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    No point worrying about the fuel consumption. How much can it vary? Just drive and enjoy, no point feathering the pedal. Your biggest expense is the annual depreciation (plus insurance, road tax, parking, maintenance, etc) of about, say, $18'000 onwards, depending on which model you buy! That is about $1'500 per month. At $2/litre, that is 750 litres of petrol! Driving too slowly is detrimental to the engine too!
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    Hi admin & all merc owners.
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    For sale c180 Amg line brakes. 4 piston. Used for 10k and 6 months original Mercedes rotors and pads. Asking $1000 Contact 9090 3808.
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    SC is not transferable. It’s tagged to the original owner of the vehicle.
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    cheap and "willing to wait" option as follow. - buy rear bumper (TAOBAO or Scrap Yard) + Quad pipes (taobao / aliexpress) - Mount one on the existing exhaust tip, Mount the other as fake. Fast and got enough budget option. - can go look at forum sponsor --> Fox exhaust. - probably cut another hole on your bumper or you can just buy from propelparts see if they have spares. regards
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    Must change the aircon filter. Likely not part of the chemical wash package.
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    Map update should be around $500 plus if no more warranty if not wrong by outside workshop. You may want to check w Elebest / sonic / benzline.
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    Cycle recently updated my W213 COMAND NTG5.5 S.E.A 2019 Ver 7 Maps for free. My car code 504 means 3 years free maps update!
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    Hi guys, to have a better accurate assessment to share your experience, please give more details 1) Car model, W204 / W205 (FL or Pre FL) C180 / C200 (cos W205 FL is 1.5 litre, mild hyrbid), very diff from W205 C200 2) any tune / zhng / modification done 3) tyres - what size (inch and width), aka, 225, 255 ? what brand 4) rims - stock or aftermarket - (what brand, cast, flow forming or forged) 5) driving style, light, normal, pedal to the metal? 6) driving conditions, city vs highway, % 7) petrol brand - Vpower Racing, shell 98 or SPC 95 if you can provide the above information, it will be very useful for future references ... reason for the long list of questions cos the above will affect FC, quite significantly