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    W204 parts are not really “expensive” especially for routine wear & tear replacements. important is to get a reliable workshop that you can work with. i had a Honda but that was 28 yrs ago so no comments. My first MB was a 1977 W123 200E i m on my 9Th MB with some Audi in between important for you is to get a reliable workshop to check the conditions of the car, do a full diagnostic run & validate the odometer reading (can't run away with the diagnostic checks)
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    Check the timing cam. It will be ratting during cold start if it is bad. W204 C180k is generally a very reliable car with accessable parts. Wear and tear parts to replace are radiator hoses, bushes, engine mounts..
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    My Bro has renewed his 2009 C200 (PI) last year. His mileage was near to 200k km.
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    Review are mostly taken as a pinch of salt, U wun noe who’s behind those write up. forum discussion like dis are more acceptable. As the name suggest VAG is more for vw & perhaps some audi too. But of course,u bring money there ,am sure ,they wun reject u. Sure dey have dabs in MB before ,Reckon most workshop also have but are they more specialise? u tell me? I would rather go to the tried & trusted ,recommended ones. Forget abt kompressor,used to b alrite but afraid,not anymore.. u can see my earlier post ? recommended a few ,in my time. cheers
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    It’s not advertising or self promoting realli. its dat monkey see,monkey do ,type of syndrome. Actually the PM thingy realli started with the wshop/dealer or the business side of it,those are there to protect their own Interest,price wise. But for us,the more info the merrier Another bad practise in the forum is ,ppl noes how to enquire but dey dunno how to update. Forumers also interested to noe ,is dis recommendation is as good as it is? U mention C&C? dey realli got indifferent result,I used to go to Ubi side,pretty alrite ,recently juzz check out Pandan loop side,it’s worse of the worse! i go in once ,I’m back with 5 issues,complain here & there ,my mail to SA supervisor,svc ass mngr,svc mngr, customer rep,still not settle. and we are NOT talking abt price,I noe it’s pricey but must also have some std mah,haiz. specialise wshop is a must,dun think u fancy somebody doing trial & error on yr pride & joy. G6 & tech choon are the better ones.
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    Been obsessed in finding a solution to this common Mercedes bugbear since 2010 when I first had a C250. Some old timers would have read my thread that I wrote on juddering wipers. Even after changing to a CLA45....the problem still persisted. Went thru many threads on this topic in other Mercedes forums & have done many 'been there tried that' suggestions that were thrown up. I was in the AMG Private Lounge recently & saw some old threads on this topic (2014) when I read an inconspicuous 1 line post by a member. Apparently no one paid any attention to him as there was no follow up on his suggestion. He said that he applied 1 coat of Amour All Tyre Gel on his wipers and that solved his problem for good. I was skeptical, but WTH...I have a Amour All Gel sitting in my garage, why not give it a shot? Instead of 1 coat....I gave it 2 coats (typical kiasu S'porean) It really works! Immediately, the wipers were super smooth. After 3 downpours....it still sweeps smoothly. I have 2 other used sets of aftermarket wipers in my garage which were casted aside as they were juddering just as bad. Applied the gel on them also....voila! It works on them! Amazing solution....go try it! Pls don't ask whether other tyre gel works....you try it & update here. Sharing is caring.

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