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    Been obsessed in finding a solution to this common Mercedes bugbear since 2010 when I first had a C250. Some old timers would have read my thread that I wrote on juddering wipers. Even after changing to a CLA45....the problem still persisted. Went thru many threads on this topic in other Mercedes forums & have done many 'been there tried that' suggestions that were thrown up. I was in the AMG Private Lounge recently & saw some old threads on this topic (2014) when I read an inconspicuous 1 line post by a member. Apparently no one paid any attention to him as there was no follow up on his suggestion. He said that he applied 1 coat of Amour All Tyre Gel on his wipers and that solved his problem for good. I was skeptical, but WTH...I have a Amour All Gel sitting in my garage, why not give it a shot? Instead of 1 coat....I gave it 2 coats (typical kiasu S'porean) It really works! Immediately, the wipers were super smooth. After 3 downpours....it still sweeps smoothly. I have 2 other used sets of aftermarket wipers in my garage which were casted aside as they were juddering just as bad. Applied the gel on them also....voila! It works on them! Amazing solution....go try it! Pls don't ask whether other tyre gel works....you try it & update here. Sharing is caring.
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    Hi @vincentwee, I'm sorry that you saw my post as a long advertisement. In fact I have to say I'm a little bemused by your response. My objective of the post was to share with fellow members on the pros, cons and challenges between using piggybacks, loading and custom tuning ECU maps. (And any other hardware mods that could affect the ECU) Partly motivated as well cos I have heard many bros (and maybe sis) complaining about the issues they have faced with piggybacks and simply loading ECU maps from other workshops. Hence I thought it will be good to share my positive experience with Dynotechnica rather than having more peers to go through more painful experiences. I am not trying to convince but merely informing my peers here about tuning workshops. End of the day the decision lies with the car owner. As for your difficulties in understanding of my post, if it is too complicated, I can suggest you to ignore it or try to contact Benny @Dynotechnica to find out more about tuning. He has tuned more luxurious cars like Bentley and beast-mode cars like GTR before so I think a S300 should not be too big of an issue for him. (Best to check with him though.) And I'm pretty sure he will be able to explain much better than me since that's really more of his job than mine. Maybe it's not a question of how it will help a S300 but rather a question of how you want your S300's driving experience to be. I'm sorry again if this reply is too long for you. Perhaps it is in my nature to be longwinded.
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    Hey jtang thank you so much and I even wanna kiss you! I had to register and say something. I live in LA and had exactly the most annoying wiper blades in my car! It was so embarrassed when my friends sitting in my car. How could a premium brand car's wiper blades made such noise! Of course I have seen every post relates to wiper blades on mbworld.org, and also few of the Chinese websites/forums to try to find a solution. As always, nothing really worked, until now! I am so glad I didn't give up searching and I've got lucky enough to see this post! Thank you so so much again jtang, this gel is like a magic. It just made the wiper blades smooth as hell! Jesus this is amazing, it is magic! My 4matic SUV is no more a vehicle that being afraid of the rain and snow! I love you, thank you haha! This solution should be told to all the MB owners all over the world! The wiper blades problem is pretty common in MB cars for sure.
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    Could it be wind noise from the windows cos CLA coupe design is more obvious. Or the aircon pipe sound which I encounter before.
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    PIAA Si-Tech Silicone Wiper for ALL MERCEDES MODEL with free installation Starting from $70 per piece (1 WIPER) / $135 per set (2 WIPER). Imported Set. Solved 99% wiper juddering problem easily. Why spend $160+ at C&C or Autobacs? When you can get a PIAA Si-Tech Silicone Wiper at a lower price! Cheapest seller in singapore for PIAA Si-Tech Wiper For All Continental Cars. Preorder only. Next shipment is during Late November/ Early December. Feel free to Whatsapp me at 96566659. The PIAA Si-Tech (Silicone Technology) Flat Wiper Blade is an all-season, durable wiper blade that incorporates PIAA's patented silicone rubber. The key to the PIAA Si-Tech's performance is its frameless design that creates more pressure points across the entire length of the blade for streak-free wiping. The silicone coating reduces drag and eliminates annoying and inefficient chattering and squeaking, regardless of the shape of the windshield, to provide greater comfort for both driver and passenger. And the best part: the PIAA Si-Tech Flat Wiper Blades reapply the silicone coating every time the wipers are used. Silicone Wipers last up to 2x longer than standard wipers Coats windshield with water-repellent silicone with every wipe Frameless design provides even pressure points for quiet and streak free wiping Silicone rubber resists wear and damage from UV and sunlight exposure
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    I seemed to have found the problem. Monitoring for a few weeks before I post again.
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    Most welcome bro....happy wet motoring.
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    Yes, the Armor All Tire Shine works like a charm. It has been nearly a month since I applied the gel on the car wiper blades, the wipers still work fine. I can finally say goodbye to the irritating wiper juddering and noise! Thank you, jtang, for sharing the solution with us.
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    Hi all, New owner of W213, hope to learn more from the experience folks in here.
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    Hi Guys & gals juzz bump into fantastic deal,tot u fellas must b interested Dats my w212 quotation Mercedes-Benz E250 7G Genuine Fuel Filter - $560 Labour for all replacements - $120 *Downtime 2 hours. Retail Price = $680.00 Member Price = $596.00 Member GMP Price = $548.40 (Promo ends 31st Dec 2018) Please note that prices quoted are before GST & subjected to change without prior notice. *note:as it stands now another 10% off for genuine mb parts. is it a giveaway or what? think dey have another deal where u can purchase 3 minor svcs plus 1 major for an X amount. F...ing awesome deal ,if u ask me. Called & ask for ms Leslie
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    Nothing will happen. I start and use my car only once a month, or at most twice a month
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    Yes ! About the same
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    go for a long drive before you leave ...
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    Up for grabs 4 pieces of gunmetal 18" AMG rims with continental 225/40 2 brand new front tyres just went on last week!!! I need to swap for a 17" original so please pm me your rims. No scratches or kerb rash. Almost Perfect condition. Ownself pay labour and top up for my AMG rims. Asking only $1000 (new tyres already cost $360 so please tolong don't low-ball) AP brakes front 4pot with AP serial number verifications and photos. These brakes are superb! Go Google and do some homework on it. Brand New bought $3.5k. used less than a year. Pads still good! Asking $2500 only. Selling these as I'm letting go my ride so slightly negotiable for those seriously looking to buy. WhatsApp 97502703
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    Hi, looking for recommendation for fender rolling. I'm driving a W204, my tires tends to hit the fender on full passenger load. Thanks.
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    Replaced mine at Sin Ming Auto Center. ATE dust free pads. Unable to recall the shop name. I think is on the 4th floor. Try calling the owner James 92960289.
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    Head unit found. Moderator kindly remove or close this thread. Thk u!!!
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    No issues with the spacers and wheels set up. In fact, I kept the spacers when I upgraded to 20" staggered rims to bring the rear wheels even more flushed with the widened fenders. H&R spacers can be bought from ebay. Look for seller from Germany.
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    I changed mine to SACHS..purchased all 4 pieces at local stocklist at $360. Labour $200 included alignment after changing.
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    Thanks dyeeng much appreciated👍 Not realli new to mercs but am rather surprise,the amount of secrecy to all dis info. pm here pm there! c'mon guys? another my points of contention is ppl ask for wshop in the east ,in the west,anywhere NEAR their house! Our merk are all hi powered machine,it will b a joy to swing over to the best recommended ws even to the other side of the. island. we dun visit dis shop every week,every month of coarse ,dis is only my take on proceeding.
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    just booked mine with Vincar over a week ago. selected the premium plus model which has the 10.5" screen instead of the 7" and some other features.
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    stock brake pad about 23k mileage now.. sign of wearing off?
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    I'm also FL W204.... Hmmm... maybe i should go back again. LOL.
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    Boss didn't mention any risk to me, I went ahead with it as it was also recommended my C&C SA. Job was perfect, can't even tell any work has been done to it. Driving the FL W204. Fingers crossed, no rubbing issues so far yet.
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    Hi Bro, congrats! I was warned by them better not to roll and uneven wave might form on the fender.... May i ask which model are you driving? Thanks.
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    I know how u feel....my previous S class when I send it due to engine stall they only say one thing, Car old already, so its common.... I was like WTF its only 6 years and u say its old? The advice from them is Change car
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    I damn pek chek already you still laughing! C&C really can be very complacent with their existing customers. Waited for half a year till I threatened to complain to CASE before they got me a courtesy car. Send in for 5 days and call me saying there's no issue at all. Can't give me a reason why at times there's less then a finger gap between my tyre and fender. Only say that suspension gets weak as it ages. Thinking if PI might be a better option in future.
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    Did you managed to get your fender rolled in the end? I just collected my car from C&C, suspension weak and rubbing issues on rear right tyre (19"). SA says no issues with suspension and advised me to go roll my fenders. Even told me which area to roll.