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    This is a common issue among older cars as the rubber seals in the headlights are no longer tight. There are workshops that can help to open up the headlight and change the seal inside. I personally go to Tong Lee Wee at Lengkok Bahru but I believe that there are other workshops providing a similar service. The cost should be in the low hundreds.
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    The answer can easily be found on YouTube with step by step instructions. A bit hard to instruct you here. Basically, take out the metal key and push it into the side of the key hole and the back should pop out.
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    Ordered a set of AMG Line bodykit. Original. Unpainted. With diamond grille, front bumper, side skirt, rear, compatible with 360degree camera. Change in plans. Looking to let go. Pm pls
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    Thanks! will keep a look out. Congrats! Mine is Mojave Silver... hope this color will be suitable for Diamond Grill.
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    Look for our site sponsor Sonic Racing. I believe Steve can make your dream come true....he has various types of grilles including Diamond grille.
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    so here's the quick update after collecting my car. First attached pic with the fuel leak circled in red, is on the stock clamp. Unfortunately the vid file is too large to upload, but basically on startup, the hose immediately got wet and covered with leaking fuel. The issue is not from the hose but from the clamp which is not tight enough. So the workshop replaced this with the screw type clamp. fired up the car and no more leaks. simple fix and lucky to avoid any further issues like accidental fires... will continue to monitor for the coming days.... hopefully this is the end of this particular issue. *fingers crossed*