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    Have scrap my Lexus GS300. Just took over a 2012 W212 E200CGI. As the previous guy didn't went back to C&C servicing. So i did my major servicing to play safe. I did the following replacement parts after taking over. All parts taken from stocklist. Original Merc Gear Oil X 10. $160 Original NGK Plugs X 4. $60 Original Engine Mounting X 2 $224 Original Gear Box Mounting X 1 $45 Original Gear Box Filter X 1 $35 Original Gear Box Gasket X 1 $13 Original Wipe Blade X 1 $65 Original Oil Filter X 1 $15 Original Cooler Piping X 1 $11 Coolant X 2 $19 OEM Air Filter X 1 $13 OEM Air Con Filter X 1 $21 OriginalFuel Filter With Float X 1 $380 OriginalFuel Filter Seal Ring X 1 $18 Mobil 1 0W40 Gold X 6 $108 Total part inclusive of GST: $1270 Share with you guys. Pls bear with the many photos. Parts bought from stocklist My mechanic starting to dismantle... New plugs Vs Old plugs Replacing with new plugs Air Box Old Air Filter New Air Filter See how dirty the air box is? Need to remove one of the cat to access to the engine mounting... Mounting at the right... Engine needs fresh oil. I used 1 new 4 litre turtle oil to flush my engine & away the old oil before i put the new mobil oil in. Drain away the old gear oil. Gear Box with old gear filter Gear box without filter New Gear Filter Car hoist up New Gear oil Gear oil must put into their pump to pump back into the gear box Changing the Wiper Taking out the Fuel pump & fuel filter. Then can replace with new fuel filter. Old Fuel filter I ask my mechanic to saw off the fuel filter to see how does it look inside. Now this is how it looks like after traveling 100k! See how dirty it gets? After replacing every parts, Did load test, plug in diagnosis testing to make sure everything is working fine. Total labor i was charge for doing all the above $340. (No GST) Total damage $1610.
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    This is how it looks like now. Gave it a fresh coat of paint by Miracleworkz!
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    Greeting across the border from JB. upgraded to 19 and i am loving it =)
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    er guys, this is ang mob car and not jippon car. is like that one. (=
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    The AMG badge is from taobao. The silver buttons are actually S Class buttons and gotten them from Benzline.
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    Your ICE looks nice and professionally done. Can share what have you done and how much? Also where? Thanks.
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    Nice. Maybe we should share more in march and see who will collect the car first.
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    hello all, i own a 2018 E300, the car for me to go to work and travel, thank you everyone
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    Hi, I am new here and will be collecting my new W213 ride in March. I asked my SE from CnC whether I can fix mobile TV and she will check for me. I am used to watch CNA during traffic jam in my Estima ride. Can anyone advise me on whether it is possible to fix mobile TV ? Thank you
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    Normally buy 4 pieces should be cheaper overall? For safety, best to change all.
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    Here is the Garmin SE Asia cards https://www.satnavishop.co.uk/2019-mercedes-benz-garmin-map-pilot-sat-nav-sd-card-southeast-asia-a2189063803-871-p.asp
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    There's a few local classic mb x'pert for u to check dat out? •Esso 30 Durearn Rd s309425 see mr Ho The moment u drive in ,u see whole lots of mercs of various Models in the courtyard,straight away,u noe u will b in safe hands. Dis fella not only see to yr pride & joy,he's also give u advice. The best thing abt ah Kheng(his other name)is he also do the repair,not everything is replaced. •Shell 150 Bukit Timah Rd,229846 Boss Richard owns two w124 and notice he dabs with a few classic as well but he dun talk much ,he usually troubleshoot & replace.he's the one I go to inspect my 124 prior to buying. Best 60 bucks I ever spend,jack it up,go thru the car & give it a spin as well.even list down the fault he pick up. Lucky there's only a few,mine 200E is in pretty good nick. •zen auto,heard its pretty good.i intend to check out all those shop.i loves to go workshop! •Kek seng auto parts and trading 50, Jalan Shahbandar 8, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, 81300 Skudai, Johor Heard a lot abt dis shop ,dey dismantle scrap mercs ,something like propel in Kranji but dey do repair & some tuning. Heard a few tweek from their tau chew(chief Mechanic) improve the fuel consumption considerably. Dis is NOT the usual mb shop dat ppl goes to but highly recommended for ppl in the noe. But of coarse u must LIKE propel fb,so dat u can b updated with the type of mercs dey are scrapping & u can liase with them on what part u Wan. As I mention in the veri beginning ppl here have not realli dabs into the classic scene yet. Its veri vibrant & dynamic,one thing u must not afraid, is to get yr fingernail dirty.
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    Hello Word from a friend, he went for the car maintenance service few weeks ago n was asked by the Service Advisor if he would like to purchase a extended warranty for 2 years since his ride is expiring soon next year (new car purchase 2016). Estimated Part warranty about $2300 Estimated Workman $1300 Any car owner purchase the extended warranty? Thanks
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    Have you guys solved your problem of vibration? Is your car due for servicing of the transmission? Just change your transmission oil and transmission filter, plus changed the engine mounting and the gearbox mounting, total 3 and your issue will be resolved. My car has the same problem for the past 6 months, and during that time, I changed nearly everything from spark plugs, throttle oil, fuel injection service and more but issue just couldn't be resolved. Fuel consumption increased by between 20-30% during this period. In the end, this last move resolved the problem. Monitoring the FC now. Hopefully, it will come back down by the same margin.
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    Our workshop does ESL, we can provide discounted price for bros at sgmerc. Do let me know if we can be of any assistance.
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    EleBest Pte Ltd#04-19, WCEGA Plaza1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064, Singapore Max Yao, +65-9733 5000elegps@gmail.com
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    I did my @ Elebest, close to 6k. Much different than stock but not worth the money.
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    Hi Just got mine W213 two weeks ago. Did some minor mods..looking to do more Mods Done Change Front Grills to Diamond Grills Spray original rims to glossy black Change side skirts to AMG side skirts Upgrade original sound systems Things to do Change door lock pins to silver Change Speakers grills to burmester grills