $30k if I traded in the W212. I was swept over by the W213 main features over the W212 - a. 1 long digital dashboard (2x 12.3" HD Display) with COMAND NTG5.5 (gotten free 2019 Maps update from CnC) b. Apple Carplay & Android Auto (Finally got Waze, Google Maps, Sportify, etc on the Infotainment Display) Goodbye to phone holder. c. 64 Colors Ambient Lighting (had been yearning to change the PFL W212 single color to FL 3 color ambient lighting) d. 360 deg camera (Helpful but warning tone can be annoying) e. Adaptive Braking Assist System (Some assurance not to rear ending or X Traffic bang people rides or pedestrians) f. Auto Parking Pilot (Much improvement) g. Fold down rear seats (CnC all along did not gave this option for C & E Class - finally they did)
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    I don't suggest you do the FL upgrade... I just traded in my 2012 W212 for GLC200... Reason being the Turbo is leaking and my guy told me it will be a min 8K (Just hoist up view) to easily 12K... not fixing it will have me filling 4 ltrs of engine oil every 3 weeks...BTW, my mileage is also very low..7ys only 100K km...Like @Kepiting1sg, I had plans to renew COE once it reaches 10 yrs. But the potential damage could easily reach 20-25K for future issues... Thus I decided to change ride, all thanks to CNC giving me a high overtrade for it. I think you can save up the moolah for future incidents like mine. Spending 8-13K for a already phased out look is not my choice. Just my 2¢ worth. In the end.. Your car.. Your money... Your choice... CHEERS
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    Greeting across the border from JB. upgraded to 19 and i am loving it =)
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    yes, all is good. been monitoring since March 4th, no fuel smell in engine bay. Had the car sitting for a whole week as well, restarted (no fuel smell)..... after a short drive, still no fuel smell... so all is good!
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    so here's the quick update after collecting my car. First attached pic with the fuel leak circled in red, is on the stock clamp. Unfortunately the vid file is too large to upload, but basically on startup, the hose immediately got wet and covered with leaking fuel. The issue is not from the hose but from the clamp which is not tight enough. So the workshop replaced this with the screw type clamp. fired up the car and no more leaks. simple fix and lucky to avoid any further issues like accidental fires... will continue to monitor for the coming days.... hopefully this is the end of this particular issue. *fingers crossed*
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    Hi admin & all merc owners.
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    This is how it looks like now. Gave it a fresh coat of paint by Miracleworkz!
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    Here is the Garmin SE Asia cards https://www.satnavishop.co.uk/2019-mercedes-benz-garmin-map-pilot-sat-nav-sd-card-southeast-asia-a2189063803-871-p.asp
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    No problems, every members enjoyed SGmercs outing. Friendly bunch of people and not to mention nice rides
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    Hi Bro Kin Thank you for bring down the SLK/SLC group down to join us at the MU on Friday! For new / current owners of SLK / SLC / SL , if you like to have dinner / meals / coffee / random tcss with the SLK/SLC/SL team, do reach out to me or Boss Kin (Impasto) with your details. cheers!
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    After installing the GLC63 grille with the 2D star with black ring, decided that the 2D star with chrome ring still looks more merc. So did a quick 2 minute swap.
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    My new toy, double signal when open door & wind up windows when locked 20180815_140939.mp4 20180815_092942.mp4
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    Thanks darksaint. Contacted goldenlink. Was quoted $105.
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    Full AMG kit $500 with swop of orignal. Super sprint exhaust (LTA approved) $500 with swop (sold) 18inch staggered AMG rims with front 225/40R18 conti sport contact 5 and rear 256/35R18 with Bridgestone RE050 RFT with at least 50% thread left $300 with swop any rims and tyre. Front 6pot rear 4pot AMG brake. $1000 with swop can be installed on CLK MKB piggy back for m271 engine. $500 Sprint booster for m271 suitable for CLK, C class w203,204. $200 Slk smart top module $300 Please contact me at 96889239 Eric. Thank you.
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    er guys, this is ang mob car and not jippon car. is like that one. (=
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    My Service A for my W205 c class at cnc was $505 after gst...was charged $30 more for request to use mobil 1 oil instead of shell helix..used 7 litres...forgot to ask them to not add the windshield solvent..could have saved $9. However lucky i check my repair sheet n bill..found 2 items supposedly under warranty but charged $29 which was to oil and adjust my bonnet coil spring due to alignment issue and got them to waive it..
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    Finally retrofitted the rear AC conversion for the W246. No more complaints from the rear passengers anymore.20190407_133043_1.mp4
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    Doc, Unker no more moolah! You sponsor me can? That time reborn, I want to be like you
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    So you mean just apply the gel on the wipers and it solve? This tire shine is actually to shine tire, right?
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    Just collected my ride two weeks ago and is loving the drive so far!
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    Congrats bro....enjoy the ride...
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    Replaced mine at Sin Ming Auto Center. ATE dust free pads. Unable to recall the shop name. I think is on the 4th floor. Try calling the owner James 92960289.
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    $480.00 original door handle, inclusive of installation, programming and spray painting work
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    Head unit found. Moderator kindly remove or close this thread. Thk u!!!
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    Manage to finallly found the fault.. It is to to cracks in the exhast system.. especially at the manifold header and down pipe connection and exhaust at the tail pipe area.. Alot of owners might hv neglected this and plse ask your mechanic to check for exhaust leaks n cracks that will affect your ride and power. The above can be resolved by simply re-welding the crack line. Hope this is useful.
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    Our workshop does ESL, we can provide discounted price for bros at sgmerc. Do let me know if we can be of any assistance.
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    Installed the Easy Pack Boot box which is essentially a collapsible plastic framed boot tray and can be opened up or closed whenever you need it. When not in use, the box can be folded up at the touch of a button. Capacity is up to 55litres with max loading of 10kg, You can order from any mercedes stockist and quote item number A2056800010. Paid about $331 including GST and can self install within 5 minutes as the mounting holes are already existing in our w205 boot, Just plug in and lock the locking mount lever and it's installed. CnC is selling about $590 .
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    Piggybacks generally intercepts signals received from engine sensors, modify them before passing them onto the ECU. It generally makes more power through increasing the turbo boost. So the parameters of adjustments are limited as compared to changing the fuel & ignition maps at various engine load (rpm range) to optimize (or lean out) the program on the ECU. So it is not surprise your ride will save more fuel yet gain more power after the ECU tune. Reason being ECU program done at factory need to cater to cars going into different locations (air temp and fuel type availability differs) and not to mention that each specific engine will produce different power and torque (smaller differentiation). Tuning fuel & ignition map on specific car (age and condition of engine matters) on dyno and road will be the best fit available against one size fits all analogy.
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    Above for sale. LTA approved exhaust. Fits all R171 SLK models. Bought from Jeep Chee. Sms me any reasonable offer for quick sale. 82004192 - Kelvin
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    I'm also FL W204.... Hmmm... maybe i should go back again. LOL.
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    Hi Guys, Selling my SLK200 and in the process of de-kitting. Piecha quad exhuast for $1500 or a reasonably comparable offer. Installed for less than 3 months, condition as new (receipt can be provided if needed). LTA approved with papers. Drop me a PM if interested. Cheers, have a good day!