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    Just got my C180 stock rims done by Yas +65 9171 9156 (recommended by another member). Awesome job done at my mcsp in about 3-4hours. Really excellent workmanship.
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    Fella sgmerc members, Find this car decal unique and useful. Would like to share with you guys. If you interested, do let me know. I can help order and mail it to your home. Do PM me your name and address. Dimension 10 x 20cm. Price per piece $18. Front Back
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    Ever wish that your W211 seat could be more ergonomically designed? Now you can make that wish come true... with this pair of seat I am putting for sale. What's more, it ups the pleasure of driving and adds a touch of sportiness to your ride. The pair is by most standard in good condition - pictures attached say it all. Extremely rare and hard to come by, hurry PM me for price if you are keen. Cheers, Ken
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    1. S280L (13.8/100KM) 2. SLK200 (8.8/100KM) 3. C200 (10.5/100KM) Esso 8000 4. C180 1.6 7G-Tronic FL (9.8/100km) Carltax 98 5. C180 Coupe (11.4/100KM) on 19", Mostly city drive. 6. 300CE (13.2/100km) 7. C350 (15.3/100) before MT (13.5/100) after MT 8. CLC 180K coupe (9.5/100KM)
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    It's already post-apocalypse year 2013. Please give MBM a call than to wait for a reply here.
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    Yas did my calipers... he's very meticulous and patient. I like the end result and felt he charged quite fairly.