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    Hey Guys, Just finished "converting" to Nightish Edition 1. Black Gloss Diamond Grille 2. Side Mirror Cap Black 3. AMG Front Splitter Spoiler 4. AMG Side Skirts 5. AMG Rear Diffuser 6. AMG Side Flics 7. C43 Black Quad Tips 8. Matt Black Mercedes Wheel Cap (Non AMG) 9. Front Mercedes Black Badge (Non AMG) 10. Door Panels Gloss Black 11. Multispoke Rims Matt Black Greatly reduces the chrome factor and complements my Pano Roof, Wanted to share with you guys ...
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    Hahaha! Bosses wanted GLC cos she has driven Prado, Q5 & ML and feel good sitting atas and son wants easy loading for his bowling balls. How she wishes I've the budget for the new GLE....guess I've to work much harder It's Bosses ride as I get to drive only when I return home from Jakarta. Bosses eventually decided on an used 1 yr 8 mths old W213 (Thanks to 1st owner to absorb the very high depreciation costs) When I wanted to buy my car in Jakarta, Lady Boss contemplate between Mitsubishi Pajero Sport or Toyota Fortuner - each cost less than $10k more than our current COE. Boss decided for me to buy Fortuner so bosses get to sit whenever they come to Jakarta
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    Was looking at W213 also.. But getting in and out of a saloon is becoming a chore... And also both bosses liked the GLC.. Its a no brainer cos its their daily ride.. Not mine.. Another issue is W213 lousy overtrade.. 5k.. I got 17k for GLC.. Boss wants... Boss gets.. Coolie have to obey
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    Waa Ah Bui you still lurking in this forum around like me You lucky! CnC gave you high overtrade for your GLC. When I went back to my old SE for GLC250 quoted me $218K I said I don't want to take loans. Nabeh quoted me very poor overtrade ($2k on top of body value - OMV $59k -high spec with COMAND & Pano Roof & COE$65K ) Timing crank gear, turbo failure (mine leaked oil on to the alternator so alternator up lorry also), 60km engine and gearbox mountings are usual wear & tear for the W212. I did not spent $8k on Turbo but the bill was for $3k+ Mine had gearbox PCB failure & rear shock absorbers changed Wise men think alike We (my Wife & Son) wanted the GLC250 but when they saw & went inside an 1yr 8 mth old CnC W213 E250....chiatlak...but no regrets ....still cheaper than a new CnC GLC250 by nearly $30k if I traded in the W212. I was swept over by the W213 main features over the W212 - a. 1 long digital dashboard (2x 12.3" HD Display) with COMAND NTG5.5 (gotten free 2019 Maps update from CnC) b. Apple Carplay & Android Auto (Finally got Waze, Google Maps, Sportify, etc on the Infotainment Display) Goodbye to phone holder. c. 64 Colors Ambient Lighting (had been yearning to change the PFL W212 single color to FL 3 color ambient lighting) d. 360 deg camera (Helpful but warning tone can be annoying) e. Adaptive Braking Assist System (Some assurance not to rear ending or X Traffic bang people rides or pedestrians) f. Auto Parking Pilot (Much improvement) g. Fold down rear seats (CnC all along did not gave this option for C & E Class - finally they did)
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    I don't suggest you do the FL upgrade... I just traded in my 2012 W212 for GLC200... Reason being the Turbo is leaking and my guy told me it will be a min 8K (Just hoist up view) to easily 12K... not fixing it will have me filling 4 ltrs of engine oil every 3 weeks...BTW, my mileage is also very low..7ys only 100K km...Like @Kepiting1sg, I had plans to renew COE once it reaches 10 yrs. But the potential damage could easily reach 20-25K for future issues... Thus I decided to change ride, all thanks to CNC giving me a high overtrade for it. I think you can save up the moolah for future incidents like mine. Spending 8-13K for a already phased out look is not my choice. Just my 2ยข worth. In the end.. Your car.. Your money... Your choice... CHEERS
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    My Service A for my W205 c class at cnc was $505 after gst...was charged $30 more for request to use mobil 1 oil instead of shell helix..used 7 litres...forgot to ask them to not add the windshield solvent..could have saved $9. However lucky i check my repair sheet n bill..found 2 items supposedly under warranty but charged $29 which was to oil and adjust my bonnet coil spring due to alignment issue and got them to waive it..
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    Welcome to the forum & enjoy your stay here!
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    Sweeet... camping here for more variety of rims to come.
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    the mod is saying you should post some pictures of the rim you wanna sell here, so it can improve your chance of selling it as people can visual the look of the rim.
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    Renew COE $40k Forgo Rebate $25k Servicing & Maintenance $20k (future) Total $85k Net difference $15k for the Audi Q2
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    I sold my late 2011 PFL W212 with 7-Gtronics CnC unit with Panoramic Roof & Original COMAND HU I guess yours probably the older W212 PFL with 5 speed auto. My initial plan was to renew COE comes 2021 but my PFL W212 mileage was pretty high at 190K+ km. Had also spent >$10k in repairs (Timing Crank Gear, Gearbox PCBA, Turbo, Alternator, etc) If I had keep that ride, I would not want to do the mods to FL. My advice is to save the moolah for future maintenance & repairs but it's your own decision to spend >$8k for external looks.
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    Welcome back Propel! Send my regards to your big boss Steven Gooi
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    Hey all, I'm selling goodyear tyres at competitive pricing. Models included are eagle f1 series/efficientgrip/efficientgrip performance/excellence/NCT5/sports/Eagle LS-2. Run on flat models also available. Giving a promo code for the community if anyone's interested. https://www.amtyre.com
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    After watching Mr JWW, i found out more hidden voice commands that you can use inside your W205FL below are two clips - do share if your found out any new ones
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    one of my all time fav Youtube Reviewers
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    so what tyres are u using on your W205 FL ?
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    Just took delivery of a FL W205. Loving every minute of it but this drinks heavily. Lol..
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    Thank you Bro DarkSaint, this is definitely one of the better Youtube reviewers, worth watching he did ask the most important question which nobody bother to ask - KNN even Daimler dun know the answer do switch on the English Translation :-P
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    Installed the Easy Pack Boot box which is essentially a collapsible plastic framed boot tray and can be opened up or closed whenever you need it. When not in use, the box can be folded up at the touch of a button. Capacity is up to 55litres with max loading of 10kg, You can order from any mercedes stockist and quote item number A2056800010. Paid about $331 including GST and can self install within 5 minutes as the mounting holes are already existing in our w205 boot, Just plug in and lock the locking mount lever and it's installed. CnC is selling about $590 .
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    Not for only for styling but definitely for safety purpose, where can i get prova mirrors for W205?
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    That is good...cheaper lobang always welcome...ok lah.got good discounts and foc troubleshooting from them...more than make up the $20 plus extra...Is yrs with the velcro strip at the bottom? Ok gd for you! Cheers
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    Got a few bros ask me about my other mods fr W205 so posting my modest mods here.. 1) AMG door pin 2) AMG accelerator and brake pedals 3) Sprintbooster 4) Mercedes illuminated LED star 5) customised driver knee pad 6) Brabus rear sports diffuser with quad tips 7) Brabus nameplate 8) Burmester mid bass door speakers 9) Burmester brushed metal speaker covers 10) Open pore black ash wood door insert panels 11) Silver steering buttons 12) Brabus rear sports spoiler 13) coolnlite Premium CNL25/63 green window tint 14) Replica AMG GT 18" rims