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    Merc bros, dekitting items for considerations ASAP cos car traded in by next wednesday! Items still on board, labour cost on you! Will post pictures soon, thanks for enquiring! (1) Sprint Booster c/w 2 adjustable mode *SOLD* (2) Strut Bar from Sonic *SOLD* (3) Exclusive motorsports piggyback from Benzline *SOLD* (4) Front bumper lip gloss black *SOLD* (5) K & N air filter for kompressor $20 *SOLD* (6) HID xenon headlight & white side light $80 (need to swap your yellow bulbs) N.A (7) 18" Bridgestone Turanza GR100 225/40/18 x 4 tyres (4 months old/used 10km/ need to swap yours) *SOLD* (8) Original Front brake disc/brake pad/ rear brake pad $300 (1 month old/need to swap yours) *SOLD* (9) Groovy shade rear windscreen only *SOLD* (10) Original mats black colour FOC Swap if purchase at least 3 items from me FCFS *SOLD* Thank you & do pm me for queries!
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    @jasonbwy bro I kerbed my amg gt rep rim quite bad and saw a good deal fr this set of amg rims so change..also admit hands itchy too.
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    Bro catfish....no need to go to such extreme. Try my method that I did for my previous ride W204 C250...it works pretty well, even when there's haze.