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    Darn happy today, new toy to play with in the car! I researched online and bought the Apple TV and all the necessary items such as video and power converters myself. Got my usual mechanic (Ah Boon fro AutoSpritze) to install the system for me today. Downtime was roughly 4hrs. Very useful for those who use Apple products and have an iTunes account. Don't need to install third party aftermarket GPS anymore, just mirror the GPS from the iPhone or iPad. iPhone, iPad, MacBook (AirPlay) mirroring!
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    Hi all, Just wanna share and not sure if any of you here experience this in your GLC. Had my GLC for 9 months already. Approx 3mths into driving it, i start getting knocking sound coming from the rear. Couldnt ascertain what caused it. Brought it down to the dealer to have them check but couldnt find anything. (i though it was something loose within the suspension system) It happens when going over uneven roads (which cause your car to flex). most often and obvious when you approach a slope (up or down) at an angle. Funny thing was, it only happens while driving low speed + flexing. Cruising around over uneven roads was ok. Got so irritated with the noise, i started my own little investigation. 1. Removed everything i had in the trunk - Just to make sure it wasnt something i put in the trunk that is hitting something. 2. Rear seat belt buckle knocking against the plastic panels - secured the buckles before driving. the sound was still there. 3. Rear trunk had loose panels - Hard to replicate but i tried shaking some of the panels to see if it makes the same sound. nothing. 4. Rear trunk roller cover (or whatever you call it) - removed the whole roller cover thing and drive around. Sound was still there. 5. Rear folding seats - folded all seats down and drove to the exact same location that caused the sound every time i drove past. sound was GONE!! Repeated it a few times just to confirm. I was more or less convinced that it was the rear seat latch hitting each other when the car flexes. Solution: i used electrical tape to wrap the latch. This caused the rear seat to be latch much tighter in place. Had a test drive for a few days. The irritating sound never came back!! There are definitely some rattling/knocking noise within the cabin which are inevitable. But this was just too loud and way beyond my acceptable threshold. For those that have the same irritating noise/sound, you may want to give it a try. Cheers!
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    Sharing my joy of finally collected my ride after a long 8 month wait!
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    Hey iMac I spoke to mr brown of c&c. Very receptive guy. Genuinely wants to help. So he spoke to LTA today and was told that my merc must be certified safe as per MANUFACTURING standards. What the fish! If only LTA can accept that my merc is safe as is.. then all is jolly. In other words c&c's hands are tied. I need to fix all the tanks, all the pipings and whatever valves - fill up the ngt tanks with gas, make sure there are no leaks and everything is running as per MANUFACTURING specs, then pay additional $1000+ for some fancy cable tie to disable the ngt system, lug around with 4 non functional tanks for the rest of 4 years -- then only LTA will allow me to renew my roadtax. Fish! Fish! Fish!
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    My 2 cts of advice, don't be in hurry to put deposit or pay for the aftermarket 360. Take delivery of your car in Dec and drive for 1-2 months. If at end of that period you still have the itch to upgrade, by all means. As what mysticryan said, it is a good to have. Without it you will still be able to park it without any problem. After 1 month of driving it, parking it will be second nature 360 or 180 or beeping reverse sensors. There are more worthwhile mods (my personal opinion) that 5k can buy. Do those first and if you still have left over to spend, then do this 360.
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    Have scrap my Lexus GS300. Just took over a 2012 W212 E200CGI. As the previous guy didn't went back to C&C servicing. So i did my major servicing to play safe. I did the following replacement parts after taking over. All parts taken from stocklist. Original Merc Gear Oil X 10. $160 Original NGK Plugs X 4. $60 Original Engine Mounting X 2 $224 Original Gear Box Mounting X 1 $45 Original Gear Box Filter X 1 $35 Original Gear Box Gasket X 1 $13 Original Wipe Blade X 1 $65 Original Oil Filter X 1 $15 Original Cooler Piping X 1 $11 Coolant X 2 $19 OEM Air Filter X 1 $13 OEM Air Con Filter X 1 $21 OriginalFuel Filter With Float X 1 $380 OriginalFuel Filter Seal Ring X 1 $18 Mobil 1 0W40 Gold X 6 $108 Total part inclusive of GST: $1270 Share with you guys. Pls bear with the many photos. Parts bought from stocklist My mechanic starting to dismantle... New plugs Vs Old plugs Replacing with new plugs Air Box Old Air Filter New Air Filter See how dirty the air box is? Need to remove one of the cat to access to the engine mounting... Mounting at the right... Engine needs fresh oil. I used 1 new 4 litre turtle oil to flush my engine & away the old oil before i put the new mobil oil in. Drain away the old gear oil. Gear Box with old gear filter Gear box without filter New Gear Filter Car hoist up New Gear oil Gear oil must put into their pump to pump back into the gear box Changing the Wiper Taking out the Fuel pump & fuel filter. Then can replace with new fuel filter. Old Fuel filter I ask my mechanic to saw off the fuel filter to see how does it look inside. Now this is how it looks like after traveling 100k! See how dirty it gets? After replacing every parts, Did load test, plug in diagnosis testing to make sure everything is working fine. Total labor i was charge for doing all the above $340. (No GST) Total damage $1610.
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    360 once you have it, you won't switch back to 180 reverse camera. It is activated when reverse gear is engaged or anytime a manual button is pressed. Can help you to see kerb front, side and back!
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    Ya have the reverse cam. Maybe 360 gv me the xtra securness when parking... haha... anyway after try liao really not useful I dismantle and sell cheap cheap to the Bros here who wana try it 😜
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    To purchase a "COE PAID" vehicle, you must have some pretty good technical knowledge of the car. For myself, I would just purchase a 9 1/2 years old car..and take the reminding 6 months to carefully evaluate if the car worth for another 10 years.
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    This is my steering wrap with thd leather cover after a 4 hours job .
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    If you are wondering whether some of the gaps on your W213 are too wide, the attached is a useful reference. Gap dimensions on hoods, doors and lids.pdf
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    RaceChip Ultimate used for 3 years on C180 1.6 Turbo (can be re-map for other models by dealer) Letting go at $650
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    Sincere thanks for the pretty stardust lights!!!
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    The Mercedes-Benz C-Class, GLC and GLC Coupé are benefiting from numerous enhancements View the full article
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    Hi Just completed siphon out ~ 450ml using shampoo dispenser, the old PS fluid came out dark brown in color, pour in the MB345 (green ) , close to max level .. Did a quick test, steering now much lighter ....will monitor tomorrow ,, My steering so far is smooth, no noise ... just that sometime feel heavier than normal . Will do another round of siphon + replacing weekend ... to further clean up more old PS fluid out.. since I still have ~ 500ml left .. Well, it's a quick night job ... no harm spending $24 'replacing ' the PS fluid using this method .. regards
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    Mercedes GLC250 Monster Tuned. ------------------------------------------------ Monster Tune: -One of Singapore's leading continental car tuning brands with over 7000 dyno tuning sessions (continental makes) both locally and internationally. -In-house AWD Dyno with actual road load simulation capabilities. Only Dyno in the world to be able to simulate acceleration tests with actual road loading. -Provided tuning solutions at dealership/manufacturer levels (continental makes) -Dealership level diagnostics and repair capabilities (continental makes) More updates & info at http://www.facebook.com/monstertunesg
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    Yah... I got mine diamond grille from TB also.... can't get myself to pay 1380 for the orig... anyway it's external.... if spoilt .. then buy again.... I also did the fenders... got worshop to install... tried self install but can't pull it out.
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    I see... I confirm getting the command Liao so maybe the 360 I will see how when I get my car ... perhaps save the $$ go do body kit ... 😂
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    If u enjoy it is definitely worth it... 👍🏻
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    EleBest Pte Ltd#04-19, WCEGA Plaza, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064, Singapore Max Yao, +65-97335000Tel: +65 9733 5000 Whatsapp: +65 9733 5000 Wechat: EleBestAddress: #04-19, WCEGA Plaza, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064, SingaporeWebsite: http://myelebest.com/Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Elebest-PTE-LTD/461254523965433 Instagram: http://instagram.com/elebestpteltd Watch our videos: http://www.youtube.com/myelebest
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    Command, DVD for my kids ... 😬😬 so entertainment become my priority... my w204 audio damn Sianz... haha... I din expect the 360 is so expensive to do it aftermarket .. Will have a discussion with Elebest first in regards to the potential warranty issue. When my w204 like 1 yrs+ old I go change my headlamp Liao... hehe ... same issue about warranty and no to mess with those wiring... CnC don't really care unless yr car really got issue then they push blame to you doing this & that .. so far so good for my w204 ... I just pray my car don't lemon for the brake thingy!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 PI car also got waranty mah ... outsource warranty 😂😂
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    I meant those steering wheel amg stick-on piece and door pins. Reason why I did not add the comand in the first place is because ultimately the navigation will have very crappy localised content and non-touchscreen app navigation (which is not intuitive using the rotary dial/touchpad). And after driving the GLC for a few months, I came to realise that i spend like 5% of my time fiddling with the Audio 20, rest of the time just drive. To me the entertainment system remain at the bottom of my priority. You bought from C&C, major reason is the warranty support for the 1st 3years.if you are gping to heck it and start meddling with the HU/comand/360 (all very obvious when you send your car for servicing), might as well get from PI and mod till your heart's content.
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    BMW owners are young bengs, old bengs, and bengs-at-heart
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    I got mine from taobao. Can search for it there. Because GLC SUV/Coupe don't have exposed metal window frames, you will need to paste flat plastic pieces encased in plastic in 4 locations around each window. Those non-moving window panels are simply pressure fitted but with some low profile clips that slide into the gaps around the frames. This includes a piece for the rear hatch of the SUV. Did not obstruct my rear camera.
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    GLC 43AMG steering wheel is also same as the AMG line ones. I think they reserved the "True Blue" AMG steering for their up coming GLC 63AMG. Anyhow, even the AMG-line flat bottom steering wheel is not cheap to retrofit as you will need to change the whole thing including the airbag centre section. Hearsay about SGD2k. To upgrade the flatbottom steering to mimic that of the true AMG steering is much cheaper. I got genuine perforated leather+alcantara blue stitched wrap from taobao, the AMG embossed lower trim from taobao too. DIY upgraded the steering. Now it has a fuller grip feel compared to the original AMG-line steering wheel.
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    Thank you! You are indeed a E-class guru!
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    You should be looking for a pair of these... http://hl24.eu/wrn.php?daten=390450&lc=HM&suchb=alle_anzeigen
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    Mine is non-AMG and I have the same thought that the AMG brake kit is the solution to the issue. I fully agree that if C&C still cannot solve the issue, they should change the entire brake kit to AMG.
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    I just decoded my VIN (see attached) and found that it says "FUEL TANK WITH GREAT CAPACITY VOLUME 1". I'm guessing this is not the standard 50L tank but the larger 66L tank that is standard on the E43. VIN WDD2130452A151621 | CARInfo.pdf
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    Hi all, Thank you everyone for joining us on this joyous occasion!!! Sign-Ups As of 28/07/2017 Date : 1-2 September 2017 (Fri-Sat) Hotel : Holiday Inn Melaka (5*) Highlights : Mass Convoy, Go Kart, Dinner @ 42 Flr & More! 1st 20 cars will get a special snack pack and special parking in front of the hotel! 1) Jameson + 1 (E250 Saloon) 2) Daniel + 2 (E250 Coupe) 3) Jimmy + 1 (E200 Saloon) 4) Alvin +1 (C180Saloon) 5) Desmond (C63) 6) Jon X + 1 + 4y (W205 Hybrid) 7) XXH (C180) ---> 80% (TBC) 8) Alex (C200) 9) Stanford (C180) 10) Edwin Ang + 1 + 5y + 7y (C180 Saloon) 11) Derrick + 1 (E250 Cab) 12) Wayne + 1 (A45) 13) Joseph + 1 (C180 Coupe) - ECCS 14) Kelvin + 1 (CLA45) 15) Shawn + 1 (C180 Coupe) - Shawn6093 16) Jeremy (C180) 17) Stephen + 1 (C180) 18) Roberta + 1 (A180) 19) 20) 21) 22) 23) 24) 25)
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    Thank you for highlighting the problems and sharing on how you handle those issues. We will know how to handle those issues in the future, hopefully we don't have to 😖
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    Good to know that customers won't get pushed around when we stand firm with a good knowledge of our rights & about cars in general.
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    Good question. I also don't know. I just repeat what he says over the phone call. I am a nerd on car parts. Maybe he referring to the brake disc. (Is there a disc in our braking system?) Let you know after the change next week. Cheers.
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    Hi All, Some update. I just received a call from CnC. My Service Manager, who have been very helpful following up on my case, says that they have a new brake metal. Ask me to return to workshop for replacement. I believe they know the problem and are trying to resolve it. I have make appointment for next week to replace brake. Will update. Regards.
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    Hi there I have been driving the GLC for slightly more than a year with 20k KM. Have the same issue after 5k KM and noticed it screeches when the brakes were hot and the matter had been brought to the attention of Pandan workshop. It behaves normal and quiet when the brakes have cooled down. The AMG model on the other hand, seems doing fine so far after hearing from 2 of my friends in Malaysia. Till today, with my unit the screeching problem still exist especially on the front brake (during reverse) despite both front and rear pads had been changed by C&C over the past few months (which they claimed were the new improved pads). Car was further sent in to have the video taken about 4 weeks ago and afterwards sent to Germany for study and to convince the engineers that the new pads do have the same issue. Guess what, today Pandan has informed nothing could be done further until the pads are worn out and C&C would replace a new set FOC or when a new solution is found (whichever comes first). Which means one has to endure the sound for another 30k - 40k KM or at least 2 years of driving? Nevertheless, am negotiating for compensation over the poor quality and am demanding to be provided additional service credit. If nothing works with C&C, the next step is to escalate to Germany to demand a solution. Rather disappointed with Mercedes' engineering!! I guess our voice would be heard if the GLC community writes in as one voice to express our grievances. Any feedback or comment is welcome.
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    Brand New Custom made AMG Mercedes Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel. Suitable for most Mercedes models Other custom designs available. WhatsApp +6591467782 or PM for prices and enquiries on suitability.
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    You must be a loyal fan of C&C!
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    CNC just did the greasing on the door panels for me. Common problem they said. Noise is gone.
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    Using it ... good stuffs.... works so much better to block the UV rays than my $700 tinting.. installation was a Breeze by the Britshades professional folks.
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    Active brake assist is awesome! Was driving on PIE yesterday, car in front jammed brake (another car tried to cut into his lane abruptly), my car immediately cut off the radio and sounded a loud beep. 1) I wasn't tailgating (had about 3 car lengths in front) 2) The braking distance for E213 is impressive. Don't know is it because of ABA kicking in to help with braking? *Yay, first post
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    This thing makes people run around like a mad man.
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    Rims reserved.
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    Bump for this retrofit: Special promotion is coming soon: Ghost Month Promtion. 8 inch LCD with Original Garmin Map Pilot, CarPlay, Android Auto for models below: A Class W176, B Class W246, CLA W117, GLA W156, Follow our facebook: "Max Yao" or Facebook page "EleBest Pte Ltd" or Register your interests by say anything in this thread here.
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    30th May 2017. Ordered this AMG big brake kit for my customer. Dynotechnica sell authentic AMG big brake kit for Mercedes Benz. Direct bolt on with original suitable bracket for your car. We carry, good and genuine big brake kit such as AP Racing, endless and Brembo etc. Do call me at 96919222 for more details or drop by my workshop.