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  2. 21st May 2019. Mercedes Benz C200 Coupe doing full servicing with transmission pan filter, differential oil, Radiator and hoses change.
  3. 21st May 2019. Mercedes Benz C180 W205 change high pressure fuel pump and sensors.
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  5. One set of brand new carbon mirror caps for W204 W212 W207 W176 W218 A B C E S CLS GLK CLS Class Sold my ride before even installing this. My loss is your gain! Asking Price : $380 Interested buyers do send me a PM to discuss further
  6. Hi Anyone can advise where can I convert a yr 2009/2010 W212 single exhaust to the 2013 dual rectangular exhaust look? And whats the damage roughly? Thanks and much appreciated!
  7. The motor racing community and the entire Daimler Family are in mourning for the devastating loss of Niki Lauda View the full article
  8. Cycle recently updated my W213 COMAND NTG5.5 S.E.A 2019 Ver 7 Maps for free. My car code 504 means 3 years free maps update!
  9. Hi, r u still looking?
  10. Hi Ricky, Kindly quote for w205, 2017 model. Yes, there are two usb ports with the SD slot as well. Navigation is working. Thanks
  11. Hi blue211 and choong Good summary by blue211. Whatever it is DO NOT remove the tanks. We are destined to lug around with 4 white elephants in our boot.
  12. Hi Choong . Only 1 workshop can do it , the large and sharp knife chop shop aka C&C . Step 1 is to pay C&C inspection that your NGT system is intact. Warning If tanks removed , C&C will get you new tanks at sg$30,000 . Best bet is scrap yard or some owner scrapping their NGT , i suggest loaning/buying the whole rear boot system from them. Even 1 single wire cut by the car dealer High Speed Motors ended up a few hundred bucks replacement. If not working , eg regulator died , don't repair , tell them you want to "disable" and that you need their letter to go to LTA to do a NGT/CNG system disable procedure . IMPORTANT : Let them advise you on the procedure . Red tape can change anytime. After that your inspection you no longer need to show that CNG with half tank and NGT system working becos your vehicle records does not show CNG anymore . Good luck fellow NGT owner.
  13. Any A180 owners changed the Auxiliary battery as well ? Was told by C&C it would cost around $400-500 !!
  14. This I tink u need the Sg/ Malaysia map to make it work rite? Wondering how much now for the map?
  15. You can try AutoSprite No 1 Kim Chuan Terrace. They’re familiar with Conti cars especially MB, BM, Audi & VW. Boss Dennis use to be a VAG guy!
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  17. Filed under: Frankfurt Motor Show,Mercedes-Benz,Safety,Crossover,Concept Cars,Luxury,Specialty Showcases a number of futuristic and near-production safety concepts.Continue reading Mercedes-Benz GLE becomes latest Experimental Safety Vehicle 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE becomes latest Experimental Safety Vehicle 2019 originally appeared on Autoblog on Mon, 20 May 2019 18:40:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink | Email this | CommentsView the full article
  18. Mercedes-Benz Experimental Safety Vehicle 2019 View the full article
  19. Yup... running on a 3L V6 I just wanted to show you guys the whine the car is currently making. I guess I'll have to bring it down to a workshop to have it checked. Do you guys have any recommendations for a good workshop to get it checked? Been driving alot of VAG cars ... quite unfamiliar with Merc I was reading this article
  20. Filed under: Mercedes-Benz,Sedan,SUV,Luxury,Performance Brand makes announcement at dealer meeting.Continue reading Mercedes to reduce models, variants and options in the U.S. to simplify lineup Mercedes to reduce models, variants and options in the U.S. to simplify lineup originally appeared on Autoblog on Mon, 20 May 2019 11:25:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink | Email this | CommentsView the full article
  21. Hi sent my car (W212) for the 3-yr / 30k servicing (warranty expires 6 Jun 19). Just wondering if it is common to have petrol smell in exhaust. When I highlighted this problem, C&C says it's normal. Another issue I would like to clarify is whether air-con chemical wash includes aircon filter replacement. Still have the mouldy smell even after the aircon chemical wash and they say it's because the aircon filter was not replaced (I was not asked to change it when I sent the car in). What is the purpose of the chemical wash when the very problem of the mouldy smell is not addressed? Thanks in advance for any advise. Best!
  22. Any tuning package for W205 C200 and what kind of improvement to expect? Can PM? Thanks
  23. Hi guys, is this the right time to buy glc coupe or should I wait for new facelift? Which reliable PI should I go to. Thanks in advance.
  24. Sold to a friendly guy on a nice ride. Thank you.
  25. The video you posted belongs to aw W203 C Class with a V6 Engine - Probably a C230 or a C32AMG not a W212. W203 runs on a Supercharger which whine pretty loudly unlike a W212 which runs on a Turbocharger. If I remember correctly, your W212 - E300 runs on a M272 3L V6. Why not bring your car to a workshop to troubleshoot the problem. If it's the alternator and want a quick & cheap replacement, try the scrap yard at Propel Auto 28 Kranji Road. They sell everything even you wanna buy a half cut - i.e half a cut - front or back. MB Cycle & Carriage new cars nowadays doesn't comes with a spare tyre or an air compressor with a TIREFIT sealant kit but with RFT. I was at Prople a few weeks back, to buy a spare tyre jack, wheel spanner and toolkit - $20 The whole kit was from a W212. If it's the alternator bearing, maybe the workshop may consider changing the bearing. It could be a worn pulley belt.
  26. 101% genuine or your money back. BRAND NEW. Gotten as a gift but not using. Comes with what is shown namely cards, dust back and the item itself. Bottega Veneta Document case, Navy Blue, Can verify at local boutique which is selling this same item at $2100. Size : 27 cm by 18.5 cm. Thickness 3 cm. S$1500.00 I can be reached at 8618 24 eight eight PS : Photos from my carousell account, name Happeedragon (HD)
  27. Anyone experienced this loud engine whine? Sounds like the one in the video below ... The guy in the video says it's the alternator... Wondering if it's accurate. Anyone know how much to replace the alternator here? My car only has 10mths coe life Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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  29. Mercedes C180: Brembo Front & Rear Brake Kit Installed.
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