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    Hello fellow bros, Just to drop some notes on my caliper cover little project. I guess all MB owners whom has the front caliper with "Mercedes Benz" logo on it suffers from deterioration after some time. Some would prefer to have stickers as replacement but unfortunately due to the heat and chemical attack, they fade away eventually. What I did was in 2 steps: 1. Remove the plate and sent for engraving at Queensway Shopping on the 3rd floor. They charged 30 bucks for a pair. (#03-36, look for Jia Rui) 2. Thereafter, sent to your favourite painter workshop for the painting & varnish. Hope you like it. Thanks!!!
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    But I would say it's one hell of a good washer. No joke kind. Haha. If got sell, I will wan to buy it. But not from c&c la. Haha