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    After reading the recent case of Porsche 911 and looking at the picture of the wrecked car and stuffs. And some of the comment given by the members in the local and foreign forum is WTF. The comment like, “he deserves to die coz he race!!” With this, I think I should share my worst car accident story. Hopefully by sharing to give some pointers and no intention to promote that speeding is alright etc. The comment here is solely my personal opinion. Here we go!! Yes we at times we do drive hard, simply is that we can’t do it in sillypore so is like letting the hair loose whenever we are in NS. As much as possible, we are not racing anyone just picking up high speed and just for the feel. We would do it only whenever there aren’t any others car on the road and safety is our priority too. But the perception to most people whenever there are accident occurred, people loves to portrait us that we are dangerous driver and deem as a “racer”. Are we a racer? If we are, then who are we racing with? This kind of conclusive comments is so common. Just like my boss and colleagues too, when I told them of my bad accident. First thing come out from the mouth is “you speeding rite!! Must be!! else you wouldn’t had the accident”!! Do compare the attachment pictures, do you guys see the same damage pattern. Porsche My ride I also gather information from the internet that on the fatal day of the porsche it is raining heavily, so is my accident. The downpour is so heavy till visibility is so bad you can’t view the front at all. Do you guys think we can still can race or drive at a high speed?? I think we got into the same situation but he is not lucky as I am. I got a chance to live to tell. Many would asked, “How could this happen? Speeding? Racing? Reckless driving?” I wouldn’t know the answer either after the accident and been wondering what happened too. Spoke to many so-called “expert” like street racer, mechanics etc none of them able to give me the right answer. Some even asked me did I turn my steering wheel? I am driving on a straight road leh. In my opinion, is the THE KILLER RAIN and tyres is the root cause of the accident due to aquaplaning. It is not the driver or the car or the mods etc. We loves to drive hard so why would we mods our car that cannot perform? Couple of thousands of dollars are spend so that the car can meets the minimum standard in driving hard. The mods are to ensure improves road holding, braking and able to corner at decent “fast” speed etc. So is not the case of “fail to plan, plan to fail” situation. On the day of accident, I m not going at “super fast” speed as the visibility in the front of the road is almost zero. The accident happen when I am about to pick up some speed, just when about to tap not even floor the accelerator, the car suddenly “floated” yes, FLOATED and swing to the left in a right angle position (90 degree, I m on the extreme right lane) hit the barrier then the car make a 360 degree turn and surge forward towards the opposite right side and hit the barrier. The impact is so great it’s make another 180 degree turn, the rear hit the barrier again then the car comes to a stop facing the road at the on-going direction. I was dead lucky because the car floated towards the barrier and not like the Porsche guy go straight into the barrier and got skewered. Plus my car hit the barrier and not drive into the ravine or trees when this happen. Both of my car front air bag activated only, the side and front windscreen didn’t coz the car goes straight and backward during the entire accident. My balls didn’t shrink nor do I see the white light. When its happen, I turn my head and look at my buddy coz I know is time to hand over our IC. In the end, I got only a small cut on the head and my buddy not even a scratch. Mercedes does save life!! Will I drive to NS again? Yes I will and done it couple of times after the accident. The feeling is not like before though, I will still drive “fast” but not when it is raining. In the past, I love to cheong especially when it is raining!!! Footnote. 1) Get a good quality set of tyres, don’t buy used or cheap tyres. Change tyres every year instead of thinking to save some money bla bla bla. Thinking buying a solid car that will help? Think again, is the tyres in contact with the road not your car. 2) If rains heavily, slow down or stop at the pits stop then go for coffee breaks. 3) Speeding do kills so is pedestrians crossing the road.
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    Dear SGMerc Forumers, This month marks the 7th year since the building blocks for SGMerc were put in place by our founder Kelvin Tan and a small group of like minded Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts. We are proud to remain the premier privately managed enthusiast portal for Mercedes-Benz owners in Singapore. The core administration team has largely remained the same with the addition of a fellow passionate enthusiast to continue our drive for greater success. Our main goal at SGMerc has always been about delivering the best available platform for online interaction so you can be assured that our success is also your success. We would also like to categorically state that recent distasteful and baseless rumours of SGMerc being sold for a 5-figure sum are absolutely false. SGMerc has and will always be a private community for enthusiasts to share information, meet new friends, and indulge in our passion of the Mercedes-Benz brand. SGMerc was setup to run as a forum, not a business. The site sponsors are around to help us defray the high cost required for running a website of our scale. Server, software and miscellaneous running costs are funded out of our own pockets.The administrators and moderators serve on a purely voluntary basis without remuneration, monetary or complementary. Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that SGMerc has no affiliation with any other Mercedes-Benz enthusiast club in Singapore. Although we strive to be the best community around, not all members will agree with the way we run the forums, or may have misunderstood our intentions. For that, we seek your understanding. We are always open to suggestions and feedback from our members. If you would like to chat with anyone of us, feel free to drop us a private message at anytime. Kelvin - keltanky Leon - g8crasher Alex - snsd555 Randy - 9339 TP - Cklasse Sincerely, SGMerc Team This post has been promoted to an article This post has been promoted to an article
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    Been obsessed in finding a solution to this common Mercedes bugbear since 2010 when I first had a C250. Some old timers would have read my thread that I wrote on juddering wipers. Even after changing to a CLA45....the problem still persisted. Went thru many threads on this topic in other Mercedes forums & have done many 'been there tried that' suggestions that were thrown up. I was in the AMG Private Lounge recently & saw some old threads on this topic (2014) when I read an inconspicuous 1 line post by a member. Apparently no one paid any attention to him as there was no follow up on his suggestion. He said that he applied 1 coat of Amour All Tyre Gel on his wipers and that solved his problem for good. I was skeptical, but WTH...I have a Amour All Gel sitting in my garage, why not give it a shot? Instead of 1 coat....I gave it 2 coats (typical kiasu S'porean) It really works! Immediately, the wipers were super smooth. After 3 downpours....it still sweeps smoothly. I have 2 other used sets of aftermarket wipers in my garage which were casted aside as they were juddering just as bad. Applied the gel on them also....voila! It works on them! Amazing solution....go try it! Pls don't ask whether other tyre gel works....you try it & update here. Sharing is caring.
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    Just wrapped my ride in frozen grey!
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    Hi Guys, I appreciate all the concern and advice from you guys. Just want to let off some steam only. Not worth wasting my time on this. I got better things to do. My contact and address is all over the internet. He can find me anytime he want. All I can say is its takes more than a keyboard to be a LP. Prove it to me and i will respect u. Some of us had been there, done that all in our teens. Now we are all here in this forum to make more friends and hope to see more of you guys around at meetups.
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    Thanks for viewing!!
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    Just took some high quality pics of my recent full body mod from C250 AMG Sport Coupe to full C63 AMG Coupe Wide Body.........Enjoy !
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    Have been very busy this week with my car. Started Monday at Benzline to collect my LTA friendly quad exhaust (NAP SportExhaust), thereafter getting my C63 front and rear bumper from our sponsor CarbonRevo. Many thumbs up to Lawrence, excellent service and highly recommended! After going back and forth to fit everything, here is the end results. ENJOY! Super satisfied!
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    Hi @vincentwee, I'm sorry that you saw my post as a long advertisement. In fact I have to say I'm a little bemused by your response. My objective of the post was to share with fellow members on the pros, cons and challenges between using piggybacks, loading and custom tuning ECU maps. (And any other hardware mods that could affect the ECU) Partly motivated as well cos I have heard many bros (and maybe sis) complaining about the issues they have faced with piggybacks and simply loading ECU maps from other workshops. Hence I thought it will be good to share my positive experience with Dynotechnica rather than having more peers to go through more painful experiences. I am not trying to convince but merely informing my peers here about tuning workshops. End of the day the decision lies with the car owner. As for your difficulties in understanding of my post, if it is too complicated, I can suggest you to ignore it or try to contact Benny @Dynotechnica to find out more about tuning. He has tuned more luxurious cars like Bentley and beast-mode cars like GTR before so I think a S300 should not be too big of an issue for him. (Best to check with him though.) And I'm pretty sure he will be able to explain much better than me since that's really more of his job than mine. Maybe it's not a question of how it will help a S300 but rather a question of how you want your S300's driving experience to be. I'm sorry again if this reply is too long for you. Perhaps it is in my nature to be longwinded.
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    SGMerc Public Statement Regarding Member "hpy090909" SGMerc reserves all rights and this statement is issued without prejudice. Full statement below after the Update(s). Update 1: 18/07, 240pm - We have communicated this matter with MyCarForum's (one of the forums that he went on a spamming spree) admins & mods and with supporting evidence, they have kindly understood our position and deleted his thread on MCF and will be watching "hpy090909" closely. We thank them for their kind understanding. Update 2: 18/07 316pm - "hpy090909" was banned previously in HardwareZone forums for spamming, insulting, and being a nuisance in the forums. He registered a new nickname "Ultrafire" which he is using to post on HWZ currently about this matter. This 2nd username - "Ultrafire" has also received infractions/warnings from the moderators for being a nuisance, hijacking forum threads, duplicate post, clone accounts, and more. You can see more via the link to HWZ located here. As HWZ moderator lyfeforce commented to "hpy090909": (can be seen here) Start: Background/Summary hpy090909 joined SGMerc in April 2016, having purchased a used 2007 Mercedes-Benz W204 C-Class. For the first couple of months, all was well and he participated frequently in the forums. The issue started on the 9th of July, when he faced an issue with "Workshop X", and came to the forums to share his experience with the members. The workshop in mention, happens to be an SGMerc sponsor. As per our practice of being open, transparent, and not taking sides, we allowed his posting as per normal. These postings that he made are still "live", publicly visible, and have not been deleted, hidden, or removed in any way, shape or form. We never delete bad reviews, comments, or posts about our site sponsors, never have, and never will. SGMerc is ultimately about an open sharing platform that benefits the members and encourages open discussions. If a site sponsor has done wrong, it will be out in the open for all to see. You can see hpy090909 posts against Workshop X here (in 2 different threads might i add) that are still "live": Link 1 Link 2 Things of course transpired from there and hpy090909 being disgruntle, decided to post on various local forums regarding another issue entirely. We ask that you look at this objectively and make your own findings and decisions from here. Thank you. Accusation #1: SGMerc is bias and takes side with the site sponsors and the site sponsors can do no wrong. All negative reviews will be deleted immediately!!! :angry face!!!: Answer #1: If that was the case, we would have deleted all negative reviews about our site sponsors the minute it is posted up. The fact that we have not deleted them, nor made any amendments to the posts, obviously shows otherwise. THE POSTS ARE STILL LIVE AND VALID. This issue aside, there have been other negative reviews against our site sponsors that are still around. hpy090909 was banned because of 1) starting flame wars with other members despite repeated warnings from the admins and mods 2) spamming the forums with MULTIPLE posts across DIFFERENT threads and forums, driving his personal agenda against Workshop X, 3) being a nuisance in general 4) he requested to be banned/deleted himself, not the decision of the admins or moderators It has NOTHING to do with his initial bad reviews about Workshop X. The negative reviews are STILL UP. Accusation #2: SGMerc can and will purposely read all your private messages. :spy mode 007: Answer #2: Yes, we *CAN* read your private messages. This is no secret. The admins of ALL forums can read your private messages. Whether it is MCF, HWZ, etc. However, we DO not do it, simply because what you discuss with other members have nothing to do with us. And on a board with close to 8,000 members, 220,000+ forum posts, why would we want to read YOUR messages? The admins and moderators all have full time jobs. In certain scenarios, such as this, "hpy090909" posted in a thread to the tune of "other members have PMed me stating they support me and that SGMerc admins/mods are bias!!! :angry exploding face:". Well, fortunately for us, as mentioned above, all forums come with the function to allow the administrators to view the inbox of members in case of lawsuits or in this case particularly, validate his claim. Guess what we found when we looked in "hpy090909's" inbox - NOTHING. Except him spamming other members further with his personal agenda against Workshop X. Evidence Fortunately for us, we did not delete the flaming/spam posts that "hpy090909" made over the last couple of weeks (including the PMs he sent to the admins/mods). They are merely hidden to the public/members but the mods/admins can still see them. If any SGMerc members, SGMerc site sponsors, or approved parties would like to see these postings for evidence, please use the contact form listed in our menu bar and we will provide them in due time. This has gone far enough and we will not be posting those publicly here to save "hpy090909" from further embarrassment. It has been proven that he is a liar, trouble-maker, and nuisance in general. That might probably be what got him banned from HardwareZone (HWZ) in the first place. HPY090909 Banned in HWZ His new thread in HWZ was made under a new account after his old account was banned, not sure if that is allowed? Maybe the HWZ mods can look into it. Conclusion We have on multiple occasions invited "hpy090909" to contact us directly to sort things out, both in the forum and through private message, which he declined. Workshop X, contacted us within 24 hours of his posting to try and rectify the issue, but "hpy090909" would have none of it. I believe we have done all we can. Thank you for reading. We will not be commenting any further on this matter. Best regards, SGMerc Admin & Moderating Team
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    Please note that all sponsors are vetted before they sign onto SGMerc as a site sponsor to ensure that they are a legitimate, proper businesses. You will also notice that all sponsors on SGMerc have a stellar reputation both here in the forums as well as locally. MBM is also one of the largest workshops in Singapore and service a wide range of vehicles. It is inevitable that on rare occasions, there will be lapses, mistakes, and customers being unsatisfied. However, to judge them base on a single isolated incident would not be fair, bearing in mind that might be thousands of other positive reviews that don't make it to the forum. Within 24 hours of your posting, the folks at MBM has contact the admin team asking for more information and potential ways to contact you. They have committed that they will investigate the incident and let us know further. I ask that you give them some time to look into the matter and get back to both you and us. MBM has been a SGMerc site sponsor for 3 years and in this time the number of complains are minimal (less than 3?). I think this speaks loads about their service and quality of work, seeing how they service probably thousands of vehicles every year. That being said, if there are excessive complains and/or a site sponsor is found to be of sub-par quality, the sponsor will be removed. I urge all to understand the full picture and story before making wild guesses. @hpy090909, if you want to discuss this further, please feel free to PM me. Thanks.
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    Long time since I logged into this forum, Singaporean staying in Taipei. I have owned this C63 for 2 years now, but it still gives me the thrills whenever I floor the pedal on S+ mode, as the locals will say "貼背的感覺!" Nevertheless some photos of my beloved C63 AMG on PUR 19" wheels Eurocharged v5 tune/ Eisenmann race exhausts/ PUR 19" on PSS tires Cheers!
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    Finally got it after a 2 month wait! Look out for the full detailed video and pics to come!
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    Quick update - C&C has agreed to change the instrument for free, after I banged the table at Daimler AG Germany. Like finally....
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    Actually I was keen when I saw the this on sale. But after retiegoosen's post, I wasn't anymore. I'm glad he highlighted the misrepresentation and I thank him for it. This is what the forum is for, sieve out the facts from the half-truths for the good of the broader community.
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    Got my new rims from our site sponsor Top93 yesterday. Was actually looking for the black 16 spoke AMG rims but nobody seems to have it in stock. Ended up with a 10 spoke design, super happy! Front 19" Rims with 6 Pot BBK Rear 19" Rims with 4 Pot BBK
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    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=770279279650528&l=8643212841092546258 Thanks WhiteMerc for filming and doing up the video!
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    Took the plunge & got them today. Awesome ride ....light weight wheels make the suspension less busy & car feels a lot lighter when taking off. Wheels weigh 8kg each only as they are forged. Offset 45 for frt & 50 for rear fits perfectly flushed to fenders.
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    In celebration of International Women’s Day, Robson Design Pte Ltd is giving away roses that you may give away to the important women in your life today. All SGMERC members are invited to come and collect from 10am to 6pm. No obligation. It’s FREE! Hurry, the roses are limited to 100 pcs and there is a maximum of 3 bouquet per customer. Happy International Women's Day!
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    Yesterday did my 30K km servicing at Pandan Loop! Part 1 Last year bought a $188 servicing package at Pandan Loop open house Yesterday did a full Service A + additional job of engine flush + additive = $79.02 Insisted on Mobile 1 instead of Shell Helix - No extra charge! Total cost $188 + $79.20 = $267.02 - Zero payment - all from service credits Sent car at 9.00am - collected at 4.30pm Today will do Part 2 Bought parts from Goldenlink and service to be done at AutoSprize - to be continue Bought along my service booklet to be filled by the SA for job done - chopped and signed by CnC SE Service booklet is usually not given when you buy a car from CnC but normally I will demand one. Customer rights mah! They will try to snook you by telling you that your service records are on-line - yes in their sever which you have no access. I will tell them the owner manual mention there's one and they must give me one! Service booklet duly filled chopped and signed! Part 2 to be continued:- 1. Change front & rear brake pads to ATE Ceramic pads + sensors 2. Change engine air filter 3. Change aircon air filter 4. Drain transmission oil and top up (not inclusive in service B ) 5. Transmission oil filter (not inclusive in Service B ) 6. Transmission oil pan gasket (not inclusive in Service B ) Now at AutoSpritze! Met Mark with Ah Boon - nice weather!
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    First to start with, On the 1st December 2012, There will be A Charity Car Wash @ ESSO ANG MO KIO AVE 8. Its organised by NTUC and ESSO with a Children Charity. (these kids are either orphans or too poor to study , etc). The Timings will be posted up soon. Hope to see a Convoy of SGMERC members going there to get their cars wash for charity sake. More details will be posted up soon. so please CONVOY there to get your car wash.
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    Have heard of a few recent cases from external workshops of some CGI cars facing early turbocharger failure. Still pending investigation but it is a timely reminder to all CGI owners to carry some spare engine oil in your boot in case you need to do a quick top up. Never assume or depend on whether the car is smart enough to tell you if the oil levels are low. Try to make a habit of checking your dipstick every few thousand kms. As the cars are run at high efficiency, the tendency for oil consumption is there. Turbocharger oil starvation is a result of low oil levels and is one of the main causes of failure. Try to service your vehicles regularly. If your vehicle is no longer under warranty, please ensure you use MB229.5 approved oils with High Temperature / High Shear resistance rating of at least 3.5 Drive safe.
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    Despite some questions and interests of Kleeman K1 and K2 on this forum, there aren't much 'mod report' out there. So I've decided to share my experience for the benefit of other bothers who might be interested. Had been researching power upgrade for quite some time now. Unlike for CGI, not much good/reputable options out there for the C180/200 Kompressor engine. Decided to go with Kleemann K1 and K2 after reading good reviews on them. There are no official Kleemann distributor in Singapore anymore. However, manage to secure some good lobang from a friend of mine in Europe. Brought the kits in myself and sourced locally for installer. I went to MBM for the K1 kit installation and Man Exhaust Works for the K2 installation. Not because I am endorsing them but because from reading old threads, they seems to be the go to guys for Kleemann products. It was the correct decision. They must have installed plenty of these kits before as they know exactly what they are doing. I ended up moding the car in 2 separate days, one for K1 and the other K2, and each time only 1/2 day was required. Price wise they are also reasonable. For C200K: K1 means pulley change, racing air filter, ECU piggyback, fuel regulator modification. K2 means swapping out existing OE header with kleemann header and cat. I had Fox quad exhaust installed previously. It already made some really decent bassy sound. For those bro who are looking for excellent quality quad exhaust on a W204, I would high recommend Fox. Matching the quad exhaust with the Kleeman header+cat was phenomenon. The bassy sound is now super bassy and the loudness grew by at least 50%. Down shifts now also ‘farts’. Can’t wipe the smile off my face every time I drove into CTE tunnel. LOL… Some picture to share: Kleemann header just installed Kleemann down pipe with catalytic converter viewed from under the car Header turn golden (used).. LOL… The K1 kit made the throttle feels far more responsive. The car now drives super smoothly all the way to 6000+ rpm with ease. Overall a very different car now with supposedly 230bhp and 320Nm. The Kleeman ECU drastically changed the way the car behaves. In Comfort mode, at normal cruising speed, the car rarely go over 1500rpm, yet you can feel the power underneeth about to explode if you just tap on the accelerator. The Comfort mode now feel like super sports and Sports mode feels like racing!! Unlike K1, K2 obviously won’t be LTA friendly. If scared, don’t mod right? Seriously, PM me if you want to discuss this aspect as I’ve done research on this as well. Haven’t get around to Dyno the car yet, but with the drastic change (for the better), Kleemann already won my approval hands down. Do I still care about the number? Maybe.. Maybe not..
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    Liking the interior. So different from my w204.
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    Good evening to all Merc Owners, et al I am new to the Mercedes community and just welcomed a W205 into my life. Was previously 'Piloting' a SAAB 9-3 AERO prior and it was a really reluctant sale. Formerly had 5 SAABs and was pretty much an all out SAAB fanatic. Sadly, the demise of SAAB meant that i had to look elsewhere to satisfy my turbocharge hunger. Sharing with you guys some of the photos of my former love and also the new found joy. The W205 really ticks all the right boxes and really does look the part with the AMG Line add ons. Got to say that it drives really sharp and tracks true. Only gripe perhaps is the transmission which i reckon could be a tad better. Will be keen as to join in the next meetup perhaps. Cheerio and see all of you around sometime soon. Enjoy the photos - I just shot this recently and gave me some time to really appreciate the fine lines and details on the W205. Absolutely brilliant engineering and detailing. Salut
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    Admin, I know it is tough to run a forum with member of this forum from all background. I support your action. In any forum, we forumer have to comply to the rules and guidelines. If we stray away from it, we are ourselves to be blame for been BANNED. To keep this forum going, sponsors are one good source of income. We cannot blame Sgmerc for featuring bad sponsors, can we? In the newspaper, there are lots and lots of fly-by-night advertisers. Do we go whacking the publisher for any failed deals? NO. So, Admin and Moderators, just do what is right for you, to keep this place health and clean. You have our support. I am new, but I an learning alot here. Thanks Admin
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    Darn happy today, new toy to play with in the car! I researched online and bought the Apple TV and all the necessary items such as video and power converters myself. Got my usual mechanic (Ah Boon fro AutoSpritze) to install the system for me today. Downtime was roughly 4hrs. Very useful for those who use Apple products and have an iTunes account. Don't need to install third party aftermarket GPS anymore, just mirror the GPS from the iPhone or iPad. iPhone, iPad, MacBook (AirPlay) mirroring!
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    Hi all, Good morning, i hv created a spreadsheet to share information from others about their individual good lobang so that we can save $$ to get the correct replacement with minimum cost. google account name :- mercsg2015@gmail.com Password :- Iwantmerc Please go there and share your lobang......so that other member can benefit in a long run.... Cheers.
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    Did a little touch up last week after contemplating for a long time.. No regrets.. http://s385.photobucket.com/user/andlee38/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image-6.jpg.html http://s385.photobucket.com/user/andlee38/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image-10.jpg.html http://s385.photobucket.com/user/andlee38/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image-9.jpg.html http://s385.photobucket.com/user/andlee38/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image-8.jpg.html http://s385.photobucket.com/user/andlee38/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image-11.jpg.html
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    Hi guys... Thanks for the great turn up!! Hope you all like the collage.
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    its a double edged sword. .. ive know some contractors who lost out to a job because they are not driving a presentable ride.... clients worry if you can live up to your billing. .. so sometimes I still believe it's a superficial world.... first impression is still very important. ..
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    My opinion is: 1. Side road to main road you didn't slow down or stop to check existing road conditions before turning into the main road. Maybe from your angle you could see clearly but that's just my observation. 2. You may judge that you had sufficient space before switching lane. Similarly the other driver may judge he had sufficient space to accelerate before you switched lane. Moral of the story is - live and let live. Each give a bit of way and practice some courtesy and you won't be here posting this thread. If you waited for the main road to clear before filtering out you'll be fine. If he allowed you to switch lane you'll be fine.
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    Just to share this. I've been using Armor All Wheel Protectant and I must say that I'm pretty satisfied. In general, it can keep my rims shinny for approx 4-6 weeks. But of course, it comes with care. Application Choose a day when I'm home most of the time. Make sure rims are super clean. Ensure it's DRY. Don't use any wheel(tyre) spray. It's gonna dirty your rims. Spray 3-4 coatings, over a interval of 1-2hours each. When you spray, make sure don't over-do it. It'll leave white residue. Just spray lightly. Treat it as you're spraying a paint on an object. During Washing If you'll need to wash your car at petrol kiosk, make sure you tell them don't touch your wheels. Don't spray, etc. Just to share. Hope it helps the bros here who's having issue with dirty rims! Here are some pics after 4 weeks of driving. Of course, in normal condition. Even after rain and shine. Last Saturday I saw this spray having promo at Yishun Shell. 20% off I think... $13ish per can.
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    Did it at Fong Kim today. Very happy with the outcome. I didn't want too loud a look (hence no quad pipes). The Mrs can't even tell the difference and couldn't understand what the fuss is about! I'm a happy man today! Now to go watch MIB3 and eat my free popcorn!!!
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    IIRC, W203 C180ML is the Elegance model while the C200 is the Avantgarde model - main diff - C200ML higher Hp, abt 1/2" lower suspension, memory seats. 2005 W203 is a face lift C Class which came toSg in May 2004. W211 E200ML is a bigger car in term of space and the same hp as the C200. E200ML also has both Elegance & Avantgarde models but hp is similar. Trims are diff. between E200ML Avantgarde & Elegant Models, which inlude the diff. in the number of slits in the grill, to lowered suspension and diff. wood trimmings. The face lift W211 came to Sg around Aug 2006 and replaced by the FL model E200K. W203, W204 & W211 share the same M271 1.8L engine which are also found in a big range of other MB models which include the SLK & CLK. They were earlier M271 engine is SC and currently the M271 engines are TC and found on current models like the FL W204 C200/C250, SLK & W212 E200/E250. With the exception is the current 1.6L C180 M270 engine. This M270 engine will be found in the coming 1.6L & 2.0L CLA, B Class and also the FL W212. The M270 will replace all the current M271 engines in the run up to the introduction of FL & new models.
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    After unsuccessfully trying to buy a set of original MB rims for my B klasse, I decided to spray paint and repair the damage from the last 3 years worth of kerb rashes. The person who did my rims is Yas 9171 9156. He operates at Bukit Panjang and does a fair bit of work for the VW/Audi community. The color I sprayed my rims is Gunmetal grey if you are wondering.Cheers!
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    "Is time to give back to the member"!! . Nothing much just a small token of appreciation from me & thanks everyone here for the support. Collection only during gtg or meeting for collection some stuffs from me. Please do understand i cant meet u just to collect the calendar cards . I have only 400 pcs to give out, I m sure is more than enough. Some of cards will be given out to non members. Hence, will require the "staffs" to share this load. Cheers Here is the design hope you guys like it.
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    A Citroen DS5 eh. A hatchback. It's eyecatching and visually stylistic. It looks sporty and streamlined, somewhat resembling a coupe - so I feel that the person driving this car pays attention to external appearences. My guess is that he's fairly fashion-forward. I'd assume that it's a guy maybe mid 30s) who is married, needs the car for practical reasons (transporting family/kids, cargo space), but still indulges in his need-for-speed with this car. Essentially a practical guy who is somewhat risk-taking. erm the second one, it's the scirroco right? correct me if im wrong, haha Based on the color of the car, I think the driver's somewhat flashy... slightly attention-seeking. On first impression I'd assume it's a young guy behind the wheels. He might play sports, too. Changes girlfriends regularly. the bmw. i've had a lot of bad encounters with bm drivers so I'm quite biased. I think the younger ones might be yuppies/rich kids who don't understand the value of money yet. the older ones are probably bigshots, have managerial positions, and are hot-tempered, aggressive and impatient. This man likes to live the high-life - he clubs, parties, and is status-conscious. Probably carries a vertu and wears a rolex. Drives like a prick sometimes Corolla - belongs to a genuine, down-to-earth, frugal and simple person. Is a family-man. Patient with people. Low-maintainence, not diffcult to please. Also he is a man with a plan, works hard. I would think it belongs to a budding professional man, eg a doctor - busy lifestyle, wants a low-maintainence but hardy car that is practical, but saving up on the sideline for his next car. disclaimer : just my two cents worth! it's all my personal opinion. my first impression and guesstimation of who drives what.
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    As long as I am tailgating you, you are slow and wrong to be in that lane, doesn't matter if you are doing 90 or 150 km/h. A lot of Singapore drivers do not know how to use expressway. I can't blame them because our expressway are simply not design to function like an autobahn. Anyway, I confess I am guilty, I am the devil that will tailgate and overtake from left on those who hog lane 1.
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    finally settled on autospritze
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    What do you guys think of my 19" WALD rims? ha.