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    Hi guys, So happy to own my 1st MB. Still new to this brand and hope to learn more from you guys. Cheers....
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    # my online booking for a service slot is @ 9am. It mean the SA will see you at 9:00 am - time wheeling in your vehicle depends on the Q and workshop (WS) workload. If you want quick lubrication services, I believe Alexandra MB Centre has a quick service. However if you've other jobs other than lubrication, then you have to wait. #My car onli wheel in @ close to 11,after twice chasing the SA. - The Workshop people dictate which car on their list get attention first not the SA. # My floor mat,the plastic tray type “disappear” - Probably they don't want to dirty it when their guy drives your car. Not unusual for them to safe keep for you. # my instrument panel was changed to MPH ! # my trip meter is being tampered with to 000 Probably due to the Xentry Diagnostic Tests that your "Reset Trip Meter" was reset to zero - happened each time I sent my car in. Yes! Some inexperienced guy probably didn't check the MPH setting after the Diagnostic Checks. " I have written to customer service,Asst mngr svc ,mngr svc without a proper explanation. Keep apologising & ask what can I do for u?" Why not see the CS Manager F2F and you can "banged table with him" "To be fair to the SA Yee vong ,she have no control over all dis issues" Yes! He cannot control the workshop! Why not ask to speak to the Workshop Manager? There's a Workshop Manager in Pandan Loop. How can I escalate dis further? Fair that you speak personally to the relevant Managers in Pandan i.e CS & WS Managers for answers and not through email if you're very upset and unhappy. See them F2F "To mercedes ,Stuttgart Germany" After speaking to the relevant Managers and still not happy, you can escalate to the Head of Operations Pandan Loop or write in to Diamler Benz Singapore. CnC is an AD of Diamler Menz. I has not affiliated to CnC or any friends working in Pandan CS or WS. (Long time ago - yes - the Pandan Workshop manager & Cycle Technical Manager) & I do not get special treatment from Cycle. Though my car is still under warranty, I still goes to outside workshops for Brake Pads & Rotors changes, battery, transmission oil changes, gear box and engine mountings and other major issues when I m confident the workshops can fix those problems. Not forgetting CnC use only original parts and not OEM which some workshop do and they do your Xentry Diagnostic Tests with the latest firmware. My damages for 45K km Service A Plus Package - could probably be much cheaper just lubrication - change oil & filter. .
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    I wanted to share this with fellow owners. I just did the major service, service B, on my W212 E200 at Kee Yong Automotives. I must say they are reasonable and does a good job. My compliments to Dave who communicated with me, I would recommend this workshop for your precious MB car servicing. I changed all my brakes and it definitely cost very much less than C&C. I had compared with other workshops mentioned here including MB Auto Garage in JB. I must say that Kee Yong is reasonable. MB Auto Garage is not cheap and they cost about same as the sg workshops so no reason to go all the way there. In any case Kee Yong gives 6 months warranty for their work. Hope this helps.

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