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    Finally retrofitted the rear AC conversion for the W246. No more complaints from the rear passengers anymore.20190407_133043_1.mp4
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    Also ambient floor light
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    As in the owner manual - Every 15K km For my ride - 15K km or 1 year whichever come first
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    Can try our site sponsor Sonic http://www.sgmerc.com/forum/43-sonic-racing/ My W213 turbine air vent with ambient lighting
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    Congrats on your new ride! Welcome to the forum Cantom & enjoy your stay here!
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    EleBest Pte Ltd #04-19, WCEGA Plaza 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064 Please Whatsapp/call Max Yao +65 9733 5000 Email: [email protected]
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    Is your battery & brake pads/rotors warranted by CnC? All these are wear & tear items and are not warranted by CnC unless your battery kaput in less than a year maybe. The recent servicing about, my car went in with ambient light revolving tweeters & air con "turbo grills" They didn't say they will revoke my warranty. If you go remap your car and engine or gear train go up lorry (not likely though) and CnC knows, then what do you think about your car warranty for your engine & gear box. Old saying "Mod Don't Scare! Scare Don't Mode" I've purchased quite a few rides from CnC and never before they wanted to revoke my warranties. I started with a new W203 C180 in 2003 from CnC I put on a full Lorinser Body Kit with Brabus Rims Changed the horrible looking Halogen lamps with Original Hella Xenon from Benzline Put on C230 Supercharger, All Kleemann Piggy Back, Air filter , bigger Fuel Pump, Extractor/Downpipe & Catalytic Converter with LTA approved Lorinser Exhaust (I got the TUV Certifications from Lorinser for LTA) - Work were done by MBM Sent the car in during the warranty period, no one in CnC ever say they will void my car warranty. A few times CEL (aka Check Engine Light) lan lan go back to MBM and definitely not CnC I guess I was young then doing what the folks here like to do i.e to squeeze more HP, Zhng their ride, etc
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    hi Guys, Ive just got myself a 2010 ..E250 coupe....let me know if you guys wana meet up....
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    Mercedes Benz W205 ~AMG C63 Styling Kit with Panamericana GT Grille. ~Original M.B Face-lift LED Tail Lamp.
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    Oops! Reduce turbo lag 😁😁😁