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    Dear fellow W205 owners, Just to keep you guys noted about my recent experience, with a terrible fuel leak. It started about 2 weeks back, that i notice the presence of fuel (by smell) almost each morning. As i had to rush daily to send the family to school and work.. i only could check after the end of the first commute. Opening up the hood, there is no more fuel smell, used torch to shine onto the undertray and its dry... so i left as it is. just over the weekend, since i had more time in the morning, i started the car, popped the hood and decided to check.... i started to smell the same fuel smell again... so started to shine my torch at the undertray.... i could see a puddle (which i initially tot it was water residue).... Just a min into the engine warming up, i start to see dripping! i immediately headed down to the workshop and have them check the car. Again, because the car has fully warmed up, there was no more leak! trays were just slightly wet and nearly dried up. Workshop then noticed the fuel stains around the high pressure fuel pump, and told me to leave the car overnight so they can check the next morning when the engine is cold again. True enough, they found the source of the leak. the factory clamp on the fuel return hose was not tight enough. After inspecting the hose, they said the hose was good, just the factory clamp wasnt tight enough. So they added another clamp and this fixed the fuel leak. I will monitor for the next few days to see if its really resolved. If you encounter the same issue where you cold start your car, and you smell presence of fuel, please do check for leaks, it can be as simple as checking if your undertray is wet or damp. I have checked that the a/c water drain will not drip at that same spot where the fuel leak is. I attached some pics to show you the leak, and the source of the fuel leak. As there is no modifications made to the fuel delivery of the car, i consider this a production defect from the factory. My car is purchased from PI, and even the PI told me this is not considered as wear and tear, and they will warrant the change of parts if needed. Hope this helps any bros, as fuel leak is a very highly dangerous situation we will want to avoid! IMG_3590.MOV
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    My FL C Koupe is delivered at the Alexander showroom last fri (3rd May 2019) ... i got the whole first floor delivery bay to myself... total exclusivity. Highly recommend my SE... top notch..
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    We know for sure that all mercedes benz vehicles undergo stringent quality checks in Germany manufacturing workshop. Next someone would need to drive the vehicles up to the Vehicle Trailers to transport to shipment. Another person would also need to drive it to the Vessel before sailing across from Germany to Singapore. Again there will be another person driving the new car from the Vessel to the Holding Bay at Singapore Port & so on and so forth till it reach Singapore C&C Collection Centers. I believe all types of car would go through this same mode. At C&C Collection Center, the C&C Technical Specialists would do another stringent checks within the center but what I understand nobody would test drive each of the new car to ensure it is in tip top condition before delivery to the client. One of the main reasons is that they do not want their staff to test drive the new car to prevent unpleasant incident. So, as clients collect their new cars, they will feedback to C&C any unacceptable quality challenge when one experience it during the course of driving and the reason for giving warranty coverage to iron out any issues. However, through our experience, we have wasted precious ample time & efforts sending our new cars in & out of C&C. As this is the premium car, we would expect nothing less but the best quality in handling over to clients. Wondering if anyone has any better suggestions to C&C to improve on its overall quality standard? My suggestion to the Sales Person is as follows:- 1) I would make myself available once the new car is at the C&C Collection Center & test drive it together with their technical specialist for probably some appropriate distance (5 to 10 km) so that any unwanted noise, unacceptable vibration, none working gadget etc that is physically detected would be rectify by C&C before delivery. 2) Spend sometime with the technical specialist to learn all the necessary controls, tips of maximizing the vehicle. 3) Spend time with the technical specialist to show what are the quality check items. Above suggestions is my own as I have engineering background & proficient in auditing protocols. Any other suggestions &/or thoughts please?

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