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    Actually it's quite easy to "see" if a tyre is going to be noisy. As a rule of a thumb, if it is high performance summer tyres, it will be noisier than general use tires. Also, examine the tyre thread patterns. The bigger the blocks, the better the traction but it will make more tyre noise. This is going to be very noisy! Little in the way to break up resonant frequencies. This might be more acceptable for roads but still going to generate loud tyre rumble. Smaller and more divide blocks, so less lightly to resonate. Even quieter. Nightmare! It will sound like the cookie monster is chewing through your rubber. Thick blocks acting like hammers striking the road. The softer the sidewall of the tyre, the less amount of road noise will be transmitted into the chassis. Performance tyres tend to have stiffer sidewalls. A lower profile tyre will also be noiser than high profile tyre. Stretched tyres (rim wider than tyres) will be noisier than a properly seated or squeezed tyres.
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    Hi bro, there are basically 2 types of tyres in the market, one is the performance tyres and the other is the eco/quiet types. Those that you have listed belongs to the performance type: good grip, great performance in dry and wet, improved handling, etc. However you will suffer from higher road noise, faster wear rate, more rolling resistance, etc. On the other hand, eco/quiet tyres are quiet, comfortable, long lasting, fuel efficient; but they suffer from not as good grip and handling compared to performance tyres. This has to be expected as you cant have the best of both worlds. Thus to answer your question, if you are only concerned with road noise, please ignore all the tyres listed above as they are all performance tyres. Even the so-called quiet performance tyres are noiser than your average eco/quiet tyres. As to which brand/type is better, please ask your friendly tyre shop uncle as I have not tried these eco/quiet tyres before. However a quick search online and I have some recommendations for you: - Yokohama Advan dB - Michelin Premacy LC - Continental Eco Contact Good luck and please change asap as 10% thread left sounds dangerous.
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    Hi guys, I'm reviving this GB.... http://www.sgmerc.com/topic/10830-remote-control-mercedes-sl65-ride-on-cars-for-kids-cancelled/?hl=%2Bremote+%2Bcontrol+%2Bcar previously organised by Lawrence. Understand that previously there is insufficient quantity to bring in... and some members are interested to buy... so thought maybe do a little favour for you guys who is still interested! I happened to have a chat with my overseas friend and he is able to bring in for me without minimum order. As such, I'm reviving this thread again. Hope Bro Lawrence don't mind..... Some basic information as follows: Design: Mercedes SL65 Colour: Black Control Range: 30 - 40meter Running Time: 1.5 - 2 Hours Wheel Dia: 30cm Dimension: 123 x 63 x 53 Price: S$280.00 Deposit: S$150.00.... balance payment upon collection of your SL65 Shipment is about 3 weeks I will close this GB by 12 Dec 2012 You can PM me or list your name on this thread to place your order... fyi, I am not into this business hor... Kam Sia for reading Jon
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    thanks for your compliments. i had always been fascinated by the beauty of the sun, be it sunrise or sunset. it portray the beginning and ending of a day, i wanted to capture moments which shows mood of people who goes thru dat particular day within the sun rise and sun set period... hehehhe juz a thought.. hope you guys dun laugh at me...
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    Godiva chocolate gift boxes are a fantastic option for the chocolate lovers in your life View the full article
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    Enjoyed it thoroughly eventhough it was only a short 15mins ride home just now. Can feel the difference immediately and was told it will get better in 2-3 days time. Thanks for the recommendation...service was execellent as well.
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    bro, number plate 555? want to sell plate only?
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    whahahahahahahahahaa....finally you can relinquish "Ai Mod Mai" title liao