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    Welcome to the forum Patrick / Phioux! Hope you enjoy your stay here. CnC should have the original boot mat for sales. They will exactly fix your boot space like all MBs The price should be around $170. Go over to the Alexandra MB accessories service counter to inquire. If they do not have stock there, they will check with the other branches especially Pandan Loop. If MB Sg has no stock, they will order for you!
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    just trolling my bro buy Type R - you stand out buy Mercs - "MASS MARKET" ;-P
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    Some dashcam are equipped with ADAS (Advance Driver Assistance System) eg. collision warning You can go to the setting to turn it ON or OFF For iRoad
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    Should be able to polish off! You can check with any detailer for their advice. Surprising it seems that rain water do not leave watermark on paintwork but tap water does. Not too sure about water in Singapore though My ride in Jakarta had watermarks a few times. My local detailer was able to polished if off. This happened when I washed the ride myself and didn't dry it up after washing.
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    BC HT53 2 piece 20” Fully refurbished. Fits Mercedes C class (W202,W203)S Class n E Class(W210,W211), SLK, SL n CLS Class. Jus spend 1.5k to refurbish the whole set. Wheels is in 100% tip top condition. No warped, repaired all curb rashes, new 2K coat of paint (outer in dark gunmetal n spokes gloss black) PCD112 fits Mercedes. 9 front offset+34 n 10.5 back offset+34. Comes with X2 245/30/20 Falken 90% tread left n X2 295/25/20 Michelin PS4 80% tread left. K meetup at my regular tyre shop in ubi to fit. Lelong price!!! Full set $2800 negotiable. My lost is ur gain.
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    Ask yourself this main question... what is your Budget? And move on from there... if you really want to buy a used car like the above mentioned.. get your own workshop to take a good look at it.. never listen to what people say... unless you know your stuff... listen to your workshop.. cos they are the ones fixing your ride once you paid for it... I can intro you to my guy... in AMK..
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    You probably done your home work Civic Type R (PI) Power 315hp without mod Torque 400NM without mod Acceleration : 5.8s (0 to 100kmh) without mod Dimensions (L x W x H) (4557 x 1877 x 1434) mm Wheelbase 2,699 mm MB C300 Power : 257 bhp Torque: 370NM Acceleration : 5.9s Dimensions (L x W x H) (4686 x 1810 x 1442) mm Wheel base 2,840 mm if you consider you and or mum are still a boy racer, Type R for you If you want more space (longer car & wheelbase) and refinement, the C300 If you want the C300, imho, wait for the new C Class next year. Probably April/May 2020 It will comes with more bells & whistles including fully digital dashboard & infotainment system and likely even slightly more spaces If you parked your car in the car park, the Type R will be just another jipun chia (no offense to Jipun chia owners) but a MB will always stands out among the row of cars parked. Even after parking, you will still want to turn your head and look at your ride again. The price diff between PI Type R & C300 will be about $40K. For the price of the Type R, I will get a 2017 or 2018 used new E Class though lesser in performance but a very comfortable ride my Rp1 worth of thoughts
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    Dear Bros, Will like to share my latest adventure. For those on the 5.8inch screen, am sure you hated the puny screen with the large border. Am happy to share that I have successfully upgraded to a 8 inch off market Navitech (Korea) screen. All works well with full controls from the MMI control and steering wheel. Resolution is pretty good and the auto brightness is still available (despite some forum comments that you will lose it). What came as a very big surprise is that it comes pre-programmed with dynamic lines on the reverse camera. Ie. When in reverse the parking lines turn when u turn your steering. There is also additional visual sensor on the screen without having to look at the factory installed proximity sensor in front of the dash and behind the roof. Not exactly cheap but it is cheaper than another well known source. Negative side is ... u lose the off market GPS that was given by CnC (if they have given you) as it is not able to upscale to the higher resolution. But to me, that system is crappy anyway. I am now waiting for the mirroring module (compatible to both android and ios, and upgradeable with future OS upgrades) to arrive and will then have the full functions. So if any Bros interested, do PM me. Will be happy to share more and even pictures of my installation. P.S. i am not related to any installers .. just that good stuff must share.
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    Price reduced to $300. Item already removed from car.
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    Not sure about this, probably reset the adaptive transmission control? Else did you check if the correct ATF was used - yours should be the one with the reddish dye, not the yellow one.
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    Black titanium effect stainless steel high mounted brake light cover. Installed with supplied double-sided tapes.
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    Hi guys, can PM me good workshop too? Looking at central or west area, thanks!
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    Hello. SB owner here too. Nice to meet all of you!
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    Hi Alex, Wish I had more budget for a CLA200. What color did you pick?
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    Hi Black Label, also new here and just got delivery of my CLA200 SB. Definitely seen more SBs now compared to few months back!
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    Me too! It's a rare car to spot on our roads isn't it?
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    Hi Bro Black Label Welcome! I'm driving a CLA SB too..