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    Hi all W211 bros/Sis, Manage to kapok a rather complete set of technical literature on our W211 E class from MBWorld.org and would like to share with all here (for those who like DIY) hehe: I think it's quite comprehensive and some may not be relevant/applicable to our ride locally. Anyway, enjoy reading & DIY! W211 Engine wiring diagram.pdf W211 Brake system Bleeding Notes.pdf W202022 Ignition Staret Switch wiring diagram.pdf W211 Auxiliary Battery Relay Location.pdf W211 Remove Speaker cover up to 31.05.2004.pdf W211 Door Molding Front Removal.pdf W211 COMAND Wirig Diagram.pdf W211 Rear Seat cushion removal.pdf W211 SBC Brakes Bleeding.pdf W211 Air Mass sensor & hoses.pdf W211 Expansion Tank & Hoses.pdf W211 Compressor cooler & hoses.pdf W211 Trans. cooling lines.pdf W211 Engine Cable Harness.pdf W211 Engine Picture.pdf W211 Front Part.pdf W211 Compressor.pdf W211 Headlamp Unit Removal Installation 2.pdf W211 Front Bumper Removal Installation.pdf W211 Front Reinforcement Removal Installation.pdf W211 Headlamp Cleaning Unit Removal Installation.pdf W211 Radiator Parts.pdf W211 Gearbox Shift Rod Remove Install.pdf W211 Compressor (Turbo) Removal Install.pdf W211 Engine Wiring Harness Disconnect.pdf W211 Engine wiring diagram legend.pdf W211 Power Steering Removal Install.pdf W211 Remove Speakers on Dash.pdf W211 Condenser Removal Installation.pdf W211 Disconect Battery Negative Cable.pdf W211 Radiator removing Installing.pdf w211 Remove Dash Trim.pdf W211 Fenders Remove Install.pdf W211 Hood Catch Removal.pdf W211 COMAND Wirig Diagram Legend.pdf W211 Headlamp Unit Removal_Second.pdf W211 Fan Shroud Removal.pdf w211 FLUSH OUT OIL COOLER LINES AND OIL COOLER.AR 27.55-P-0001A.pdf W211 Comand Retrofitting NAVI from m.y 2003 with Audio 20 CC.pdf W211 Hood Adjustment.pdf W211 Retrofit COMAND with NAVI Harness.pdf W211 TV Tuner Digital Function Testpdf.pdf W211 General information on Chassis Aligment.pdf W211 Molding Long Side Removal Istallation.pdf W211 Retrofit Rear Video System_Wiring Harness.pdf W211 TV Tuner Digital Retrofiting 2.pdf W211 Retrofit Rear Video System.pdf W211 TV Tuner Digital Retrofiting.pdf W211 Sliding popup roof info.pdf W211 APS50 Retrofit Wiring harness.pdf W211 TV Tuner Analog Function.pdf W211 TV Tuner analog Location.pdf W211 TV Tuner Digital Retrofiting Harness 2.pdf W211 Cable Connections Engine Comp. Right.pdf W211 Door Molding Rear Removal.pdf W211 Under Glove Comp. Cover Removal.pdf W211 Ground Points Front Right.pdf W211 O2 Sensor Front Left.pdf W211 O2 Sensor Front Right.pdf W211 Tie Rod Check.pdf W211 Retrofit Trailer Coupling Notes.pdf W211 Power Steerin Radiator Removal Installation.pdf w211 Signaling & Vacuum Diagrams.pdf W211 GPS antenna Retofitting.pdf W211 Wiring Block Diagram Starter Alternator Battery.pdf W211 Headlamp Unit Removal Installation.pdf W211 Charcoal Filter Replacement.pdf W211 Propeller Shaft Check (Flexdisc).pdf W211 Conversion for AMG Bumper Rear.pdf W211 Rear Bumper Strip Removal.pdf W211 SBC Brakes Bleeding Main.pdf W211 Trunk Side Paneling Removal.pdf w211 SAM Drivers Side Wiring Diagram 2002 Legend.pdf W211 Wiring Diagram engine CAN BUS.pdf W211 APS50 Retrofit 1.pdf W211 APS50 Retrofit 2.pdf W211 Fiber Optical Cable Expanding.pdf W211 Ashtray remove.pdf W211 Trunk Center Cover Removal.pdf w211 Engine does not start.pdf W211 Taillamp Removal.pdf w211 Starter Removal.pdf W211 Retrofit Trailer Coupling Control Unit.pdf W211 Instrument Cluster Operation Information.pdf W211 Remove Speaker cover from 01.06.2004.pdf W211 Purge Control.pdf W211 SBC Brake Disable_Enable Without STARDiagnosis.pdf W211Front Brake Pads Removal installation.pdf W211 Comand Retrofitting NAVI with Audio 50 APS.pdf w211 bi-Xenon Lamp removal.pdf W211 Rear Brake Pads Remove install Check.pdf W211 Brake Warnings.pdf W211 Audio_Difference_Audio20_vs_BD0880.doc W211 E 500 Oil change.pdf MERCEDES_COMAND_UNLOCK_CODES_k_.pdf W211 Fuel filter replacement & Pump Removing.pdf
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    Like the tactile feel of the metallic finished steering buttons like those on the S class...swapped out the black plastic stock ones and replaced with these..$400 fr a pair.
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    Hello, its possible buy this kit for my w177, thanks
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    Dekitting a Front Pair 4 pot AMG Brake set with rotors from a 3.0L V6 C43 AMG Specification as follows 360mm x 24mm Cross drilled rotors 4 Oversized Pot AMG Caliper Mileage 12,000km @ 85% Pads left Fits W205, C205, W213 , C238, X253, C253 IF YOUR MODEL IS NOT IN THE LIST ABOVE, IT WILL NOT FIT. Requires at least 18" Rims to fit Asking $2,400 SMS@ 8228 2050 TO INQUIRE for other models.
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    Collected my FL W222 S-Class at Alexandra, but the collection was inside the carpark. LOL.
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    Another successful project done in Indonesia: Mercedes MAYBACH conversion to 2019' face lift. Maybach ILS HL text display.mp4
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    Sellingoff my w211 e200 amg bodykit painted in black. And also 19" brabus mono vi rims wrapped with michelin 245/35/19 front and 275/35/19 rear. Any reasonable offer will be consider. Thanks...
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    That’s fast. I got my CoE on the second bidding after my deposit. Getting the car this coming week almost 2 months from the date deposit was paid.
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    Hi, visited Uncle Tony (Trendy Auto) today. He and Ah Teck (1st mechanic) were very meticulous in diagnosing the undercarriage noise. Conducted 3 test run (at driver seat, at passenger seat and at back seat) over uneven road in order to pinpoint the noise. Narrowed down to front left section. Dismantled the lower control arm, thrust arm and stabiliser bar. Inspected the joints and brushes. All found normal. During re-assembling, they applied a copper-coloured coating (appeared like liquid latex) on all the major bolts, screws and brushes as an anti-friction protection (most mechanics can't be bothered with such task). Eventually, nailed down to the front left suspension struts. He dismantled (very tedious task) the struts. Opened up the dust cover and big-O-rings. Use WD-40 and compressed air to clean up the dirt and oiled the internal rods. From my past experience, no workshop was willing to open up and oiled/clean the strut interior (see attached photo). Most will insist you to buy a new pair (not just the faulty unit) - taking the easy and most profitable way out but burned a big holes in customer's wallet. Bottom line, instead of paying for 1 pair of new front strut , 1 air pump and 1 block value for a quote close to $4k by another workshop, I gladfully paid $320 for his team's 5 hrs of workmanship. Once again, I must thanks member RX7EFFINI for his recommendation. I was tempted to keep good things to myself, as a secret !!! There again, nowadays we are living in an 'information sharing' society and obliged to share the good. Besides, it is a gem discovering honest and experienced mechanics who doesn't take the easy way out and do take pride in repairing stuff. Why replace where you can repair,,,the strut will now be good for another 25-30kkms. In our 'disposal-whatever' society, repair has increasingly becomes a dying word Have a good weekend...cheers...mike Like they said...happy like a toad. Saved myself a couple of thousands
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    First in Singapore: Customized Metal Wall Art. Sick of mass produced canvas paintings? But not interested in spending thousands on a feature wall? Noun might just be the store you are looking for! We specialize in AFFORDABLE customized metal wall art. Pick from one of our unique designs or create your own. Our metal art piece will bring one-of-a-kind glamour and luxury to your home or office. Made with revolutionary laser cutting machine. On high quality 2mm thick steel. Prices start from: $45 for 300mm by 400mm Typography art piece $79 for 400mm by 600mm Typography art piece $89 for 400mm by 600mm Graphic Art Piece $149 for 600mm by 800mm Graphic Art Piece We are able to meet most customized metal art work requests. For more information please contact us at nounsginfo@gmail.com Metal Wall Art By Noun
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    What's going on with the dyno graphs? How come the powerband is so shaky?
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    Our updated outlook at the MARINA BAY GOLF COURSE outlet! Follow us on Facebook for more updates and promotions!
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    Don't know where to go while we get your car detailed? Take the stress away at our MBGC outlet. Have a meal and enjoy the view.
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    Freshly painted Audi S4 wearing Rosso Corsa Colours. To further refine the paintwork, we carried out a 2 stage paint rejuvenation. In the final stage of paint rejuvenation, we jewelled the surface to improve gloss levels and optical clarity. Once the hard work was done, came the intricate and meticulous work of applying our Japanese glass coating for long term protection. "Once done. Waxing becomes a thing of the past."