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  2. 17th June 2019. Mercedes Benz GLA180 doing servicing, transmission oil with filter, air intake filter and coolant renewal.
  3. 17th June 2019. Mercedes Benz C180 doing B+ servicing. Which also consist of servicing of engine oil, ATF oil, Differential oil, spark plug, aircon servicing with aircon filter renewal, power steering oil, brake fluid, cooler, Bmw filter renewal and check steering sound as well as repairs of engine can cover and gasket seal oil leak issues.
  4. Hi A-Class 2019 owners 👋😊, Can anyone please share your reviews and any issues encountered with this new A-Class model? Thanks 🙏🏻
  5. Dekitting for new ride. Selling $1100 with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires (50% left). Swop $800 with labour on you. Slight gashes but can touch up.
  6. Hello , Collecting my ride around August period from C&C. Im looking to sell off the new set of AMG wheels and tyre as i am planning to upgrade. Looking at 2.5k negotiable with a buyer's deposit fee to secure. Labor all on buyer. Interested members just drop me a pm of your contact number and we get in touch. Thanks for reading !
  7. Nice kena first recall liao better call your AD to make appointment
  8. Hey guys. Long time lurker first time poster. As a fan Ive been able to proudly own a few Mercedes'. First one was the 1994 500SEL/S500 and now a 2018 GLS550. But . I digress. Im in Vancouver, BC and as a long time owner am I the only one facing difficulty procuring the G wagon? In BC majority of Benz dealers are owned by Mercedes Benz Canada. But getting on the list and getting the vehicle has become near impossible. My conversations with the dealers have come to the conclusion I am not getting one until 2020. I am fine because i am an enthusiast. I have a feeling theres more sinister intentions possible bad business practices and acting in Faith. Now lets establish a few things: I understand the G Wagon takes time to Manufacture, There is Demand it hold its value etc. Im not naive it just seems theres something missing with the retailers in Vancouver. They're priorities are misguided but I really want to know what the experience has been wherever this post reaches.
  9. Hi guys I recently acquired a 2019 C43 AMG Coupe, and I have the split screen set up with the Navigation on the left and all other uses of the screen on the right and It looks great.Do I have to change my Spark Plugs at the 50K service or is the dealership playing me? I remember reading that some people do it at the 60K Service. The Dealership is asking for $1,500 for the 50K service. There’s no way that it costs that much.tweakbox appvalley However, I can't seem to find a way to adjust the Navigation, it is too zoomed out for my taste, anyone know how to do this? Thank you!
  10. Hi..I am drivin a 2015 E200 W212 FL model? Any recommendations for aftermarket exhaust and air-intake?
  11. Price reduced to clear space.
  12. A BMW 730Li going through a full colour change. For the full process, do check out the video at: more details, please feel free to contact:Darren - 9822 8346Jack - 9681
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  14. Letting off at $1K PM me if interested.
  15. Hi. Does the new mbux works well in Singapore?
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  17. I recall is every 15k mileage or 1 year whichever earlier.
  18. Mercedes GLA180 installed with MST Performance Cold Air Intake System (latest design). Whopping gains of 16HP & 34NM!
  19. Mercedes C180 Monster Tuned with Alientech’s new Tricore Services mode. Full backups and programming without the need to open the ECU. Fast, reliable and extremely safe way to add an extra 35hp & 82nm (est. at the crank; measured on our AWD Dyno with road load simulation for extreme accuracy)! All cars are tuned with WHEELS ON, just like how they should be driven on the road. #mercedes #benz #c180 #alientech #ecutuning #enginetuning #ecureflash #ecuremap #monstertune
  20. Filed under: Mercedes-Benz,SUV,Truck,Luxury,Off-Road Celebrates 40 years of rugged utility with anniversary edition, driving experience.Continue reading Mercedes-Benz G-Class launches 'Stronger Than Time' special edition Mercedes-Benz G-Class launches 'Stronger Than Time' special edition originally appeared on Autoblog on Fri, 14 Jun 2019 10:45:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink | Email this | CommentsView the full article
  21. For 40 years the Mercedes-Benz G-Class has been the measure of all things in the off-road View the full article
  22. Hi all, Took this off my ride a couple of days ago. Anyone interested can message me and arrange a pickup. Not sure if it can be installed on other models. I will try to answer any questions to the best of my ability (which is quite lacking in the mechanical department)
  23. I went down for my 45,000km servicing today, and probably my last servicing before the warranty is over. I was surprised when they told me that they do engine flush and engine addictive for every engine oil change. Was also informed that my transmission train software is not uploaded which they will update into the car; was quite surprised to know this as well.
  24. 13th June 2019. Reviews from Ricky driving a Mercedes Benz GLC 250 after added option file in his mapping. It makes a whole lot of difference. Contact us at 96919222 for more details. Thanks for the feedback Ricky 🙂 enjoy the ride!
  25. W124 started in 1984/85 up to year 1995/96. So the newest W124 you can find is more than 20 years old and would have survived at least 2 rounds of 10 yrs COE. The W124 is an easy to maintain car, that’s why many are still on the roads here in Sg & MY. probably lesser electronics! its a heavy car, so you may lose out to the Taxi uncle off the traffic lights but on the highway, it cruises happily. They started with carburetor fuel & air feed with contact point in the distributor cap timing for ignition. They went on to have fuel injection and electronic ignition in early 90s. The older W124 in 1990 or earlier comes with Zebrano wood and in 1992, they offer walnut wood trimmings with very nice walnut sliding cover on the center console. Wing mirrors and seats were manual & non electric. Most of the 1992 models suffer from overheating in our Sg climate. In 1995, the last of the W124 was called the Masterpiece. MB gave all they have into this 1995 Masterpiece W124 outgoing model to be replaced by W210. The Masterpiece came with electric seats, wing mirrors, auto cruise and wooden gear knob. iirc, it comes with wooden steering too. I hope this is enough of an overview of the W124 and which year model you want to look for as it span over 10 years after the W123. Ive owned the following E Class 1. 1977 W123 200E 2. 1991 W124 200E 3. 2007 W211 E200 4. 2010 W212 5 spd auto E250 5. 2011 W212 7 spd g-tronics E250 6. 2017 W213 9 spd g-tronics E250 The 1991 W124 I owned went through many phases of car audio changes for competitions including winning 1st place in KL for SQL. The 1st photo below was my W124 at a Car Exhibition at EXPO parked outside the convention display area. Together with my car audio installer MB Vito in the 4th & 5 photo. We were part of the Seletar Sat night scene in the early 2000s blasting our sound system away. wonder how we get the juice to power up our audio system. i was on a 500 amp special order high output alternator & my car audio installer was running 2 high output power alternators on his MB Vito.
  26. Go to the scrapyard Propel Autoparts 28 Kranji Rd. They definitely has one to sell to you but hopefully with the right color. I went there recently after a lapse of >10 yrs to buy a W212 car jack & spanner for my W213. MB nowadays comes only with RFT and no options of a donut spare tyre with car jack and tools or a MB air pump with TireFit kit
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