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    Received the "beast" today. The ambient light is awesome. Sharing some pics with you guys.
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    Hi all, Just wanna share and not sure if any of you here experience this in your GLC. Had my GLC for 9 months already. Approx 3mths into driving it, i start getting knocking sound coming from the rear. Couldnt ascertain what caused it. Brought it down to the dealer to have them check but couldnt find anything. (i though it was something loose within the suspension system) It happens when going over uneven roads (which cause your car to flex). most often and obvious when you approach a slope (up or down) at an angle. Funny thing was, it only happens while driving low speed + flexing. Cruising around over uneven roads was ok. Got so irritated with the noise, i started my own little investigation. 1. Removed everything i had in the trunk - Just to make sure it wasnt something i put in the trunk that is hitting something. 2. Rear seat belt buckle knocking against the plastic panels - secured the buckles before driving. the sound was still there. 3. Rear trunk had loose panels - Hard to replicate but i tried shaking some of the panels to see if it makes the same sound. nothing. 4. Rear trunk roller cover (or whatever you call it) - removed the whole roller cover thing and drive around. Sound was still there. 5. Rear folding seats - folded all seats down and drove to the exact same location that caused the sound every time i drove past. sound was GONE!! Repeated it a few times just to confirm. I was more or less convinced that it was the rear seat latch hitting each other when the car flexes. Solution: i used electrical tape to wrap the latch. This caused the rear seat to be latch much tighter in place. Had a test drive for a few days. The irritating sound never came back!! There are definitely some rattling/knocking noise within the cabin which are inevitable. But this was just too loud and way beyond my acceptable threshold. For those that have the same irritating noise/sound, you may want to give it a try. Cheers!
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    Door Projector Lights, high intensity and very well defined projected image. Not cheap but worth the extra over the cheaper ones.
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    Finally installed the diamond grill on my GLC. Worth every penny and loved the new look. I ordered from Taobao. Paid $380 including shipping.
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    Brought him in to change new shoes 😁 Left the calipers to go spray!
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    My first post here! My GLC 200 is coming in Oct/Nov, and my sales rep told me 2 weeks back that the GLC 200 was available for a test drive, so went down to take a look. You can skip to 4:14 for the start of the car part.
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    W114 W115 W123 W124 W210 W211 PRE FL W211 Facelift W212 W212 FL W213 All 4 doors E Class Sedan report here (W123, W124,W210, W211,W212,W213) Guys - report or help me feel up the details! I gonna try to compile a new mb owner listing for all rides. 0. Kepiting1sg W211 E200K Avantgarde Tazanite Blue on Black (Sold) 1. Kepiting1sg W212 E250 Avantgarde Obsidian Black on Black (Sold) 2. Kepiting1sg W212 E250 Avantgarde Diamond White 7G-Tronic Panoramic roof 3. 6008 W212 E250 AMG Sport Indium Grey on Black 4. Lightning W212 E250 Avantgrade Obsidian Black on Black 5. Keltanky W124 200E Silver 6. Actioneer W211 7. Jun_4040 W211 E200K Black (Mafia Black) 8. JGoh W212 E250 Avantgarde Silver 9. LKH - W212 E250 Avantgarde 10. Bombul - W212 E250 AMG Sport 11. DIY_Merc W212 E250 Avantgarde Black 12. bac - W211 13. funng - W211 14. sy69u W211 E200K Black (SOLD) 15. 9339 W211 E240 Blue 16. East539 W211 E200 NGT Black 17. Mr.M W212 E250 Avantgarde Culprite Brown/chestnut brown interior 18. Stansing - W212 E250 19. Mark_twain88 20. Sanjay W211 NGT 21. Turbocharged W212 22. miketee123 E250 Elegance Tanzanite Blue 23. Kai W212 E250 Elegance Silver 24. kevin W212 E200 Elegance Titanium Grey on Black 25. kloy W211 E200K FL Avantgarde Grey on Grey 26. st8800 W211 E200K Avantgarde 27. Harsh W210 E200 28. clarkewan W124 29. damienchua W211 E200ML 30. bossbthk W211 E200K 31. Bomby W211 E200ML 32. www888 W211 E200K 33. VBlaster_W211 E200 34. Merc20 W212 35. jonny7733 W211k Avantgarde Indium Grey on Black 36. Rolnah W211 E200K 37. eric19 W211 E200ML 38. edling W212 E250 CGI 39. joeyttk W212 E250 CGI 40. Pattanct W211 E200 41. Zjared W212 E250 CGI 42. camelot W211 E200K 43. klooless W211 E200K 44. pacman W212 E200 CGI 45. damagecar W124 200E 46. wanglaw W124 230CE Grafite grey 47. wanglaw W211 E350 Silver 48. Gideon W124 200E Light Blue 49. Gidfeon W211 Midnight Blue 50. mr w124 W124 200E 51. Mike W124 200E 52. oregon W124 200E Black on Grey 53. ken W212 White 54. woony W211 E200K Tanzanite Blue on Grey 55. jameslhm W124 200E 56. w123 W123 200E 57. carl888 W123 300TD 58. chickenbackside W211 E200K Avantgarde Indium Grey on Black 59. jsiau W211 E200ML 60. Vincemerz Diamond White W212 E250cgi 7G tronic AMG Panoromic Roof black interior 61. William Lim W212 E250 CGI Avantgrade Obsidian Black 62. Antz69 W212 E200 Elegance, Panoramic Roof, Iridium Silver and Black interior. 63. King Mariot W212 E350, Sport, Panoramic roof, white 64. Gromit W211 E230 Black 65. luckcent W211 E200ML 66. MB8778 W212 E200 CGI Avantgarde, Sport,Iridium Silver and Chestnut Brown interior 67. funnam W211 E200ML 68. Jumpstart W212 E200 Avantgarde, sport , diamond white! 7g 69. yeoyk28 W211 E230 Avantgarde 70. ykh1 W212 E200 CGI, Calcite white 71. stpocs W212 E200 Avantgarde 7g sport diamond white 72. fatboy888 W211 E200ML 73. Chippy_sg w212 E200 7g, 125 anniversary, tenorit grey 74. Leongpix W211 06' tanzanite Blue 75. Chia 699 W212 E250 CGI Elegance 7G-Tronic Tanzanite Blue 76. kkkho W212 E250 Avantgarde 7G-Tronic, 125 Anniversary, Cuprite Brown, Chestnut Brown interior 77. cloud210 W212 E250 Elegance 7G, 125 anniversary, palladium silver, grey interior 78. Ivanatics W211 E200K Avantgarde Black on Black 79. mbes6868 W212 E300 7G-Tronic Avantgarde Sport edition, Diamond white/ Chestnut Brown interior, GPS, Panoramic roof 80. WML888, W211 E200ML (Year 2006), blue with gray interior. 81. MBcrazy W212 E200CGI Beige on Beige 82. kclee99 W212 W250 Cuprite Brown 83. AC73 W211 E200ML Black On Black 84. Bran W212 E200 CGI Silver 85. Max W211 E350 Black 86. Tanck73 W212 E250 Avantgarde 87. Fattytey W212 E250 Avantgarde Black Beige Interior Panaroof 88. Dashy W212 E250 Avantgarde Sport Edition Tenorite Grey on Grey interior with Panaroof.. 89. joseph Yang W211 E200 90. kelvgoh W210 E200 Black Elegance 91. e250amg W212 Diamond White Sport Edition Pana Roof 92. justinjameslim W212 E250 Black Brabus B25 93. Coolio168 W124 E200 Gold 94. Shane W212 E200 Elegance CGI 7G-Tronic, Iridium Silver 95. goswimbikerun E200k W211 dark blue 96. archangel_01 W212 E250 CGI Avantgarde, Iridium Grey 97. grooverider W212 E250 egi 7G-Tronic 98. SkyHawk W211 E200K Avantgarde Iridium Silver 99. Pacman W212 E200CGI Elegant Palladium Silver 100. rmjunior W212 E200CGI Elegant Obsidian Black 101. manson131 W211 E200K Avantgarde Black 102. retiefgoosen W212 E200 cuprite brown 103. Hafizh - W212 E-300 Avantgarde 7G-Tronic Iridium Silver 104. buzz vic W212 E200 CGI Cuprite Brown 105. Banana55 W212 E250 Avantgarde 7G-tronic Palladium Silver with Chestnut Brown Interior 106. SteveC W211 E200 Grey 107. rlim1969 W211 E200K Avantgarde Grey 108. Ryanrally W211 black 109. SIlverMerc78 W212 E200 Elegance Silver 110. benzboy2013 W212 E250 silver 111. KOT W211 FL E200K Blue, 112 louis W212 e300 sedan silver 113. martinjames Silver E250 CGI Avantgarde with Panoramic Roof. 114. W124beginner W124 200E silver 115. leowzhawei FL W212 E250 AMG Sports Panoramic Roof 115. ywyw45 W211 E230 Ltd Ed Grey 116. fugulah W212 E250 117. oso W212 FL E200 Deep Blue 118. mikepact W212 E200 Diamond White 119. MercZai ♫ Loüis ッ FL W212 Avantgarde 120. xder555 W212 FL AMG Sport Package White 121. Whynot W124 200E 122. Lai FL W212 Iridium Silver 123. Sylenz W211 E200 Black on Black 124. rocknroll14 W212 E200 125. Orhbin W212 E200 Palladium Silver Panoramic Roof 126. Benn W212 E250 127. Kellogs -FL W212 E250 Iridium silver + dark brown leather seat 128. AHYEO - W211 - E230 129. Innocuous - FL W212 E250 Elegance 130. steven77 - FL W212 E200 Avantgarde 131. colin - W211 E200K 132. F&F - W212 - E250 black exterior beige interior 133. corgi - FL W212 -E 200 Avantgarde, covelline blue, Leather crystal grey / seashell grey 134. mogan - W211 - E200 ngt 135. Pininy - FL W212 Avantgarde 136. furry - W212 E200 137. Merci - FL W212 Avantgarde Iridium silver and black interior 138. dyeosh W212 E200 Elegance grey with black interior. 139. RSG Sagaran - W212 E250 140. Sinner108 - FL W212 Dolomite brown with Chestnut brown interior. 141. Griffin - FL W212 - Avantgarde 142. Ncs - W212 250 CGI Avantgarde black 143. newbie88 - W212 Hyacinth Red 144. dlubis - FLW212 E250 Avantgarde 145.Mer-ed n Reddy - FLW212 E299 146. Adam.Ng - FLW212 E200 Edition E 147. E Edition - FLW212 E Edition 148. elviskua - FLW212 E Edition 149. 2bee0rn0t2bee - FLW212 E Edition Hyacinth Red 150. iMac -FL W211 E200KNGT ( Officially converted to Petrol Only Vehicle from 2017) 151. Pagoda - FL W212 E200 E Edition 152. dlubis - FL W212 E250 Avantgarde 153. Mer-ed n Reddy - FL212 E200 154.Adam.Ng - FL W212 E200 E Edition 155.E Edition - FL W212 E200 E Edition 156. elviskua - FL W212 E Edition 157. 2bee0rn0t2bee - FL W212 Hyacinth Red E Edition 158. Francis Yap E250 159. ToeKneE - PFL W212 E300 Avantgarde 160. RuS - W211 E200K 161. JSnoob - W124 200E 162. t13 - FL W212 E200 163. Sinner108 - FL W212 164. lks328 - FL W212 165. Jgoh88 - FL W212 E250 166. twisterstorm - FL W212 E250 AMG 167. dirtflower - PFL E250 168. autoswede - W213 Cavansite Blue 169 john see - W213 Cavansite Blue Updated by Kepiting1sg 25 Sep 2017 8.30pm
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    As I see it, there are no other explanations except that these cars coincidentally ALL have boost issues in their stock condition or dyno has an issue. A very valid question which should be answered here openly for all to understand better.
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    making our life a little bit easier....here's repeating the post I did some days ago... West: Try Perfect Power at Bukit Batok WCEGA Plaza #06-12, look for Michael 85227011 or Ah Keong. East: Chip Soon at Tampines (behind Safra Tampines), look for Daniel/Jason 67864648. Kaki Bukit: Zen Auto, look for Ah Hui 96270903. Kaki Bukit: JSM Motorsport, look for Victor 91824688 (mod lights specialist.) JB: WeCare at Permas Jaya, book in advance, Francis Chin +6073866933 All above can bring your own spare-parts and they charge labor.... Anyhow, all above WS must also exercise and perform what all Singaporeans do, BARGAIN! Google for their exact location. *had used all of them. Services are decent. Local Mercedes spare parts supplier (I copied and paste...works done by other bros too): Gallop Autoparts 3 Pemimpin Drive #02-05, Lip Hing Industrial Building Singapore 576147 Tel : (65) 6258 7203 Fax : (65) 6258 7395 Email : gallop@pacific.net.sg web: http://www.gallopaut.../contactus.aspx Monday - Friday : 9am - 6pm Saturday : 9am - 1pm (Shop Open Sat but they don’t sell parts as Sat is their days stock take etc) Sunday & Public Holidays : Closed ************************************************************************ Min Ghee Auto Pte Ltd 8, Jalan Lembah Kallang, #01-01 Min Ghee Building, S339564 Tel: (65) 6298 3888 (15 Lines) • Fax:(65) 6297 0863 • Email: info@minghee.com web: http://www.minghee.com Mercedes Benz Department Mr Ong Hai Choon Tel No.: (65) 6298 9627 Fax No.: (65) 6294 1450 ************************************************************************ Goldenlink Auto Oversea enquiries Email : enquiry@goldenlink.com.sg Web:http://www.goldenlink.com.sg/ Kaki Bukit Branch 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1 01-43 Enterprise One S(415394) Tel: 6749 9323 Waterloo Street Branch Blk 261 Waterloo Street #01-30 Singapore 180261 Tel:6337 1133 6337 1134 Sin Min Autocare Branch Block 176 Sin Ming Drive #02-19 Sin Ming Autocare Singapore 575721 Tel:6553 1101 6553 1201 ********************************************************************** Surpass Auto Parts Supplies Pte Ltd Mr Lim KB Industrial Building #01-33 10 Kaki Bukit Road 1 (S)416175 Tel: 67476016 *********************************************************************** Hup Soon Tat Auto Tdg 466 Serangoon Road #01-01 S(218225) Tel:62947100 Email: hupsoontat@pacific.net.sg ************************************************************************ Premier Auto Parts Pte Ltd Blk 32 Sin Ming Drive #01-335 Singapore 575706 Tel: 6458 7833 ************************************************************************* Tye Soon Limited 3C Toh Guan Road East Tye Soon Building S608832 Tel : (65) 6567 8101 (Sales) Email : tyesoon1@singnet.com.sg Web: http://www.tyesoon.com.sg Another Town Office branch at: (Majority Merc Original Parts, not so much OEM parts) Blk 261, Waterloo Street #01-31/37 Waterloo Centre, Singapore 180261 Tel: 6336 6439 ************************************************************************* Chua Auto Supply 138 Owen Road Tel: 63920758 Eng Soon Auto Pte Ltd (Only sell OEM parts) 1090,1092,1094 Serangoon Road, Spore 328192 Tel: 6291 7775 Website: www.engsoon.com.sg ************************************************************************** Automexim Supplies & Parts House Pte Ltd 580 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218194 Phone: 6295 5593 ************************************************************************
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    Expecting to collect my E250 Avantgarde next month, so started thinking of some mods. Adding options from C&C has been difficult without drastically affecting delivery date or price. So I've been thinking about what mods are achievable after market, and at cost efficiency. I'm listing down some possibilities here to share, and appreciate suggestions and comments: 1) Rims. Stock is 18", staggered. Would be nice to change to at least 19". 2) Night Package. A nice mod for light coloured cars. Can be achieved with stickers or spray paint. 3) Bodykits. AMG Line? E63? 4) Boot spoilers 5) Roof spoilers 6) Air filter. K&N reusable filters are normally the goto filter for most cars. But there has been some not so satisfactory reviews on the use of K&N in W213. Perhaps wait for more experiences. 7) Steering wheel. Change to AMG flat bottom. Note that you need to get the ones with airbag. The airbag in the stock steering wheel cannot be reused. 8) Air Balance Package. Elebest says they can do this. 9) AMG sports pedal 10) Burmester speaker cover 11) BBK 12) Lowering springs, if you find your ride not low enough 13) Tyres, if you dislike harsh run-flats 14) Side mirror covers, such as the CF ones for E63 15) Door pin. These comes in aluminium only for the Exclusive. For Avantgarde and AMG Line, its black plastic. You can change these to aluminium, or AMG ones, if you fancy. Apparently, the door pins on W213 can just be screwed off without removing door panels (even for the rear door). I'm skipping performance mods like ECU tunes for now, since our understanding of the engines is still rather immature.
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    Just confirmed my delivery on 7th Oct. Will post pics.
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    Talking about depreciation my my E Edition. A hefty $56K for 20 months. Order for new one color selenite grey and black leather.
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    Did not expect I would change my W212 so quickly...thought i would drive it for 20 yrs or more. But in the end, took the plunge as the color i wanted was available. This will be a keeper and I’ll be even happier to drive it for 20 yrs or more. 151. Pagoda - FL W212 E200 E Edition W213 E250 AVG
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    How to remove and install the door lock pins yourself. Applies to most if not all Mercedes car models. 1. Tools and material - replacement door lock pins (make sure they are the correct dimensions and length) - claw wrench - rag 2. Original plastic door lock pin, make sure it is in unlocked postion. Retract your windows fully to prevent accidental damage from the wrench action. 3. Using the rag to protect the relatively soft plastic door pin, grab the pin firmly with the claw wrench and twist it in anti-clockwise direction. 4. How the removed plastic door lock pin and the anchoring screw stub looks like. 5. Installation of the stainless steel door pins are simply twisting them in clockwise direction till they are finger tight. I don't find any good reason to make them tighter than that. Unlocked position: Locked position:
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    Congratulations to all the new owners of W213! Hope all of you enjoy the ride and share with us here on both your positive or negative experiences so that we can learn from one another. Best regards!
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    Black hood mercedes badge. Very good quality copy. Fits perfectly.
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    Just did a swap of my hood badge for the black one to match with my black rim caps. 1. Preparation: - 3M Painter's Tape to protect your paintwork. - trim removal tool (not too big as you want the pry edge to be as narrow as possible to get under the tight fitted badge) - rag for cleaning up finger prints and the dirt under the original badge. - of course the badge you want to swap for. Make sure is the correct model. Note the 2 pins in vertical alignment. Some are horizontal. 2. Paste the 3M Painter's Tape around the hood badge as close to the edge as possible. 3. Use your trim removal tool and try to get the narrowest edge underneath the badge. Try all round to find a relatively looser spot. Once you get your tool under, it is very easy to simply wedge the trim removal tool further in. Go all around to ease the badge up without breaking the 2 anchoring pins. 4. Once the badge is removed, you can see the grommets holding the badge pins down. No need to replace these unless they are worn or you have removed the badge forcibly at an awkward angle, damaging them in the process. Clean up the dirt around the area and position your new replacment badge (check and double check the orientation!) before pressing it down. 5. Stand back and admire your handy work!
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    Almost all the chrome area
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    W204 "secret" features Saw this in Malaysia forum.. Didnt verify myself and most of it is in our manual (*Copied from : http://www.mbworld.org/forums/c-class-w204/249371-w204-secrets-thread.html *) (*Updated on 090821 for #45*) 1) aux input in glove compartment. 2) aux input is accessed from cd menu (in my non-multimedia pkg). 3) hold alarm on/off pointed at small square on driver's-side door handle to open/close sunroof and windows. 4) power source in glove box is 12v switched (i remember there was some discussion about that). 5) if you have the automatic tranny, push the stick to the left and hold it there, it'll downshift to the gear lowest possible to allow you to be in the powerband to pass cars. And pushing the stick to the right side and hold it there will put you back into the normal automatic shifting mode. 6) Little arrow on the fuel gauge points to the side of the car that the fuel filler is on. 7) there is a way to reset your service indicators and other lighting options by pressing the OK and TALK button I believe. 8) badges in back leave no holes except for the star. (???) 9) A slight tap of up or down on the turn signal tree allows the turn signal to flash 3-4 times for a lane change and then shuts off automatically. No need to full engage the turn signal and shut it off manually. 10) Steps to Reset the TCU. Resetting the TCU will reset transmission to factory shift points and the car will 'relearn' your driving style. (a.) Turn the ignition key to the on (not start) position. (b.) Press the gas pedal to the floor and hold for five seconds. (c.) Turn the key to the "off" position (don't remove the key), then release the gas pedal. (d.) Wait at least two minutes for TCU to reset. 11) brake rotors stay at peak efficiency from feathering initiated after a certain number of windshield wipes during rain. 12) headlamp cleaners activate every 10 windshield washes. 13) when the sun / Pano roof is left open on an extremely hot sunny day, the car will automatically close it (tilt position) after a while ( when the car is parked) (euro p2 version only) 14) again if the car is equipped with Sun/Pano roof as well as rain sensing wipers, the car will again close (tilt position) the roof as soon as the sensors detect rain ( when the car is parked ) (possible euro p2 only) 15) PRE-SAFE system, which automatically closes open windows, sunroof, and move the seats, headrest + steering wheel to a more protective position - all done within milliseconds as soon as the car senses that an accident is imminent. This is the 2nd stage of pro-safe. First stage is the passive pre-emptive measure, like ESP etc. The 3rd stage is post an accident, which includes automatice shut down of engine and cutting off fuel supply + turning on hazards lights + lowering windows slightly + unlocking all doors. 16) rollbackassist : if i am on steep hills, i notice a roll back assist engages. I think it might happen if i press down on the brakes a bit harder. Release and the car holds itself for a few seconds before rolling back. Works Great! 17) autosense wipers that actually work! 18) on the cruise control stalk: If you push the stalk all the way up, it will increase the speed to the next 5mph increment (ie 52 goes to 55). If you push it down it will decrease the speed to the next 5mph increment (ie 58 goes to 55). 19) this is not somthing you can controll but the new W204 also has vents behind the rear wheels that exit out of the tail lights to keep them clean but more inportantly helps to give the car an overall drag coeffienecy of ONLY .29 20) with the MM the stereos volume will raise if you enter an area with loud noise. 21) If you have the transmission in C, and you punch off the line hard, it uses 1st gear, not second. 22) Leave your headlights in Auto mode & the parking lights & fogs will remain lit when you arm or disarm your car when it is dark. 23) Little arrow on the fuel gauge points to the side of the car that the fuel filler is on. 24) While listening to a cd, the music register or satelite radio, we all know that sometimes you can't read the full title of the song playing. Just press the # button on the dash and you will see the full title and the artist. 25) * key will allow you to jump to a specific track or radio station 26) If you have previously engaged your cruise control at lets say 70mph and are off cruse control but want to reset it to your current speed, raise the cruise control lever to the up position. This will reset it to your current speed where if you pulled the lever towards you, you'll be returned to the previous set speed. 27) slight tap on blinker gives a short 3 blinks for lane changes 28) if you use two fingers you can do all fore windows at the same time, up or down. 29) when the trunk is up and you're still in the driver's seat, you can see out the back, through the center mirror. The hinge lifts up and away, letting you see oncoming traffic before you open the door. 30) Auto dimming mirrors get light when in reverse. 31) dial mounted on the center console will not allow you to change stations or functions display unit unless the hood is raised. 32) In autos, u dont have to turn the ignition key all the way to start the vehicle. in other words, car can start before u complete the turn of the key. Also the car won’t let you re-try the ignition if the car is already on. 33) hood can be pushed up to 90 degrees while open 34) Discovered this feature yesterday. I had the wipers on permanent, not auto intermittent. When I stopped at a traffic light, rather than continuing on wiping permanently, it went into auto intermitent mode by itself. Then as soon as I started driving again, it reverted back to permanent wiping. 35) Wipers, will auto stop when the car stops, then resume when you start driving, with an occasional wipe as needed. This functions works in any mode you have your wipers on. It is dependent on how much it is raining. If it is raining alot dont expect them to stop. 36) Also when you are going down hill with your foot off the gas or on the brake, the car will shift down the tranny so you will have more controll and power to the wheels if you need it. 37) you only get the beep beep beep on the alarm if you actually have an alarm. otherwise just lights will flash. 38) tilt down mirror won't tilt down if you're backing up quickly 39) tunnel mode is available on the 2009 w204 (hold down air-recirculation button) 40) trunk has emergency release on the inside that stays lit for 60 minutes after closing. 41) To set and activate tilt down mirror when engage reverse gear, put ignition key to position 2, adjust passenger side mirror, press "m" memory button and its done. 42) To open driver's door only - press "lock" and "unlock" at the same time in remote control for 5-6 secs until the red LED blink. Now if you press "unlock", only the driver's door will be unlocked. Press "unlock" again, all other doors will unlock. To cancel the mode, press both "lock" and "unlock" for 5-6 secs until the red LED blick. 43) With key in ignition switch, if you open the driver's door, the rest of the doors will remain locked. 44) You can switch on aircon by pressing the Air-recirculation button (center button of temperature control, driver's side) 45) if you have your wipers on intermittant and you push the wiper stalk in briefly (without triggering the windshield washers), the wipers wipe rapidly 9 times then return to intermittant mode. This is handy when you are driving in light rain and suddenly get splash by passing vehicles.
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    This thread is just for sharing items from Taobao that GLC owners have bought and proven will fit well for our local GLCs. China GLCs are LHD and ours are RHD. Of course comments on quality and fitment will be appeciated for benefit of owners keen to purchase and install.
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    Mercedes E250 came by seeking our assistance to diagnose several issues that it was plagued with after it was tuned by another local tuner who has minimal experience with continental makes. Owner claimed he felt that his car actually lost power after the tune. We proceeded to dyno the car with road load simulation and it was making about 171hp and 296nm (at the crank est). We then removed the unichip and ran the car on the Dyno again to measure its stock power. It measured a shocking 173hp & 302nm. It actually made more power and torque without the tune. Here is the graph. After all necessary data was collected, we went on to retune the car. And here is the result. The car gained 18hp and a whopping 45nm extra more torque (at the crank est) over the previous tune. No CEL (check engine light), no DTC (diagnostic trouble codes), no boost cuts, no ECU failures etc. Just a good clean tune with good power delivery across the rev range.
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    From what I read, TPMS in overseas GLC has 2 versions 1) TPMS with sensors installed in all 4 wheels that will show individual tire pressure readings on the car display. 2) TPMS without physical wheel sensors. It reads off rotational differences via ABS sensors. Will not have individual tire pressure display. Will only warn you to check your tires if it detects sudden change in single tire pressure relative to the other 3.
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    Genuine Mercedes Benz GLC x253 Shallow Boot Tub Liner - New & Unused for S$119 https://carousell.com/p/122632683 on #carousell
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    It really works ! In fact, even better if its applied on NEW wiper. It swipe clean and no juddering.
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    Hi bros, collected my GLC250d on Oct 10, dekit side step at AF Motorworkz at Kaki Bukit. Went to Bedok North Ave 3 for food and found another bro parked beside me. Mine is the grey unit from PI. They have 1 unit blue colour left. Enjoying my ride
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    I tried the Armorall Extreme Tyre Shine gel too about 3 weeks ago. I got so annoyed by the juddering after 1 year of ownership. I bot new wipers and it juddered!! So, I changed back to the old wipers and applied only on the part of the blade that touches the windscreen. It has been 3 weeks and still NO more juddering. I cleaned off the oil stains with dish washing liquid and paper towels😁👍
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    Good news from my end too! Car is here and should be delivered by next weekend! Pics and video to come!
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    From the album niktes148

    my W222...
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    Definitely more power for custom tuning but engine damage wise, i feel it's subjective depending on tuner. 😂 Anyway items had been used for around 6 months... no issue for me.
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    Hyacinth Red is a rare colour. You will be recognised easily on the road
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    though I would say, basis extra performance, if i did not own an Audi prior, I would have gone for the RS3 at 400 bhp...
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    Hope car prices won’t go up anymore as we are already paying heftily for them! 😞
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    Hi am new here ....haven't got my ride yet but decided to join the gang here. I have zeroed in on a preowned 2013 E250 Avantgarde and hopefully I can get one with FL. I have been looking at sgcarmart and yet to find a 2013 FL model. could be be that FL was introduced for 2014 models? Sorry, I am a car noob and I am lost with all the Wxxx and the Classic/Elegance/AVG models...... lots of research to do..... Meanwhile, any tips from the gang here will be much appreciated. btw, I have not seen too many maroon colored E250s.....the common colors are Black, white, Dark blue and Silver
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    Chrome foglamp fin covers x 4 pieces. Perfect fit.
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    hehe... dunno why... my current C4 Grand Picasso doesn't have it, maybe most cars dun have it?
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    Not that la, but mine 1 side show E200, 1 side kosong, feel not as nice. Some others may prefer it nothing there but I feel it look naked, purely personal preference.
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    Hi guys, selling my orgiGinal Mercedes bonnet from my c180 coupe. In good condition, replaced it with an aftermarket one so have no use for it. It's the factory silver/light blue Color but can be resprayed black or any Color to suit. Pick up only from Punggol waves. $300.
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    Don't dare to ask the price for them to install for me... wallet will have a big hole I would love to do the armytrix which is already in sg... just that it is not LTA compliant
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    Very good recommendation indeed. Tried it and it works really well, although have a bit of stains on the first few wipes. Autobacs having a sale for this Armorall gel now. Go get it.
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    These are given by C&C, was hiding below the boot, to prevent thing moving around behind the boot
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    Just tried another angle:
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    taken from another forum. There is little known detailed information on the PI business. Recently have done some homework and will share with all of you the objective facts. Of course some chaps wont like this post, but it's all about transparency and sharing what I have found in the process of due diligence while considering selecting the next purchase. As long as you know the truthful facts and what they imply - then the potential buyer can make his/her own informed decision on the purchase you are free to spend you hard earned money on PI or AD car as you so wish. PI cars come with factory warranty? - Yes they come with factory warranty provided both the following conditions are met: (1) the PDI (predelivery inspection) is done by an authorised dealer (2) the service schedule is diligently adhered to and the service booklet stamped by an Authorized service center. - With regards to PDI, some official brands in SGP refuse to PDI the cars at all for the PIs. Hence you will see high end PI sports cars (some 911s!) getting the PDI stamp in funny places like perhaps india! strange but true. - Why is the PDI important: this make sure that during the transit and delivery from the factory, the car arrives at the customer in a standard that is fit for purchase by the customer. this does not mean just a wash and polish and stripping off the paint protector plastic. For complex german cars the factory will disable most things in the car and place the car in a "transport mode" - to exit this mode you will need a factory diagnostic tool to enable this change.....you dont simply drive on-and-off the car on a Ro-ro transporter ship....its much more complex than this! PDI is not clear, now i need the service stamps - Even if the PDI is cleared by an authorized dealer now you must collect the service stamps. Most PIs tell you that they have tie ups and you can service you car at ABC & XYZ workshop and get the service book stamped. Obviously none of these are authorized service centers....therefore the stamp is not valid in any sense when presented to the factory for claims. I learnt from the representatives of the brands that this is a must because only the authorized service center is equipped with the tools and knowhow and prior training to work on the vehicle. There are specialized diagnostic computers and software. there are specific 'guided fault finding' protocols, specific repair instructions and manuals. Germans are tight ass engineers - every screw has a torque rating assiged to it and the factory will provide all this info and knowhow to the authorized agent. If the car was cared for by the proper people, then the factory will be in a position to honor the warranty. Was offered all manner of things including up to 5 years warranty from some chap. When I asked if their appointed service center had the knowhow and the proper computers for the diagnostics + electronic repair manuals - the silence was golden! So now you have the proper PDI & service and your gearbox breaks Yes you can claim....but you have to fork out the amount upfront first usually. Here's how it works with an Authorized dealer car: - you blow up the 30 grand double clutch gearbox - car under warranty and properly serviced. - in general, AD will change you gearbox and deal with the factory, the bulk of the claim is transparent to you. even if the factory says no full claim refund the AD will shut up and wont ask you to pay for the difference would they? Here's how it works with the PI car: - blow up the gearbox - parts will be sourced from the AD cos the PI will ultimately go to them for all these big issues. - you pay upfront say $30k cash and wait for the gearbox - then your damage gets assesed, and let say the factory says they will only pay you back $20k. you are 10K out of pocket immediately. - some of the PIs might offer to top up this difference, some not at all, some avoid this topic of conversation - the process is much more difficult and not transparent to you et cetera. a good example is the M3 from a PI. at least PLM still touch it. try bringing a PI 911 to stuggart and you will get a even stiffer answer. Is my PI car brand new? Yes - according to the PI. NO. according to the factory and here is why exactly: The PI will take the car from another country, in the bulk of the cases the car will have to be registered in that country of origin - *this is when the factory warranty starts*. Then the PI imports it and it sits in the showroom locally for say 6 mths. you lose 6 mths from the date registered with the factory. Of course some of the PIs give great service and will still somehow find a way to honor the promised warranty for a given period. this may be performed outside the knowledge of the factory and at the PIs expense. *PI will always tell you that the car is brand new and never registered. Well i have done some detective work and can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that (almost all) cars are indeed registered in another country before importing to SGP and there is a paper trail to prove it. *please note that this discussion will not entail a car known as a used import. dont even bother with these. when you find out that your OMV is rock bottom low on these classes of PI cars you wont buy them* The only time the car is indeed really not registered is when the PI group themselves are the official Dealer of that particular car in the foreign country. PI cars may not be specific for SGP Tropical Climate. Most of your german autobahn stormers are sourced from europe. they are very likely not topicalized for this region. there are subtle differences for the cars in terms of cooling like additional radiators etc. also there are different states of tuning also for the high performance cars for a hotter climate. when we go into diesel in the future the tuning too will be different for European Diesel vs Diesel meant for countries that have higher sulphur contents et cetera. Let say you have a non tropicalised "bi-turbo tricked out GT bahn stormer cruise missile". Of course if the dammed thing then has an overheating problem here being imported from Europe - the AD sure as hell aint gonna help you. you can see how much trouble this might escalate into. just ask an owner of a certain xxx DTM that is PI. its a 1millon dollar paperweight!:wacky PI cars have lower resale just ask any PI porsche owner or BMW owner what the market sentiment is like for their cars there are more things that i can ramble on about but I will stop here: In Summary when you distill every debated point down one singularity, you have only one issue to deal with when considering buying a car: - it is not about the outright purchase price. you must see it as a TCO event (Total Cost of Ownership). What is your Total Cost of Ownership? What can the AD do for you? good will? longtime customer? etc etc What can the PI offer you in terms of written assurance for the automobile which is probably 2nd most expensive purchase in your life after a house. if you are clear and know, then by all means you are free to spend you hard earned dosh at either for various reasons of your own.
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    Change your aircon filter. Use a can of sonax disinfectant. Viola, gao deem. I did that to mine. The filter form the previous pwner has this sourish smell. After the change, no smell at all.