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    Hi guys, to have a better accurate assessment to share your experience, please give more details 1) Car model, W204 / W205 (FL or Pre FL) C180 / C200 (cos W205 FL is 1.5 litre, mild hyrbid), very diff from W205 C200 2) any tune / zhng / modification done 3) tyres - what size (inch and width), aka, 225, 255 ? what brand 4) rims - stock or aftermarket - (what brand, cast, flow forming or forged) 5) driving style, light, normal, pedal to the metal? 6) driving conditions, city vs highway, % 7) petrol brand - Vpower Racing, shell 98 or SPC 95 if you can provide the above information, it will be very useful for future references ... reason for the long list of questions cos the above will affect FC, quite significantly