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    Is your battery & brake pads/rotors warranted by CnC? All these are wear & tear items and are not warranted by CnC unless your battery kaput in less than a year maybe. The recent servicing about, my car went in with ambient light revolving tweeters & air con "turbo grills" They didn't say they will revoke my warranty. If you go remap your car and engine or gear train go up lorry (not likely though) and CnC knows, then what do you think about your car warranty for your engine & gear box. Old saying "Mod Don't Scare! Scare Don't Mode" I've purchased quite a few rides from CnC and never before they wanted to revoke my warranties. I started with a new W203 C180 in 2003 from CnC I put on a full Lorinser Body Kit with Brabus Rims Changed the horrible looking Halogen lamps with Original Hella Xenon from Benzline Put on C230 Supercharger, All Kleemann Piggy Back, Air filter , bigger Fuel Pump, Extractor/Downpipe & Catalytic Converter with LTA approved Lorinser Exhaust (I got the TUV Certifications from Lorinser for LTA) - Work were done by MBM Sent the car in during the warranty period, no one in CnC ever say they will void my car warranty. A few times CEL (aka Check Engine Light) lan lan go back to MBM and definitely not CnC I guess I was young then doing what the folks here like to do i.e to squeeze more HP, Zhng their ride, etc
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    For sale c180 Amg line brakes. 4 piston. Used for 10k and 6 months original Mercedes rotors and pads. Asking $1000 Contact 9090 3808.
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    How much will it cost to replace one front passenger seat for a w212 pre-facelift? My front passenger seat is inflated till it is pushing against the side of the console.
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    Dear all, Genuine Original Used Staggered 19" //AMG Rims with Dunlop Tyres #W205 #C63AMG Brand New Condition of rims & tires for #Mercedes No Kerb Rashes 99% Tyre thread left RIMS Size: 8.5JX 19H2 - ET38 | 9.5J X 19H2 - ET56 Tyre Size: 245/35ZR19 | 265/35ZR19 Part number: A2054012000 | A2054011900 Made in Germany Ping us for more details & other W205 C63 AMG spare parts Whatsapp us +65 85198833 Call us: +65 6269 0215 Contact Persons: Chris / Karthick
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    d. Hang an ipad like what someone did in mbworld.org e. Pay premium to Dr Max
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    I changed mine before it reached this point, have someone check the lower control arms and sway bars
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    There's a SGMERC Telegram chat group Here's the link or you might want to contact Forum Moderator rickosw
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    Welcome to the forum & enjoy your stay here!
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    Sweeet... camping here for more variety of rims to come.
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    Dear all, 19" //AMG Genuine Original Used Rims with Continental Tyres #W176 #W156 #W246 #W212 #W204 Brand New Condition of rims & tires for #Mercedes #GLA No Kerb Rashes 99% Tyre thread left 8J X 19H2 - ET43.5 - 235/45ZR19 - A1564010700Tyre Made in Germany Ping us for more details & other W156 GLA45 AMG spare parts Whatsapp us +65 85198833 DID: +65 6269 0215 Contact Persons: Chris / Karthick
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    GLC63 sideskirt is also now available to complete the look:)
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    the mod is saying you should post some pictures of the rim you wanna sell here, so it can improve your chance of selling it as people can visual the look of the rim.
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    Dear members, having had serveral issues with the old server and software, we've decided to make the move up to a bigger and better server as well as a brand new forum software to cope with SGMerc's needs. Despite trying to migrate and save 100% of our data, we were unable to move the user accounts over. Looking on the bright side however, we were at least able to save the 100+k posts that we had on the old forums. Please register for a NEW account on this forum as we will not be trying to move the old accounts over anymore. You can register for a new account by clicking on the "Create Account" box on the top right hand corner of your screen. If you have any feedback and suggestions, please do let us know over at our feedback forum located here. Thank you for your understanding. Hope you like the new forums! SGMerc Admin Team
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    Not for only for styling but definitely for safety purpose, where can i get prova mirrors for W205?