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    It's sad that the day have come that I need to offload my car for a MPV. Hoping the car can go as a whole to the next buyer but worst case I have to dekit and scrap the car Looking for EOI/For sale/swap - AMG 8 pot front n 4 pot rear BBK ( Original 8 pot made for AMG ) - AMG original E63 complete body kit with CF front lip - AMG quad exhaust - AMG CLK DTM flat bottom steering wheel - AMG E63 instrument cluster - AMG E63 original 18 inch wheels with new P zero - kleeman headers - kleeman pulley - sprint booster - brand new bi xenon headlights Interested please contact 97458477
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    Hi, Usually, if the timing chain stretch (becoming longer) .. or the cam gear wear out (gear tip no longer sharp but rounded off) .. during cold start, the engine will sound like diesel .. that is the classic early tell-tale sign for M271... else usually do not need to do anything t .. Did the WS tell u, what prompt them for the conclusion?
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    Hi CLA owners Since I started this thread in 2013, I have gone on to a C180 and recently the E200 - all in five years! I hope at you CLA fans are enjoying your cars. I had to give up my CLA after two years because the rear was getting too small!
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    Managed to find the part number for the updated B pillar trim that comes with the lip that prevents the seat belt from rubbing the trim. Bought at Goldenlink & got them installed in a car audio shop.
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    Thanks darksaint. Contacted goldenlink. Was quoted $105.
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    Fits Mercedes CLA shooting brake. Installed via double sided tape. No drilling required. $350 Cash and carry. Interested please contact 90701463.
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    Got a bottle yesterday and applied it right away. This afternoon heavy rain was the moment of truth...before the application, under 5 wipes the judders will take place, and I will use the washer detergent fluid to quiet it down. After this gel application, with this afternoon heavy down pour, not a single juddering was heard ! Am glad this is Over...now can drive with peace when comes to rain. Amazing solution ! thanks bro
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    PM u my self-made private video.
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    Gonna get a bottle tomorrow, the juddering is driving me crazy.... Thank you for this wonderful simple solution jtang
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    ok, adding all new members,
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    No worries! Keep up the good work!
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    Hi guys, I have just gotten a pre-owned CLA 180 5 days ago, hope to meet and learn more about my new ride from everyone here, cheers!
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    Thanks for the response tanwell car model is E250-W212 I attached the error details
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    also join us at this friday MU where we will discuss more about Malaysia drive up
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    https://www.hydrographics.com.sg/ think Elebest or Benzline have the console panel
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    my B class (w246) also have tick tick sound when drive over very rough roads. Recently become soft dull tock tock sound during low speed or turning. Did some experiments and found that these sounds are gone when the rear seats are folded down.
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    Hi bros, following item still available. Let me know if you are interested in the following mod: 1. Neu Dinamix Plug n play piggyback (comes with 9 mapping) - $500 cash n carry (suitable for 1.6turbo M274 engine only)
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    PM me your name n contacts
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    Selling used original amg45 front bumper with lip and grille pls offer thanks bumper is white in Colour
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    Dear all, i have a Brand New Carbon Fiber GT Spoiler with Redline for sale. Cash & Carry at $400 Nett. Pls message me at 9766 2672 to deal.
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    Yes, its totally possible. Just "pull" upwards and it will come out.
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    Hello All, new member Red A180
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    I have also changed but CLA still win my heart for exterior design look.
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    You may want a 2nd opinion ! usually are the CAM sensor..
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    Autospritz is good. Friendly and fast.
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    Hi guys, I'm selling my ride so letting go of my stuff 18" AMG 5spoke rims (need to exchange with your rims with TOP up and labour on your side) AP racing pro 5000R BBK ( This is a supberb brake. No regrets installing it. Comes with full system. rotors pads hose. Only used for 6months.) full receipt and authentication AP! Limited edition silver! Labour on you. Pls WhatsApp me if you're interested. 97502703
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    I am first time Merc owner of GLC 250 X253. Hello to everyone.
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    Hi Just to update. Done my 45k servicing. with air con chem wash and grooming. not incl any extra like engine flush, additives, tyre rotation etc. Engine light was solved, it was found out in 1st day in workshop. Thanks to Advisor Kelvin from Eunos, managed to get the workshop to find out the it was the camshaft sensor not up to spec. it was changed under warranty. I was overseas and he whatsapp me only 2-3 hrs after he pick up my case and inform me part will be sent in on 2nd day. He also ask me to monitor the brake pad (25%) and wiper blade is too hard. I am satisfied with the service! Finally solved.
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    Welcome... I also newbie. Ha ha
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    This solution should be a sticky !
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    Dear All, We have a very good deal for all W205 C Class(incl. Sedan, Coupe, Cabriolet, Estate), and GLC (incl. GLC SUV and GLC Coupe): 3-in-1 combo: Original CP-AA-GMP: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and Garmin Map Pilot: Detail: Car Model Supported: All C Class(W205) from 2014-now All GLC Class All V-Class All AMG GTS All SLC Class Parts Involved: Original Head Unit, USB Port, Cable kit Video Demos:
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    Got it from Taobao. http://【奔驰新E级S级C级GLC C200L E300L柏林之声3D旋转高音头喇叭改装】http://v.cvz5.com/h.x7sJCY 点击链接,再选择浏览器打开;或复制这条信息¥nACQ0i2vqSK¥后打开👉手淘👈 This is the seller. Don't pay the listed price for GLC. I managed to haggle the price down to about ¥2800 shipped to my parcel forwarder in GuangZhou. After that is just another $10-$12 of shipping to Singapore. Just tell the seller you do not need the installation service to kick start your bargaining. Not sure if it can be fixed on Burmester but I don't think I will meddle with Burmester tuned setup if I have. Have to remove the door panel to install the tweeters. Not difficult. If anyone keen to do this I can create a step by step DIY guide on door panel removal and how to connect the wires.
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    Last I recall is chip soon do not allow BYO parts anymore but u may call them to confirm. Stockist can be golden link / auto pas / min hoe. See which nearest to ya.
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    Yes, my ride is from CnC. No choice, I delayed my decision for 1 week and the allocation was taken by someone else. Anyway I didn't need this car urgently. I added the following to my ride thru CnC. 1. AMG interior 2. Diamond white paint 3. Dynamic body control 4. 360 camera 5. Burmester sound system 6. Black ashwood trim 7. Sports exhaust 8. Red seat belts The other items, such as the AMG door pins and emblem, I retrofit outside.
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    Hi bbwanabe.. This also happen when I am at position 2 before crank.. I try to floor and activate kick down it will appear esp inoperation without even turn on the engine..
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    Dear All, I had a retractable roof failure on my SL350 just before the Lunar New Year and had the car in Johor Bahru. I manage to find a fantastic MB Specialist after some recommendations and brought it to the workshop yesterday after they opened. Indeed this particular workshop specializes in Mercedes Benz as well as others such as BMW, Volvo etc.. The workshop is located at Permas Jaya, Bandar Bahru and the Owner is Mr Gan C.L. MB Auto Garage 8 Jalan 9/2 Permas Jaya, Bandar Bahru (behind AEON - Jusco) Johor Bahru. Tel : +60-12-7082660 Mr Gan was very help and indeed a professional. He hooked up his diagnostic software as was able to run through the diagnostic checks for the car. Unfortunately the diagnostics feedbacks did not show up on the failure as it pointed more towards mechanical aspects. Within an hour, Mr Gan was able to pinpoint the fault to low hydraulic oil at the reservoir which was traced to a leaking hydraulic hose. It is now undergoing repairs and since the car was at his shop, I took advantage to have the car serviced with some other minor defects identified by Mr Gan put to good order. I am delighted to have been recommended to Mr Gan of MB Auto Garage and I would not hesitate to recommend him to all MB owners. His workmanship is 1st class with full diagnostic services and well equipped tools. Topping it off is his very reasonable charges.
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    CLA180 Monster Tuned: At The Wheels: Base: 114WHP & 201NM Monster Tuned: 132WHP & 247NM (18WHP & 46NM gains at the wheels) At The Crank (est.): Base: 151HP & 267NM Monster Tune: 176HP & 328NM (25HP & 61NM gains at the crank est.)