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    It's been a while since I updated the forum on the mods done. Did a modified night package vinyl stickers with matt black stickers for the window frames, roof rails. CF effect stickers for the wing mirrors, front and rear bumper chrome strips, foglamp area vent strips. Removed all the emblems from the rear except for the star. 20" Stance rims in brushed titanium finish staggered. Changed my diamond grille to the GLC 63 style vertical grille.
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    I had similar issue with my W205. Just like you I tried changed all the battery but in vain. I struggled for 3 days. Here is the trick.( saw how it was done ) Stand beside the driver's side door with your key. Press the door handle than open the door. For some unknown reason everything will be back to normal.
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    My usual is chip soon from Tampines,many chaps 're from C&C Dats where I found out 7g tronic mb atf got 2 types blue & red ! Call & make an appointment,can b crowded@times. Read from many comments dat dey 're pricey well,dun realli compare prices & I dun realli go w/shop every month! But the paint shop ,think 4 shop before them is good,bloody good,anwae its recommended by cs. Dey got their paint mixing machine & the first time I visited them,dey takes 1 day to mix my paint cos my pre own w212 was spray before & the shades 're a bit different . Another shop dat I recommend is in Bukit Merah ,READY auto or something,not realli a merks specialist but many mb goes there. dis one I check with the boss,can bring our own parts but the labour charges is different! Got some promo now,3 service package(no deposit) 1st one $50 discount from bill,2nd one,pay normal,3rd one FREE,zilch,0 ! Pretty good,the only shop I noe who can REPAIRED the s class air shock with some Kit. Recently I decided to change to ATE ceramic pad after doing the research for a Long Long time,well,I'm happi. Guess dats a topic for another day. I always like to try out workshop,my Wife always say u waste money like dat. Tmrw,I'm trying out another . I'm doing a walnut blasting ,see how it goes. Ciao
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    PVC Screen sheet. Make the display look bigger, totally flat now. Fit nicely. From TB
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    After installing the GLC63 grille with the 2D star with black ring, decided that the 2D star with chrome ring still looks more merc. So did a quick 2 minute swap.
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    Call Vincent 96185133. He did mine. He got the scanner and diagnostic kit.
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    For owners with free tire patching for first 3 years, do go to the C&C Tire Service (no prior appointment needed) to check the tires regularly even if nothing seems wrong. 2 months ago, before my freebies expired, I already noticed 1 of the tires losing pressure more than others. While doing a grooming service, I specifically told C&C Alexandra to help me check the tires & reported my tire issue. They returned the car without mentioning any issues with tire losing pressure but charged me for tire rotation which I earlier agreed. The problem tire was switched to the rear right. Today, my front tire got a puncture from screw leading to pressure loss. When at the Pandan Loop Tire service, we found 2 other nails in the 2 rear tires. These were also removed and tires patched. The cost is small, just $10 per patch. There is no way to prove the other 2 nails were already there 2 months ago, but it is likely bcos the pressure loss in the same tire had persisted even after last tire rotation. Just for awareness, and don't assume C&C will do the checks as requested. For tire check, be there physically and it takes less than 10 minutes.
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    Received yr pm thanks but shouldn't all dis b communicated openly,I always loves to explore wshop around zen auto here I come. cheers
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    Hi, im selling off used original SSR gtx01 rims with ad08r tyre, dekitted from A45. condition perfect, 9/10 with no rashes or anything. tyre about 70-80% left specs of the rim as per attached pic. 19x8.5j, offset 45 looking at around $1000 for all 4 with tyres contact 83155905 for fast deal.
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    Hi all Mercedes Lover, We are local Singapore seller which selling Mercedes A class and C class car boot tray. We do have ex-stock and provide local delivery. Please see the attached link. https://www.qoo10.sg/item/LAMIPAK-CAR-ACCESSORIES-BOOT-TRAY-BOOT-LINER-CARGO-MAT-TRUCK-MAT-KIA/612383768?banner_no=1305330 We promised to serve the best for our customer.
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    My new toy, double signal when open door & wind up windows when locked 20180815_140939.mp4 20180815_092942.mp4
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    It have been awhile, added illuminated star and plasticdip my black ass
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    @Prestigious thanks for the input. noted with thanks.
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    Travelled 30-40km only. I was on coilover since then. w204 Avantgarde stock suspension included all 4 springs, absorbers, mount, stabiliser links self collection at jurong only stored for 1.5years. In good condition , clearing store. Quick flash sale for $150. Whatsapp 9 855 62 eight three as I don't check this forum often. Thanks
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    Finally....c&c managed to nail down the issue to a faulty steering wheel and have it replaced. So far so good and been a while since I have a smooth turn. Hope no more issues for my new ride.
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    try to reset transmission http://www.mercedesmedic.com/reset-mercedes-benz-transmission-procedure-instructions/
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    19" Rim for sales or trade - 112 x 5, 19x8.5, offset 32 currently on 245/40/19 front and 275/35/19 back Very minor rash on one rim only Straight sales at 700 bucks or trade with 19" rim only contact nine zero one one 6321 - PinkyYan for more photos and details
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    Mercedes CLA180 Monster Tuned. Previously tuned by a JDM specialist, the car measured a whopping 209HP & 353NM with a stage 1 tune; stock 1.6L engine and stock sized turbocharger (measured on a very basic dyno). We did a fresh measurement on our AWD Dyno with road load simulation and the car measured only about 147HP & 260NM. Through careful calibration, we managed to retune the car to a healthy (and more realistic) 164HP & 288NM.
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    碳纤维点火装饰圈 & 碳纤维大灯开关饰贴
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    Yes! I go there for my servicing & repairs
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    Dear ALL, we have received complaints & feedbacks recently that some customers are unable to get LTA Approval after purchasing their FOX Exhaust Systems. We decided to probe into such cases & realised that some are actually imitations purchased from NON Authorised Dealers!!!! Kindly note that we will not be able to assist such issues & cases. Therefore, be sure to purchase your FOX Exhaust Systems directly from us or our official dealers!!! =) BMS Motorsports Pte Ltd is the Official Distributor of FOX Exhaust System in Asia & Singapore. Thank you for the attention
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    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10152593263809727&id=80712339726 Wow!
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    yapz yapz!!! this Alvin guy is very steady! can or cannot he tell u straight... little bit of query he also will take and answer one... i went down to him before but his laptop not able to tune my c200... he suggested piggyback but he also said piggybacks have its own limits... then i told him i not gian in piggybacks but after that i still ask him lotsa question and he still take them! very swee and steady a person! anyway, which brings me back... any bros did any tuning which improves the fc one? my fc is abt 7.69km/l for 50% city and 50%highway... i have always thot it shd be better one... 350km and i have to refuel... petrol kiosk is like my 2nd home! wahaha!