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    For those interested to have instructions on how to remove the door panel, please refer to the other thread on that. http://www.sgmerc.com/topic/25356-glc-remove-front-internal-door-panel/ After the interior door panel is removed, this is what you have. Notice the empty triangular speaker grille? Look at the following picture for reference on where are the clips and connection points. This will let you know where to push/pull to release the stock grille as well as where the new rotary tweeters should be installed. The highlights are colour coded to show where the surfaces are mated. Blue to blue, green to green and red to red. The 3D Rotary Tweeter main housing installed in the position of the former orginial empty speaker grille. This is the 3D tweeter held up and labeled to show the important connection points. Essentially split into 2 sets: S= Speaker L=Led. The various connection points before attachments After connecting to some of the stock door connectors Now hold up the interior door panel, connect S1 connector to the door panel speaker, plug one of the blue connectors to "5" slot of the DCM. Plug the other blue connector to L2 connector. Next, you are ready to reinstall the door panel: - reattach the door latch wire - thread the door lock knob through the hole in the door panel - line up all the panel holder 8+1 bits, make sure the top horizontal window edge is "hooked" along the attachment ledge. Start to give firm hard thud using heel of your palms to secure down the door panel to the metal frame. - screw in the 2 T30 torx screw into the original holes. - switch on your engine and enjoy the fruits of your labour!
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    Hi bertzz, I've installed Racechip Ultimate on my ride for about 3 weeks now. Initial response can feel car is livelier and more responsive. Car feels livelier to drive now. I'm still monitoring fuel consumption (FC). First 2 tank after installation of Racechip ultimate showed slight improvement in FC. Currently I'm getting about 12.0-13.4km/L compared to the original 11.5km/L. Besides the FC, I liked the addition of Racechip on my CLA as the car is definitely less draggy than stock now. You can pm me for more queries. Cheers, and enjoy your new ride soon!
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    The truth behind '3-legged star' is - start work at 8, lunch at 12 and offwork at 5.
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    Hey jtang thank you so much and I even wanna kiss you! I had to register and say something. I live in LA and had exactly the most annoying wiper blades in my car! It was so embarrassed when my friends sitting in my car. How could a premium brand car's wiper blades made such noise! Of course I have seen every post relates to wiper blades on mbworld.org, and also few of the Chinese websites/forums to try to find a solution. As always, nothing really worked, until now! I am so glad I didn't give up searching and I've got lucky enough to see this post! Thank you so so much again jtang, this gel is like a magic. It just made the wiper blades smooth as hell! Jesus this is amazing, it is magic! My 4matic SUV is no more a vehicle that being afraid of the rain and snow! I love you, thank you haha! This solution should be told to all the MB owners all over the world! The wiper blades problem is pretty common in MB cars for sure.
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    Selling away my Original AMG RIM. 18 inch staggered set up for the fierce and beautiful look. PCD is 5x 112. From C 200 Amgline Selling away PS4 tyres too. Bought recently from Leong Seng. my Tyre set up is Front 225 /45/18 and rear 245/40/18. (Can verify from Leong Seng) In excellent condition. Just Respray one week ago to matt black. No accident, never kanaa pot hole. No kerb rash. Recently done sticker job to look nicer. Authentic Original Amg Rims with very new PS4 tyres and beautiful black merc Rim cap to go along with the Car. Text me at 81111002 to deal. Rim and tyres will be available a month later. Interested buyer can pay for balancing to test. Thanks! Selling away rims without Tyre at $1500. Negotiable for sincere buyer. Thanks Original selling at $4k plus Used selling at 3k plus. Looking at $2000. For rims and tyres together with sticker recently done. Low baller will be ignored! Thanks interested buyer can be arrange to view at my place. Car seldom drive. Only use to commute from house to shop of 650m daily. staggered set up look nice on Car and handle Car better too. With rear Tyre profile at 245 and front 225. It looks like Car been lowered and it really flush with the car. Excellent and beautiful rims with new tyres.
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    Harman Kardon Surround system successfully retrofitted in our workshop together with Comand Online NTG4.5:
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    It's likely only a sensor that's gone kaput. Cheap cheap. If you restart car and it's still not moving or jerky then you know you're in trouble. Happened to me on my previous jag and all it took was a $80 sensor to get it up again. Happy to recommend my mechanic if you haven't got a regular yet.
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    Hi! Heres my humble little W204 C180 Kompressor with 18" MB rims
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    Hi all New owner ot B180. Looking forward to meeting all of you or advice from the seniors here.
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    Available on C-Class W205, E-Class W213, GLE W166 C292, CLA C117, GLA X153, B-Class W246. PM for details.
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    For bypass, do check if you can remove the car battery and will not affect the bypass. If not, there will be a problem if you change your car battery without supplying a parallel power source, the bypass will be gone and the ESL might revert back to original state.
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    Saw at other platform anyway up for u
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    Car engine and the exhaust sound vibrates, it gets transfer to the engine/ exhaust system. Thats why you see exhaust system has flex pipe and rubber mounting. Some time, adjustment (welding, reposition, bending, reshape of cover....etc) needs to be made for after market exhaust system due to under carriage spacing and clearance (Rattling is not normal, and usually means something is in contact). Exhaust specialist should be able to resolve the vibration for you.
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    My turn to get ESL. Manage to have the car started after twisting the steering left/ right, lock/ unlock a few times. Car has been behaving well since, but still worried it will come back again. Got quoted from 2 workshop, 1 offer 1k for recon, and 1.6k for new. Another workshop, ask me to do a bypass so it woundnt happen again, at 1k. Anyone have cheaper option? Anyone try the bypass method before, any feedback?
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    I was recently 'saved' by the stock run flat tires on my C180. I was driving back from KL when I hitted a nail in the tire. It was raining very heavily non stop. Very scary, can't even see the road 100m ahead. When I finally reached the causeway, encountered this huge neck to neck traffic jam for 4 hours. Reached home midnight. No way out nor tire shops at all. The run flats brought my family home safely. Only managed to change the tire the next day......phew, suddenly its worth the price and the noise and the poor grip etc .... This one event could have put my whole family in danger if not for the run flats.
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    My ride with plastic dip on grille and side mirrors & 18"
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    For burger lovers, you should try the cheap and good wagyu burger at De Burg, 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1, #01-40, Stall 1 & 2. It's used to be at Ghim Moh, but moved here recently. Next to Alexandra Food Centre. After meal, can go to Mercedes Benz Centre and see car... hehehe
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