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    Just got my new set of shoes
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    Here's the look now.
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    just got my new shoes 2 days ago =)
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    This is my current ride.
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    just plain amg bbk with bcforged wheels
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    Hi folks read this and weep. This is political greed and bureaucracy at its very worst. Well Done PAP!!!! http://www.stuff.tv/...la-in-singapore by Rahil Bhagat Few cars in memory have generated the kind of buzz that Tesla's electric cars have made. Since bursting onto the scene in 2008 with the Tesla Roadster electric sports-car, the California-based car maker has become a byword for showcasing the potential of electric cars in an internal combustion engine dominated world. Tesla's follow up to the Roadster, the Model S sedan is considered by many to be one of the best four-door cars in the world right now. With its killer looks, great ride, futuristic tech and an electric motor that produces basically zero emissions, you would expect the Model S to be selling like hotcakes in a country like Singapore. So why aren't they? Well, the answer is quite complicated. In 2011, Tesla did indeed open an office here. But less than six months later, it departed our shores without selling a single car. The logic for Tesla would be that, like in countries such as Japan and Malaysia, the Tesla's electric nature would entitle it to receive rebates from the government due to the vehicle being non-polluting. In fact, our government does have such a system, which offers subsidises of S$15,000 if you drive a green vehicle. However, for some reason, Tesla was not granted this subsidy, seriously hurting efforts to sell the cars here. According to the government, Tesla's cars did not meet certain "technical requirements" for the rebate. Since then, owning a Tesla in Singapore has been just a pipe dream. That is, until a few weeks ago when IT-professional Joe Nguyen managed to get his own Tesla Model S licenced for the Singapore roads. We sat down and spoke to Nguyen about the nearly year-long battle against a quagmire of red tape and bureaucracy that he had to go through to drive his beloved Model S, which his son nicknamed, Tessie. Powered by electricity Tessie's journey began not in Singapore, but in Hong Kong, where Nguyen purchased the 2014 model S. "It's the future of cars. It's green, quick and the perfect car for Singapore," he said. Until a few years ago, in a country where cars rely on fossil fuel and engines have gotten better and more efficient, electric cars were just not viable. The core physics, that of a mixture of ignited air and fuel driving pistons and a drivetrain to create motion, has not. Electric cars are a different beast entirely. Instead of using fossil fuels to drive an engine, they use electricity, stored in large battery banks in the chassis of the car to power electric motors. Cars like the Tesla Model S often only have one moving part, the driveshaft. Since there are no fossil fuels, there is no combustion, which translates to the absence of harmful gas. The downside here is one that owners of smartphones are familiar with - recharging the battery. An electric car is no different. But just like a smartphone, a single charge can go a long way. "You don't drive very far in Singapore. The range on a Tesla is 380 kilometres which, on a full charge, is more than enough for Singapore. You go home after work and just plug it in. The next morning you wake up, it's fully charged," Nguyen says. Tessie, come home Getting the car into Singapore, Nguyen reveals, was the easy part. "You take the car, put it onto a ship and then bring it down. When it arrives, you pay the customs duties on it and that's that. I thought that would be the end of it but in fact, that's when the whole process starts." The real challenge came when he had to liaise with the Land Transport Authority (LTA). "The first few weeks, the car just sat in a warehouse gathering dust while the LTA asked me for lots of paperwork," Nguyen said as he recounts the first roadblock in many to come. As far as Nguyen was concerned, the simple truth was that the powers that be had not dealt with a Tesla before. Instead of adapting their processes to fit this new kind of car, they would rather turn a blind eye. "They kept asking for more and more paperwork," Nguyen reveals," They wanted the specs, they wanted a number of different metrics, everything from emissions to the certificate of conformity, which is related to petrol cars and Tesla doesn't have it." So, what now? Read more at http://www.stuff.tv/...3B3MZezzfx0C.99 Rolling out the red tape Before Tessie could even hit the road, it spent a good four months in Nguyen's house after it arrived. It couldn't move on its own power since it wasn't licenced so a truck had to be brought in to move the car anytime it needed to go for an inspection. LTA then referred Nguyen to the Energy Market Authority (EMA), the government agency in charge of powering Singaporean infrastructure. Unfortunately, he was stymied by red tape once more. ”I was told to call them (EMA) so I called them and they thought that I was an importer. And I said, "No, I'm just a normal individual importing a car." And they asked, "Well, how are you charging it?" To which I answered, "Well, it's a three-pinned plug which I plug into a normal socket." After more weeks of silence, Nguyen was abruptly told by LTA that he had to take his car down to VICOM, to get it tested for emissions. For Nguyen, this was finally some good news because being electric his car would have no emissions and therefore face no problems with an emission test. The end was seemingly in sight. More weeks of waiting for Tessie What was supposed to be a few days turned into a two month ordeal as VICOM put testing the Tesla on hold. "I figured they had a process for electric cars because there are actual electric cars in Singapore, there's the Nissan Leaf, RND cars, there's Mitsubishi electric cars. But since my Tesla was not brand new, it had to go to VICOM and they admitted that they had never tested an electric car before so they did not know how to proceed." Eventually, the LTA and VICOM settled on a discharge test to see how much electricity the car consumes and what impact that has on emissions. This process again took weeks longer than it should because instead of charging the car continuously overnight, VICOM turned it on sporadically throughout the day. When this was done, Nguyen says that LTA told him that, "Well, we need you to sign a declaration that you will not charge using the public infrastructure. You will only charge this car at home. They were afraid I would charge the car in a public place." So the car was finally road-ready, yet there was still time for another twist in the tale... Read more at http://www.stuff.tv/...M34TddEDylhO.99 No (rebate) love for Tessie So after these hurdles were cleared Nguyen could finally get his Tesla registered. Except for one small problem - the government would not give Nguyen the S$15,000 rebate that eco-friendly cars normally receive. "I don't get it, there are no emissions. Then they send out the results from VICOM, stating that the car was consuming 444 watt hour per kilometre. These are not specs that I have seen on Tesla's website, or anywhere else for that matter. And then underneath it, there's a conversion to CO2 emission," Nguyen says. The CO2 conversion pegged the Tesla squarely in the category of large gas guzzlers. Instead of getting the S$15,000 rebate, Nguyen was charged an extra S$15,000 as tax for a non-fuel efficient car. Nguyen rebuts these claims, citing that according to the US EPA, the Tesla only does 237 watt hour per kilometre and his attempts at presenting this to the powers that be were futile. In fact, if one checks, a Tesla Model S does about 90 miles per gallon in converted fuel efficiency according to the US EPA. On the other hand, a Toyota Corolla, long held as one of the most fuel efficient cars in the world gets about 32 miles per gallon. The difference really is staggering. Tessie on the road "Just before Chinese New Year LTA sent me a letter that said, you know, this is what it was, and this is what I have to pay," Nyugen said. He bit the bullet, forked out the cash and today, is most likely the driver of the only legally licenced Tesla in the whole country. This process though, has made Nguyen something of an advocate for electric cars in Singapore and he has been working to convince the government of the merit of such cars to society. Only time will tell though, if his efforts bear fruit. In the meantime though, if you see a white Tesla Model S on the streets of Singapore, you probably know who is driving it and could get some good advice on owning this electric unicorn here.
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    Whether it is 8km/l or 12km/l, the difference is about $80 per month! Remember that the wheezing 1.6 litre engine is moving a 1.5 tonne vehicle, with a turbocharger added in the under-powered C180. To achieve 12km/l, you will have to drive with a feather-light foot. That defeats the joy of driving a car, any car for that matter. Of course I am assuming you are curious to know the real-world FC against what the brochures quote? Then be prepared to be disappointed. So, if FC is a concern, then buying a luxury car is a wrong choice. By the way, fuel cost is not a large sum compared to the depreciation on your car!
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    New Original Mercedes wiper blade sets for sale. (Made In Belgium) Condition: New & unused. price: $60 per set, cash and carry Please pm for fast deal. For W204 C class until 09 - 12 with the Side Pin Front Screen Wiper Arm shown below: For W212 E class for year 2014, C Class year 2014 & W207 E Class Coupe year 2014 with the Push Button Front Screen Wiper Arm shown below:
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    I had to remove the steering wheel as they had to replace the alcantara / plastic portions with carbon. However they gave me a replacement steering wheel while they were working, takes them 1 - 2 weeks.
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    Once bought....stop monitoring the COE. Just enjoy the new ride. If u can't do this, u will always be miserable..... might as well take a grab or uber to move around.
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    And since I was at the shop, might as well just complete the look.
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    The deal breaker for me.
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    Got these from the local Autobacs.
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    Car Battery was dying after 3.5 years (w212) so stumbled on this site and sourced around. Called Battery Empire - and was quoted $370 for a bosch (80amp). They will come to you and change on the spot. Did not use them as mine was a non emergency and was put off by their 'conti car surcharge' Made a call to Hurry Tyres and got the Varta AGM 80amp for $300 - all in. They have 2 other brands that were cheaper by $40 and $20 respectively.
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    Upz.... Price down to $700
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    Just a couple months after my second coating by C&C and the paint protection is pretty much gone and I decided to drop by 5D Solution to give them a try. Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I am not compensated in any way by the company. I was greeted warmly and politely by the BOSS, Gabriel and he took time to explain the different type of Paint Protection and Services that they are providing. And also the diff type of paint protection products and also the certs & awards they are given! Below are the initial pictures taken and I will be heading down later to collect my ride... so excited!
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    Hi Guys I am getting around 11L/100km. I am on the original 18" rims Do any of you find the engine noise loud. Mine sounds like a Diesel Engine..
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    Set of 17" rims and tires was swapped out on day 1. Mint condition. Very quite run flat tires. Selling at $1000.
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    This review is way OVERDUE!!! My name is Max, my current ride is a CLA. Ride is now 1.5years old. When i visited Dynotechnica my ride was then 1 year old. My initial plans when i bought the CLA was to 'unleashed' its supposed performance. I do not want to be too explicit here, there may be authorities in here ploughing through.... Fast-Forward... an appointment was setup for me ride... a 15mins chat with Tuner/Owner Benny convinced me he does knows how to handle a conti. With help from some bros i was shown a very specialised equipment that was used to Tune a merc ECU. (DIMSPORT Transdata) i did a fair bit of reading up on it so i dun have to waste time asking benny noobie qns. Benny was a unassuming and humble Tuner/Owner, never over bearing due to his vast experience neither pushy for a sale. As a matter of fact, i have seen him engaging 1st time owners whom are tuning their rides, he gives very honest/sincere answers, to an extent a suspecting person might think he is using "reverse-pyscology" sales technique!!! hahahahaha This character trait of him is very assuring, newbie or noob car owners embarking on their passion of customising their ride performance will not be intimidated or peer-pressured to jump into it! Next thing i observed in Dynotechnica is something that shows Benny treats his boys there like a TEAM! His management style in his workshop is commendable. Every one of his boys are trusted and dependable. This allows him time to talk to his customers, takes time to explain necessary pros/cons of wad you will be expecting. Dun get me wrong, he is still busy like bowling balls in a bowling alley!!! Its just he makes an effort to engage with YOU! We(car owners) tend to go overboard/over-zealous when it comes to 'ZNG-ing' our rides, rest assured, Benny is not all about $$$. You will feel it when you meet him. Finally, lets talk about the tune... I got more than what i expected of course... Prior to me visiting him, all i want for christmas was to unleash my ride to be CLA200. Some guys will ask, why not CLA250??? Bear in mind the CLA250 is 4-matic... hence to be fair. I shall not post figures of my dyno chart here, let my ASS do the talking!!! MY CLA DCT now rides like a K24 MANual(i have good experience from a del-sol to an EK to a Euro R), i shit you not guys, abeit the DCT still shift a touch slower than how i would like it. In real life with ESP(traction control OFF) I am spinning my wheels off 1st gear and 2nd gear. Enough of power talk... Reliabilty/Compatibility of tune... This area often not touched upon by most of us. The reason it took me 6 months to write something!!! I really want to understand how the tune has changed the ride. Will we get frequent Check Engine Light(CEL)? Will we experienced a loss of a feature in the system? etc. It has been 6 months since and i have clocked about 10,000kms. ZERO CEL!!!! My FC in fact improved... I WONDER WHY??? I am a very analytical person, i would like to investigate and find out WHY! In short, the engine is indeed more efficient now. A lil more analytical read into my driving style revealed that i no longer GUN my pedal as much! I did communicate with Benny and told him that i'd like more Low End torque, ALAS, he had mapped it the way i desire it! With my Peak Torque at 3300rpm, my spool up/Initial Torque came in at 2000rpm! So if you can imagine my Torque band to be between 2000-3500rpm, it made driving in our traffic laden roads a bliss, i do not the infamous 'turbo lag' issue! The CLA platform is in fact already equipped with a Fast spool up turbo, its just managing the torque band by re-mapping its ignition timing and fuelling to re-configure its torque range. I personally find the CLA180 stock map is a clear case of just meeting regulatory requirements! This review is written to give justice to whom had put a smile on my face whenever i am behind the wheels. Abeit i do have a problem now after the tune.... Stock Brakes SUCKS big time! but i guess is a good problem i have... Thank you ALL whom read this and please Drive SAFE...
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    Weak batteries can potentially cause a myriad of errors... Worth checking your battery when too many systems fail at the same time. Rarely do our cars' systems break down all at the same time.
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    I DIYed both my front door checks...after both have the "gork, gork" sound during opening and closing door. Damage is about $46(before GST) each side..from Tye Soon. - The only difficult part is to remove the front door panel. - Be careful of the blue ribbon power connecter...very thin and fragile...look like can easily tear up. - Remember to wind-up the window before removing the panel..or else, the check-mechanism unable to ease out if the window is down and blocking it. - Since you are removing the door panel, you may like to at the same time silicon-greased up the door lock rubber gasket (** take a look at my "Bouncing Door Lock" post).
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    Hi everyone, Just bought a pre-owned 2013 C180 Coupe. Hope to learn all the maintenance and upgrading knowledge from bro & sis here! Feel free to drop me a line, would like to meet some of you on the MU. Thanks!
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    (Used) Original merc bike rack and two pcs of bike carrier. $500 ono
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    Just collected my car today!!!
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    Vorsteiner Flow forged VFF-103
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    C&C has called to follow-up this morning and checked whether LTA has any response. They reaffirmed that they dont recommend 3rd parties vendor removal of the NGT system and they dont recommend system removal too. Safest is "DON'T Touch!". Most NGT system can be software/hardware locked, emptied and remain domain. Dont think LTA needs a solution for a domain system. A domain NGT system without natural gas is the safest. Bro iMac's suggestion is a good prevention. In my layman opinion, they just needs endorsement towards a domain system and educate the user rather. Anyhow, current situation is as such. Will update when more development.
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    Hi all I have a brand new set of dark grey W205 3D car mats for sale at $120. Self pick up at Hougang. Interested parties pls pm me. Thank you.
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    EleBest Pte Ltd #04-19, WCEGA Plaza, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064, Singapore Max Yao, +65-97335000 Tel: +65 9733 5000 Whatsapp: +65 9733 5000 Wechat: EleBest Address: #04-19, WCEGA Plaza, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064, Singapore Website: http://myelebest.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Elebest-PTE-LTD/461254523965433 Instagram: http://instagram.com/elebestpteltd Watch our videos: http://www.youtube.com/myelebest EleBest Pte Ltd
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    EleBest Pte Ltd #04-19, WCEGA Plaza, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064, Singapore Max Yao, +65-97335000 Tel: +65 9733 5000 Whatsapp: +65 9733 5000 Wechat: EleBest Address: #04-19, WCEGA Plaza, 1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 658064, Singapore Website: http://myelebest.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Elebest-PTE-LTD/461254523965433 Instagram: http://instagram.com/elebestpteltd Watch our videos: http://www.youtube.com/myelebest EleBest Pte Ltd
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    I cannot comment for Pandan loop. I went to Ubi workshop. It will depend on your luck, if u encounter someone changing tires, it will take more than an hour wait. Ubi is around 45 mins normal wait. As for hooks, I just bought those from Qoo10. Only $3-4.
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    ILS is a cool feature....the lights 'dance' when the car is started up. Moving with the steering direction makes night driving a pleasure. However there were moments when I wish I had 360 cam which could have saved my wheels from being kerbed while parking or while turning in tight car park rams. Go for both.
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    Boss, i pass some to u next time
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    @Dennis Choon Hi bro, sorry but I've ran out of decals on my end. The easiest way to obtain the decal is to join us in our next meet-up. Alternatively, once I get my hands on more decals I'll PM you.
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    Hi all, Sharing some Japan self drive video posted on youtube. Give us a thumbs up in YouTube if you like the videos 😄. We will post other self drive video if we see a demand for it. Traveller's blog Japan Wonders of Hokkaido '17 Nagoya Alpine drive '16 Regards sgeaglef15
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    Congratulation! I have some accessories gurus in my car club. When you got your car, can pm me, let's setup a TT in JB. Introduce you some members to you.
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    Nice! Enjoy your ride.
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    Ok. Bear with me. This is a long list. Labour B+ SVC - $60.00 Labour to carry short test (by Xentry) - $108 Perform Service A with Plus Package - $36 Service: Replace Brake Fluid - $36 Service: Replace Dust Filter - $48 Service: Replace Coolant - $168 Service: Perform Oil Change in Auto Transmission - $72 Service: Replace Spark Plugs - $12 Service: Replace Air Filter Element - $5 Total Labour: $545 Parts Engine oil 5.8L - $145.46 Oil Filter - $39.47 Cleaning Agent - $9.18 Air Filter - $107.75 Combination Filter (assumed Aircon Filter) - $153.66 Brake Fluid - $95.44 Coolant - $82.64 Gear Oil (ATF) - $341.22 Transmission Filter - $119.59 Transmission Filter Element - $62.76 Gasket - $39.16 Ring - $2.10 Pin - $3.08 Spark Plug - $149.72 Spark Plug Grease - $26.80 Total parts: $1378.03 Agree that if we can get the consumable parts from stockist. we can lower the cost of maintenance. Cheers
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    Hi darksaint. The photo you posted is made in Europe agm varta. In my post I'm talking about cycle selling motorlite batteries for 200 plus. Anyway, sos is not the cheapest. Try out ace battery you will be surprised at the deal you will get there. Below is my post in another thread. Go to ace battery and tyre at midview city. Look for ah siong. Best priced varta agm batteries fitted and also free battery test with a digital tester service available. Varta is the oem battery brand for Mercedes. Iirc 70ah agm varta is $290, 80ah agm varta is $330, 95ah agm varta is $450. All with gst and fitting inclusive.
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    Exactly my point . . if one needs to stretch, then he/she has bought the wrong car or bought the Mercedes for the wrong reason. Just compare the cost of insurance or servicing the car against an average economy car and the FC becomes really irrelevant. There is a saying . . buying the car you do not need, with money you do not have and to impress people you do not know.
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    Been experiencing creaks and rattles on the 3rd mth of A200 ownership. Been in and out of See & See but it still rattles and creak. I think See & See only see and no touch. Fast forward to 1.5 yrs onward, some of the creaks "heal" itself and now living with the rattles. See & See promises to rectify it by having my car hospitalised for 2-3 days and they will arrange for a temporary car but again that was 1 year ago.
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    was told med6 is 330 mm......