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    For those interested to have instructions on how to remove the door panel, please refer to the other thread on that. http://www.sgmerc.com/topic/25356-glc-remove-front-internal-door-panel/ After the interior door panel is removed, this is what you have. Notice the empty triangular speaker grille? Look at the following picture for reference on where are the clips and connection points. This will let you know where to push/pull to release the stock grille as well as where the new rotary tweeters should be installed. The highlights are colour coded to show where the surfaces are mated. Blue to blue, green to green and red to red. The 3D Rotary Tweeter main housing installed in the position of the former orginial empty speaker grille. This is the 3D tweeter held up and labeled to show the important connection points. Essentially split into 2 sets: S= Speaker L=Led. The various connection points before attachments After connecting to some of the stock door connectors Now hold up the interior door panel, connect S1 connector to the door panel speaker, plug one of the blue connectors to "5" slot of the DCM. Plug the other blue connector to L2 connector. Next, you are ready to reinstall the door panel: - reattach the door latch wire - thread the door lock knob through the hole in the door panel - line up all the panel holder 8+1 bits, make sure the top horizontal window edge is "hooked" along the attachment ledge. Start to give firm hard thud using heel of your palms to secure down the door panel to the metal frame. - screw in the 2 T30 torx screw into the original holes. - switch on your engine and enjoy the fruits of your labour!
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    Just DIY installed my own set of 3D Rotary Tweeters for the GLCs with non-Burmester (ie. Audio 20) setup. Everyone knows by now the Audio 20 do not come with tweeters and the wing mirror area grilles are empty. Stock sound is passable for my non audiophile ears, but it could be better. I don't feel like spending 3-5k on aftermarket Burmester. The effect is amazing.... Especially if you have installed tha matching matt silver speaker grille covers for your mid speakers in the doors. The led lights will match the 3 colours of your original ambience light automatically. The center round piece will light up and rotate out on start up. Will retrack back when power down. There is an immediate improvement in the sound quality with better clarity and staging. It does so by hijacking rhe original signal to the mid range speakers and split the higher frequencies to the tweeters and sending the rest of the lower frequencies back to the mid range door speakers. Unboxing: Before: After: Startup sequence video:
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    There are request for DIY walkthrough for installation of the 3D Rotary tweeters. I shall split the instructions into 2 parts for categorization and ease of search. The tool you absolutely need is simply just a Torx driver with T30 Torx bit. The rest are really good to have: trim removal pry, grip work gloves, addition narrow tip flat heas screw driver to depress the connector's release tabs. And before starting, lower both the front windows until fully retracted, reduce the chance of brealing the glass panels. Next swtich off the engine and power to the car. 1. Using the T30 torx bit driver, unscrew the torx headed screws from the 2 locations circled in red. A magnetized torx bit will be better to make sure your unscrewed screws don't drop into some of the narrow gaps in the door frame. 2. Next, use the interior trim pry to pull the interior door panel from the metal door frame. The locations of the various panel studs are shown in the picture as illustrated. So pry at the right location. Be careful of the door lock stub once the panel is pulled free from the frame. Make sure you don't lose any of the panel studs. 3. Once the inteior door panel is free from the door frame, remember you still have a few connections to release before the whole panel can be moved aside. - Unhook the door latch cable and unplug the connector as shown. - unolug the original speaker cable and connector from the door panel speaker. - unplug the wires and blue connectors that are plugged into "5" and "6" slots on the Door Control Module (DCM) After all the above is done, you can remove the interior door panel and move it aside to a safe location so as not to scratch or damage the surfaces. Now you are ready to install the 3D Rotary tweeters.
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    All seniors Newbie reporting w PI (Full Specs) Designo White Glc Coupe200 AMG w driver assistance package , distronic, speedtronic,park assist..many others features yet to comprehend. ε€šε€šζŒ‡ζ•™ My gal called it PANDAπŸ˜„
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    We have 30 cars in 3 convoys!!! Thank you so much to everyone for the support! Will update pictures after the trip. Huat ah!
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    Go to ace battery and tyre at midview city. Look for ah siong. Best priced varta agm batteries fitted and also free battery test with a digital tester service available. Varta is the oem battery brand for Mercedes. Iirc 70ah agm varta is $290, 80ah agm varta is $330, 95ah agm varta is $450. All with gst and fitting inclusive.
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    Haha. A black car is nuch harder to maintain. This is a quote from one of the detailing forums: "I own a silver vehicle, and a black vehicle owns me. The black one demands attention, washing, detailing, waxing, and an occasional dinner out at a nice restaurant, while the silver one (new) demands nothing and it looks just fine. I am beginning to think the black vehicle is taking advantage of me, and the silver car is more my style. We can go out for a drive without her makeup and she looks fine. If I want to take the black one out, it is three or four hours in the "bathroom" to get ready."
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    Wah. I recall my mounting change around 50k mileage w cnc FOC. Urs 60k should be still under warranty to claim it? Unless ride already more than 3 years.
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    Nice photo shots! Do join us for the coming meet up on 17th if possible.
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    Got mine changed at workshop for about $800+. Can PM me i tell you more, mercedes mounting wear faster than others haha..
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    Hi Guys, I know this forum is funded by sponsors, and probably their rice bowl, but the profit margins they are taking from all the retrofitting is getting a little out of hand. Started this thread to share important information so all other C class users and GLC users can save $$$. Appreciate users who have knowledge on these info to come forward to share. Wrote this post because I'm taken aback by how much Elebest charges for the retrofit, $2000. Blown away. The smart phone integration pack for A class or B class is only $300. Also I'm a little disappointed that this forum don't share prices. Users, please share price, so fitters don't get to rip us off! Attached is car-play integration set, and its cheap. https://www.ebay.com/itm/OEM-GENUINE-MERCEDES-BENZ-SMARTPHONE-INTEGRATION-PACKAGE-B-CLASS-CLA-C117-/272403481489 Its only $90 US for the licence. Please, C class owners, before going to any fitters, go with eyes wide open about their margins. car-play.pdf
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    Hi all bros, new owner of a W204 here! πŸ€šπŸΌπŸ‘‹πŸΌ Bought some kits from a nice bro on the forum here and did up a little on my car so far!
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    typically MB USA confirmed that they are releasing Apple Car Play for Audio 20 set for C class. Typically its just a few cables. Appreciate people with more information to step forward to share and benefit the rest of the C class users.
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    RSVP for 9tro Alliance Meet Singapore - Last Mega Car Club Meet Up for 2017 1) Roxxi - GLA 2) Dark Saint - C Klass 3) Datok Alvin- C Klass 4) President Jimmy - E Klass AMG 5) EOS - C Klass 5) Alex Lee - C Klass 6) Goh - GLA 7) Toh - E klass 8) Kenneth - C Klass Coupe 9) 10)
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    I have 2 pairs of spacers 10mm & 15mm just took out from my CLA as I changed rim and do not ne d them anymore. 10mm pair: $50 15mm pair: $70 Cash and carry. Pm with contact to deal thanks
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    2nd December 2017. Mercedes Benz CLA200 installing Dixcel type M front and back rotors along with brake pads and Auxiliary battery renewal too.
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    Problem "Power Steering, ABS, EBD, EPS, Run flat indicator, malfunction at same time". Went Sin Ming to get it fixed. Damage about $2400 inc of labour chg.
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    Diamond grille about 300+, amg pedals 30+ including shipping
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    Hi helping a friend sales on C200. He kerbbed one of the rims. Therefore only selling the rest of the 3 rims. On his c200. Will sell very cheap. Original 19” . No tyres. As he uses back. Can call me or sms me at 91779940. Ah Wil.
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    Must get hook for the car. Looks good and feels really sturdy!
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    Maybe u can give the contact of the stockist here so that all fellow bros can enjoy the offer? i have no problem using mine as paper weights.
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    Anyway just to share... My friend recommended this product to me. http://www.sgcarmart.com/products/overview.php?ID=6865 He applied it for me ... Somehow it removes the greasy water repellent film on the windscreen and the judder stops. However after application, rain does not bead on the windscreen.
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    I did some read up on these air valve caps and their effect on TPMS internal sensors. Corrosion due to the material used for the special valves with these aluminum valve caps are top issues overseas but that is also partly because they have snow and salt on their wheels once a year. Another school of thought is that the special TPMS air valves acts as an antennae to allow the communication of the internally mounted sensors with the vehicular body TPMS control unit. so putting an aluminum cap might mess with the signal. I keep my dull grey plastic caps on despite it being an eyesore..LOL
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    Got some nice metal air valve covers with the emblem. Wanna replace the centre caps soon!
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    Hi there, please call me at 96919222 or drop by my workshop and I will explain in details to you. Thank you for your understanding. Will upload the Dyno chart once the water leakage repair is done.
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    hi do you know where to get this? thanks
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    Hi I think you can upgrade your car air outlet. you see it
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    Hi all, Just wanted to share the latest modification that I have done for my GLC Coupe. With my Comand NTG 5 that was installed, I wanted to see what else can be done to the car and since there is no CarPlay or Android Auto on the GLC Coupe (C253), I was thinking of the possibility to have AirPlay instead of just CarPlay since Airplay effectively means that I can have my ENTIRE iPhone mirrored to the screen of my car. Wouldn't that be cool ? Asked around and was looking fro HDMI input but it was a tough hunt. Many video input in the after market space are still stuck at the traditional RCA plugs which does no good to the latest Apple TV since it's all HDMI. Why get another converter and try to convert from HDMI to RCA etc. More points of failure. Found some sources out there and it turns out that it is only 480p resolution which is not fantastic. No HD on the Apple TV ? No Way. Managed to find someone that was very willing to explore and found a a HDMI input box @ 720p. The problem is of course there was no Aux in for my car model (Somehow I don't know why) and I eventually settled for FM transmitter which works out pretty well considering that I am stationary when I play with my Apple TV for entertainment. Here are some photos to share. I can have Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, Toggle (Live TV requires Toggle Prime membership), AirVideo HD (For streaming all my videos from home), Viki ( VOD for Korean Drama) and I even have games on it. iTunes Music(With Lyrics) is not too bad on Apple TV because it's FM for me, it's not as ideal as someone with an AUX In. My internet runs off an portable wifi in the car for streaming and since you have plans like Data Infinity from Singtel @ 50GB more on top of your plan, it should not be any big issues. Reverse camera (or 360 camera if you have) all works as per normal since it will auto toggle when you hit the Reverse Gear. So for requirements, you got to have NTG5 Comand in order for it to work since the video box requires NTG5.
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    Gallop Autoparts 3 Pemimpin Drive #02-05, Lip Hing Industrial Building Singapore 576147 Tel : (65) 6258 7203 Fax : (65) 6258 7395 Email : gallop@pacific.net.sg web: http://www.gallopaut.../contactus.aspx Monday - Friday : 9am - 6pm Saturday : 9am - 1pm (Shop Open Sat but they don’t sell parts as Sat is their days stock take etc) Sunday & Public Holidays : Closed ************************************************************************ Min Ghee Auto Pte Ltd 8, Jalan Lembah Kallang, #01-01 Min Ghee Building, S339564 Tel: (65) 6298 3888 (15 Lines) β€’ Fax:(65) 6297 0863 β€’ Email: info@minghee.com web: http://www.minghee.com Mercedes Benz Department Mr Ong Hai Choon Tel No.: (65) 6298 9627 Fax No.: (65) 6294 1450 ************************************************************************ Goldenlink Auto Oversea enquiries Email : enquiry@goldenlink.com.sg Web:http://www.goldenlink.com.sg/ Kaki Bukit Branch 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1 01-43 Enterprise One S(415394) Tel: 6749 9323 Waterloo Street Branch Blk 261 Waterloo Street #01-30 Singapore 180261 Tel:6337 1133 6337 1134 Sin Min Autocare Branch Block 176 Sin Ming Drive #02-19 Sin Ming Autocare Singapore 575721 Tel:6553 1101 6553 1201 ********************************************************************** Surpass Auto Parts Supplies Pte Ltd Mr Lim KB Industrial Building #01-33 10 Kaki Bukit Road 1 (S)416175 Tel: 67476016 *********************************************************************** Hup Soon Tat Auto Tdg 466 Serangoon Road #01-01 S(218225) Tel:62947100 Email: hupsoontat@pacific.net.sg ************************************************************************ Premier Auto Parts Pte Ltd Blk 32 Sin Ming Drive #01-335 Singapore 575706 Tel: 6458 7833 ************************************************************************* Tye Soon Limited 3C Toh Guan Road East Tye Soon Building S608832 Tel : (65) 6567 8101 (Sales) Email : tyesoon1@singnet.com.sg Web: http://www.tyesoon.com.sg Another Town Office branch at: (Majority Merc Original Parts, not so much OEM parts) Blk 261, Waterloo Street #01-31/37 Waterloo Centre, Singapore 180261 Tel: 6336 6439 ************************************************************************* Chua Auto Supply 138 Owen Road Tel: 63920758 Eng Soon Auto Pte Ltd (Only sell OEM parts) 1090,1092,1094 Serangoon Road, Spore 328192 Tel: 6291 7775 Website: www.engsoon.com.sg ************************************************************************** Automexim Supplies & Parts House Pte Ltd 580 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218194 Phone: 6295 5593 ************************************************************************
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    Mine ride Oct 2016 just changed too ...send in last Wed 16 Aug for noise check when turning, Start / stop rarely comes in nowadays, IU drop off and tranny s/w update (sudden speed up), after I heard various fellow drivers feedback to the Technicians on noise, sudden speed up, battery during the "CLA night" at the end of last month. my ride is also 10 months old with c&c installed car cam... sent back for above mentioned inspection, servicing and troubleshooting: 1) the SA told me replace main battery due to low charge and new battery warranty still not extended remain Oct 2018. 2) noise from LH front when turning right eliminated by lube and recalibrated suspension settings 3) tranny s/w updates 4) renew IU double sided tape 5) Sudden brake is normal due to adaptive brake assist activated when near front vehicle during accelerating at traffic light My mileage is low 11660km. Mostly...South to West...9 KM each way (5 days); city - 1-2 days Averaging 8.3 l/100km Collected this evening after test drive around Queenstown / Alexandra Hope issues resolved, shall monitor closely
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    You mean the car just died on the road? Wow.. 9 months..
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    The message should be logged in the ECU.. so even if it's gone, they historical record can still be read with the right diagnostic software